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Canadian High Commissioner to Zambia, Pamela O’Donnell has called on government to address any form of violence in the country especially before during, and after elections.

Ms O’Donnell says any form of violence against women, sexual harassment of children and hate speech must be stopped, and dealt with accordingly.

The visiting Canadian High Commissioner to Zambia, has noted that politics of hate breeds greater violence in society.

She stated that Zambia has over the past enjoyed peace which other countries in the world can emulate, hence the need to ensure that such an atmosphere is maintained in the country.

Ms O’Donnell was speaking in Lusaka today when she paid a courtesy call on Minister of Information and Broadcasting Services, Dora Siliya.

Meanwhile, Ms Siliya noted that Zambians are a peace loving people who detest violence and tribalism and can no longer support anyone with hate speech.

Ms Siliya said the peace that Zambia has enjoyed over the years must not be taken for granted.

The Minister, who is also Chief Government Spokesperson, stated that Zambia has over 72 languages and many tribal groupings that cannot support anyone who tries to encourage violence and tribalism.

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  1. This advice has fallen on deaf ears. Zambia will definitely see Jona and trigger happy Kampyongo with their panga wielding PF cadres resurface in 2021. How else will they win if they do not create confusion


  2. @Mushota, I totally agree with you. It’s a shame with how politicians have fallen for violence as a get way to winning an election. The current occupant of the state house is a failure.


  3. My take: The appeal should be to leaders especially the incumbent government to respect the rule of law and practice civil democratic politics. Civil disobedience only happens when the incumbent government has not met the expectations and needs of the people yet tries to cling on to power by any means necessary. It’s not anyone’s birthright Zambia is bigger than us all. Leadership should never be forced upon the people but people should be persuaded and inspired to follow. That being said, the Zambian empire will outlive us all, therefore we do what is in the best interest of empire. One should never be shortsighted when it comes to matters of empire, this thing is here to stay, we are just here to usher in the future. So work hard, be humble and don’t loot public resources, our whole…


    • ….our whole destiny as a country is upon our shoulders. The revolution rolls on even in our absence, no man is bigger than Country. A good name is better than silver. Insh Allah.


  4. I was trained as a diesel mechanic, they told us never ignore;refuse to take notice of or acknowledge; disregard intentionally the instrument panel indicators. For the life of the engine.

    Intelligence at work.



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