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Luo to reposess land in Chilanga

Headlines Luo to reposess land in Chilanga

Minister of Higher Education Nkandu Luo
Nkandu Luo

Fisheries and Livestock Minister Nkandu Luo says she will get back all land that has been encroached at the fisheries premises in Chilanga.

Professor Luo says it is shocking that land meant for the development of the fisheries sector in the country has been turned into residential use without regard of the law.

She says her ministry will get to the bottom of what she termed as ‘illegal possession’ and ensure the land is handed back for the purpose it was intended for.

Professor Luo was speaking in Chilanga when she and her Works and Supply counterpart Sylvia Chalikosa visited the department of fisheries office premises and fish ponds that have been encroached.

Meanwhile, Ms Chalikosa said officers charged to look after public assets need to be more responsible.

She said there is a lot of neglect of public property that is going to cost government a lot of money to correct.

Ms. Chalikosa disclosed that her ministry is currently taking stock of all public property for them to come up with a national policy on government assets.

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  1. Where were the town planners at time of construction? Nkandu knows very well how costly it is to build and for that matter the size of the houses in question. One example is the wall fences being erected West of the Kabwe road just after the Police check point being built nearer to the road than others which have been there longer. Now when that time comes you shall hold a press brief that you wanna break them up. This is what is at the Munali School. The persons in charge of the buildings did not see illegality which those specialized in breaking saw. Let us be proActive. We have been running this Government for some time now.

    • Don’t let Lusambo go and demolish houses, but just turn them into government housing for teachers, like the 48 houses.

    • It was just a matter of time, this lady cannot stop until she sees others suffer. President Lungu should make her minister of state house. That way he is the one that deals with headaches and not poor Zambians.

  2. The Iron Lady is back! I’m sure CBU students will think about it twice before they run amok breaking innocent campus and other people’s property again

  3. What Iron Lady? Let us if they will find the owner of the 48 flats. Let us see how they will handle forest reserves no. 27 issues.

  4. Ba Luo, for your own information a lot land meant for development as well as reserve area 27 have been encroached. We will see how you will do this.

  5. Yaba! Always on peoples toes. She has started what she knows better. Maybe here her anger is not misdirected. Lets see if she will also take on other ministers as well…
    Too much ndeo this woman. Where were other Ministers on this one when the land was being given out to people to demarcate.

  6. Nkandu Luo has never been positive in her life, she can’t find a positive solution to any problem. She only thinks about destruction. Her 1st engagement at Local Govt was to fight vendors until Sata reminded her that they were the people who put PF in power then he removed her. At MoH she was busy fighting nurses and junior doctors. Now pigs and goats are in trouble. She’s possessed!

  7. This woman is so quarrelsome ,always starting a fight everywhere she goes.a very educated woman who lacks so much in terms of reasoning, an educated woman who fails to work in harmony with the rest,an educated woman who always gets ejected from every ministry she has served,an educated woman who has never left a good track record behind.above everything else,she is actually a professor …sometimes I wonder why people go to school.

  8. I wholeheartedly agree with Nkandu on this matter.
    We lack order and respect of laws in Zambia.
    I would wish this approach be applied fairly to all, that’s including forest reserves too.

  9. The biggest mistake we make in life is to hate people who are passionate about doing right things. Great job Professor Luo. You have the support of well meaning Zambians. We need government to reporses also the land and properties between Seed Control and Certification Institute and Zambia Agriculture Research Institute located in the same Chilanga district. That land was requested by the District Office for the purpose of using it to construct other essential government infrastructure. It’s now premises for private properties.

  10. I hope she is not doing this for political appeasement.
    I will personally think that the area must have been given for residential development for a reason. It would be very ilogical for the whole fisheries department to just look the other way while someone drains out water from fish ponds to demarcate them.
    just like students, they cant just go out on rumpage to Jumbo drive without cause. It means avenues have been exhausted and the leaders who are suposed to look at their plight has closed both their eyes and ears.
    I tend to think the minister rushes to give statements without first digesting a situation. This is not her first nor second or even fith time. If you look back from all her past potfolios, its been her trademark.

  11. When an animal moves towards peacefully grazing impalas, and you see them scamparing in all directions, just know that the animal is a preditor no mater how inocent it look.
    when you see that no matter where the leader is taken and those they are suposed to lead suddenly start to complain. Just know the leader is chief suspect.
    1. Nkandu luo. which ever govement takes her on, whichever ministry, including that of her proffession, heads will always turn. all of a sudden, she wants thi one fired, that one demoted, and she and only her is right.
    2. UPND how come all the vice presidents end up giving up the position. How many have we had so far. we cant say each of them is wrong and the party is always right. there must be something very wrong there.

    2021 is coming…

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