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There is a ready Asian and European market for exporting honey and wax from North-western Province

General News There is a ready Asian and European market for exporting honey and...

Alexander Chiteme, the Minister of National Planning
Alexander Chiteme, the Minister of National Planning

Government says there is a ready market for exporting honey and wax from North-western Province, to Europe and Asia.

National Development and Planning Minister Alexander Chiteme said North-western Province has the capacity to produce honey for markets in China, India and Europe.

Mr Chiteme added that government is determined to realize the value chain through the production of quality products, meant to contribute to the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

He was speaking in an interview with ZANIS in Solwezi District today on the sidelines of the North-West expo.

Yesterday, President Edgar Lungu officially opened the North-west Investment Expo with a call on serious investors in the country who will respect national values, labour laws, as well as willing to plough back in communities where they operate from.

The North-west expo which is running from the 18th to the 24th of August is being held under the theme, “unveiling the hidden treasures”.

North-western Province, largely driven by agriculture and mining activities, has been pursuing investments which include agriculture, and mining and tourism.

The Province is also endowed with tremendous investment prospects in mineral, oil and gas exploration, large and small scale mining, manufacturing and processing, including, canning, alternative and renewable energy, agriculture, livestock and fisheries, forestry and tourism among other key areas in order to promote economic diversification and transformation.

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  1. The all full blown PF minister keep talking about 4 litters of honey a year.
    Organic Legana sausage would fetch better market than climbing trees for honey.

  2. We know the market is there so don’t just talk about it, go out there and negotiate for better terms of trade for Zambian products. And while you’re at it, make sure you back it up with optimum hygiene standards because your competitors don’t sleep.

  3. same old story.I would rather hear what you have done already than what you are going to do.A beautful and well planed actibity without action is useless.Talk talk talk is useless. we have seen the bees but now show us the honey.

  4. it all started with goats, came employment in middle east now it is honey and nothing has materialized. mweba fufuntungu imwe

  5. The only thing Zambian politicians are good at implementing is cheap talk. They think it can buy them whisky. Look Mr. Minister, the guys who’ve transformed their countries don’t sit around just talking about their dreams all day. They wake up every morning to go and do actual work making sure their dreams for their country are fulfilled. The only things you guys are interested in when you report for work are cuts and deals through corruption.

  6. Apparently this hype about honey is sweet in Europe is not that correct after all. Honey is very cheap in Europe and Asia to such an extent that one would realise a higher profit selling it locally. South Africa is also a better market for honey than Europe. These ministers always play a cheap and disruptive game. I would rather we encourage our honey farmers to focus on exporting honey to SA rather blowing a hone about Europe.

    • Ignorance is indeed expensive…. the honey market in Europe is saturated. Poland produces so much cheap honey. Cheap talk from clueless government.

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