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UPND Choma Central MP Cornelius Mweetwa denies owning land in the controversial Forest Reserve number 27

Headlines UPND Choma Central MP Cornelius Mweetwa denies owning land in the...

Choma Central Member of Parliament Cornelius Mweetwa
Choma Central Member of Parliament Cornelius Mweetwa

UPND Choma Central Member of parliament Cornelius Mweetwa has denied owning land in the controversial Forest Reserve number 27 in Lusaka.

Mr Mweetwa said he is not a beneficiary of the said land and has nothing to do with any piece of land that is under contestation.

Speaking at a media briefing in Lusaka yesterday afternoon, Mr Mweetwa who is also the UPND Deputy spokesperson said the Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources has not offered him any land in the forest reserve and wondered how his name found itself on the list.

He described as unfortunate assertions in some quarters of society that he is among the beneficiaries of the said land in Lusaka East.

” I understand Zambian politics, there is too much propaganda from people wanting to win political milage and if we take everything to court we will have a lot of court cases”, he said.

A list circulating in some quarters shows that some UPND members of parliament among them Jack Mwiimbu, Cornelius Mweetwa and Gary Nkombo are beneficiaries of the controversial land in Forest reserve number 27.


  1. It’s the UPND that’s notorious when it comes to propaganda. But then I understand that you are all self serving greedy chaps, this lame denial hasn’t done anything. Aren’t you the chaps that traveled to Kenya on that laughable mission that even surprised Kenyans? Given chance to govern you can be worse than PF. Just get the land you’ll soon need it, your friends are preparing for retirement in 2021 so we understand

    • Why talk too much? Just say, ” sorry mwebantu, I will engage ACC to clear my name”.
      Look here, the houses in Chalala were registered is real civil servants, who got shocked that their identity was stolen.
      Is there only one Cornelius Mweetwa in Zambian? It can be a name sake.
      So badala ukalebo ziiiiiii!

    • To suggest that cornelius mweetwa owns any kind of capital property is giving credit to the wrong chap. Mweetwa is a play boy who can only think as far as the end of his dick.

    • Sounds like Namwala land grabbing by double h.
      You grab land from real people with real feelings, real lives and now ain’t smart grabbing land from national forest reserves even when you’re in opposition.
      These bunch of crooked creatures are not only power hungry but land hungry too.
      No wonder they want to remain in politics forever. It’s obvious because even the grouping leader has vowed to prioritize land ownership to the upndead by force and crookry.
      While you’re busy blogging and offering blind support, the day light robbers are enriching themselves dubiously land-wise.

    • What is wrong with a Zambian owning land outside of Zambia when they are non Zambians who own land here? Moreover is it not for Eswatin to determine whether or not the land was obtained correctly? We need to move up in our level of thinking to develop our great nation.

  2. He sounds genuine I believe him besides its the work of ACC to probe them. If its true then they will be convicted. i have spoken.

    • Convicted for what when that land was given out legally by the Ministry as one of the implicated ministers said? The problem is with GRZ who de-gazetted that reserved important source of life zone.

  3. Some people can be malicious. When they have been found on the wrong side of the law they want to go down with others

  4. These Plots were not advertised for Sale. So how were these UPND MPs allocated the Plots or they bought them? Do these MPs have an Allocation Number or Receipt for Payment for the Plots? There is more to this than what meets the eye. It could be Ignorance, greed or PF Divide and Rule tactics. These UPND MPs should clear their names including those who were alleged to have been bribed by PF to vote for the Notorious Amendment Bill No.10 of 2019. PF wants to pass this Bill in Parliament as a way of rigging the 2021 Election. PF is desperate to retain Power at all costs and will go out of the way to have that Bill in Parliament passed. The writing is on the Wall.

  5. There is a serious deficit of trust in Zed. I notice how joints like hotels are even asking for upfront payment and stuff like that. It is even more difficult to trust a politician now because the caliber is seriously toilet material mostly.

  6. Bitter Hakiende h and his inherited under 5 gathering the kachap without a vice president but an NMC. His cadres aka mps have been caught pants down. These people who preach squeaky clean are actually squeaky dirty. Here is unclaimed land. This vuvuzela is now claiming the lands records bearing his name is wrong. He says its like that zesco letter that Mr. ” I took only two shots of whiskey only two shots mr. speaker’ drunkenly tabled in parliament. Eish! hikala panshi Forest 27 profiteer you are eating with both hands like your ka chap with a calculator ba pompwe! You know why you will lose we know you better than you think. 2021 yasika!

  7. GOOD response Hon. Mwetwa. But better be careful with Kambwili he will finish you before you know it . He is vicious and can got her .ore information bring you down. Think through before you respond g what kabwili raised was a serious allegation which requires serious response not just saying propaganda and the fact that you are on the side of the people and you can’t go round suing any one who defame you. Atleast sir you should have threatened kambwili of leg action if he doesn’t apologise for wrongly linking you to the scandal even if you don’t intend to sue him. If kambwili as speaking from without he would have apologized as usual bearing in mind that he is the only politician I Zambia who is not a Hamed to say sorry when he is wrong. By not directly asking him to oppologise a…

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