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Inonge Wina commissions a medical manufacturing firm

Health Inonge Wina commissions a medical manufacturing firm

Vice President Inonge Wina
Vice President Inonge Wina

Acting Republican President, Inonge Wina, yesterday commissioned Yash Life Sciences, the manufacturers of quality essential medicines in Kafue’s Shimabala area.

Mrs Wina stated that the development is another milestone in the government’s quest to an all-round socio-economic landscape of the country.

She said the commissioning of a manufacturing plant for essential medicines will ensure that the establishment of a robust and resilient supply chain, as government remains committed to achieving a nation of productive and healthy people.

The Acting President noted that the development will further contribute to the provision of medical supply needs and government’s crusade to attain universal health coverage in the provision of access to essential medicines.

She added that the manufacturing plant has also come with benefits of providing better available and affordable medicines, as well as job creation for the people.

Yash life Sciences Director, Himanshu Patel, said his company is committed to ensuring a stable, healthy and sustainable society through the provision of essential medicines.

Mr Patel also assured government of good stock and management of essential medicines across the country, while adding that Zambia is poised to become a regional hub for essential medicines.

He further stated that Yash Limited Sciences will also among other things collaborate with government in its programmes to uplift the lives of the people under its social corporate responsibility.

And Acting Minister of Health, Dora Siliya, noted that the commissioning of Yash Life Sciences is part of government’s continued linkage of various activities to provide the people with the required health services.

Meanwhile, Lusaka Province Minister, Bowman Lusambo, expressed gratitude at the development, saying it not only adds beauty to Kafue and the province at large but that it also comes with job creation for the people.


  1. This is a plus in economic and social development as well as political achievement.
    The company will promote a health nation ,provide jobs in the production and distribution chains ,increase gross national products and increase foreign exchange
    This is an example of social economic development we need to have. as positive indicators of economic growth
    Keep it up

    • How can you write an article about commissioning a manufacturing plant without stating its cost value and number of staff employed, labs it has….some of these companies are merely repackaging centres for their Indian Pharmaceutical companies.

    • @Jay Jay, figures??
      factory was built by Indians and not AVIC, therefore cost is 200% less than a PF built structure.
      I saw pictures, it’s indeed beautiful place, hope they can develop the Sondashi capsules, and Umutoto capsules because it has been a problem to quantify dosage.

    • Nostradamus – This is not a govt building what I am implying here is the reporting…there is a big difference between a $200,000 factory and a $2 million both can look beautiful but its the machinery inside that is important. We want to know what so special about this and how many QC staff and lab technicians with Kaizer’s qualifications they will employ if its truly a manufacturing plant

  2. Notice how no one knows or wants to say what medicines will be produced or how many Zambians will gain employment……

    Just a cover story for importing medicines from India for already given tenders…….

    • These are all of Chilufya’s Indian friends importing near expired medicines…this is why even PF ministers dont trust our health services and fly to RSA for checkup including this Inonge old grandma.

  3. So Dora is Acting Minister of Health where has Chilufya and his PS gone to? Have they all gone to India to procure more cheap pills mixed with placebo they can overcharge they govt. Why is this old hen Inonge not responding to Forest 27 allegations?

  4. Guys be more patriotic, it is cheaper to import bicycle in pieces and assemble in Livingston, same with importing Indian powdered cow dug in 50 kg bags, and compress in capsules as antibiotics. After all now they can get free raw material in southern province. Maybe Tonga cows are not qualified as “Indian God”, and their manure as holly.

  5. Why have our politicians become advertisers for these firms. These companies are busy using our politicians who should be busy coming up with policies. No to sound negative but our population is growing at astronomical rate with more people bound to be jobless. We can’t be celebrating these small hires when others are creating millions of jobs while we create only a thousand

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