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Government evacuates Mutati from Solwezi to UTH

Headlines Government evacuates Mutati from Solwezi to UTH

he scene of the accident involving Mr Felix Mutati and others
he scene of the accident involving Mr Felix Mutati and others

MMD Faction Leader Felix Mutati and two others was on Friday evacuated from Solwezi General Hospital to the University Teaching Hospital (UTH) in Lusaka following a serious road accident in Mufumbwe on Thursday.

According to doctors at Solwezi General Hospital, the trio which included Scorpion Kadobi and Samson Moyo were stable but needed further examination.

The trio was admitted to the Hospital on Thursday evening.

Minister of health Dr Chitalu Chilufya facilitated for the Former Works and Supply Minister to be flown by flying doctors to Lusaka on Friday morning.

Mr. Mutati complained of chest pains as he was being examined at the hospital on Thursday evening.

Mr. Mutati was involved in an accident around 15:30 hours Thursday.

Mr. Moyo who was driving the Toyota Hilux carrying Mutati and three other passengers hit a deep pothole, careered off the road and flew into Kashima Stream on the Mufumbwe-Kabompo Road in Kamazovu in Chief Chizela’s area.

Mr. Mutati was in North-Western Province to mobilize the MMD and was headed to Kabompo after addressing party members in Mufumbwe earlier.

Mr. Mutati’s personal assistant Edmond Miti said the former Finance Minister was doing well.

“Basically, the reason why he’s been evacuated is to ascertain whether or not there are any other injuries that may have not been detected using the equipment that was used at the hospital in Solwezi,” Miti said.

The plane evacuating Mr Felix Mutati to UTH from Solwezi
The plane evacuating Mr Felix Mutati to UTH from Solwezi


  1. HH please, have mercy on Mutati na.
    It’s not fair na.
    What has he done to you na.

    Quick recovery bo Mutati na.

  2. Massive development my arse…only in Bemba lands maybe…deep pot hole should nearly cost someone his life? Speedy recovery to him

  3. How I wish such could be extended to other citizens. Not long ago, a scorpion bus was involved in an accident killing atlease 24 people with a lot of them injured. No one was evacuated. And you get flying doctors to evacuate Mutati who is even eating and able to walk ati to ascertain if there is anything the machines at Solwezi could not find. Animal farm at its best.The only people enjoying are those in the political arena. You days are numbered and May God’s hand not heal any unfair personalities especially you politicians. Mukalafwafye one by one. Ifyabupuba.

    • Plus in Zambia alot of people in rural areas die in these rural hospitals due to lack of facilities …its very sad that some people are more special than others!!

    • Shangombo is badly hit with hunger. It is all over social media. they are eating wild fruits that once vomited one will die. and MOH decides to do something this silly. I pray that whoever approved of this catches fire in Jesus name. You shall never see peace. your families inclusive. Guys, lets vote wisely 2021. So very sad mweh!

  4. So who provided this air transported? Does MOH provide this service? I have seen people lose limbs in road accidents i rural Zambia I dont hear of any air transfers…d you have to a politician to get special treatment?

    • JAY JAY [ 4 ]

      You are Zambian and do something about it. Actions speak louder than words. No government solves all nations problems in this world, not even in USA, UK, Japan, German

    • So you want me to procure medicines and scanning equipment for every hospital in rural Zambia with the little savings whilst your Dr Chilufya is buying expired medicines and single tendering projects at grossly inflated costs with taxpayers money poketing everything…
      No govt solves no national problems….why do you think people pay tax? Why do you even vist these sites if you can not critically think…have you seen hospitals in USA, UK, Japan and German you are comparing with.

    • Of course they will be fully recovered they walked by themselves to the aircraft…if need be they will even be airlifted to RSA for further tests

  5. Bitter hakiende h and his inherited under 5 gathering without a Vice President or a drunken secondary school cadre cum vuvuzela who purports to be an mp chanting hikala on account of his mother tongue that he claims has no “chi” . They will see this kind act as anything else then humanity. MCS lay ill when in opposition but for the quick action of LPM he would have died. On his return he vowed to campaign but never to act LPMs’ person. It earned him a new following. Yes FM may not in your view be deserving of this gesture but he is no ordinary person and above all he is a human being. Get well soon FM

  6. Yes Government at work. And the very government he was saying has nothing to do with the current developments in terms of roads and other infrastructure developments. He said all that is happening now is because of Mwanawasa and the MMD government and not PF. He is also heard to have said he left Finance because PF do not understand finances and how to look after finances and that he was just forced into Finance. But when he wanted to help PF did not listen to him and hence the downfall of the kwacha making debt servicing very very expensive. And thats why he left Finance. Maybe there is some truth. But politics awe sure!!!!

  7. How I wish they could see sense in fixing these roads used for productive activities! Instead they are busy with roads with dead-ends in Chilenje & other townships of Lusaka.

  8. Mr. Mutati, wish you and your friends a speedy recovery. However when you were the Minister of Works, you had a chance to ensure that the Maintenance Schedules for these roads were in place and just maybe you would not be in this situation, Sir.

  9. Any accident caused by the presence of the pothole or potholes on the road must attract charging of the government for failure to carry out its duties.

  10. flag Corruption scandals: Social Security Cash Luxury Presidential Jet Ambulances Fire Trucks Mukula Trees Ndola-Lusaka Rd Malawi Maizegate Fuelgate Swaziland landgate Zesco Loans

    People I’m in Zambia right now visiting with my family after nearly 8 years. I can tell you this country is truly messed up and no I’m not talking cheap political points stuff. It has gotten worse from the last time I was here. I heard about unprecedented development and yet all what is there is nothing but shopping malls frequented by few local people with money and foreigners. The roads, oh my God. I went to Kalundu with all these mansions and the potholes and like deep trenches. Drove to Mufulira and there were like 4 or 5 Road Tolls, each collecting K20 and yet the roads have long stretches of potholed dust roads. Tried to understand why I was paying for roads that are not passable and the people there just frown and say ‘it is law’. Then drove to Mongu, wow unbelievable… the…

    • flag Corruption scandals: Social Security Cash Luxury Presidential Jet Ambulances Fire Trucks Mukula Trees Ndola-Lusaka Rd Malawi Maizegate Fuelgate Swaziland landgate Zesco Loans

      …Then drove to Mongu, wow unbelievable… the potholes are again trenches for long stretches.
      Then talk about poor driving habits of people who don’t seem to care about their lives or that of other road users. First the roads are very narrow and these guys are trying to overtake 6 convoys of long trucks where there is a bend… on more than 6 occasions I had to hit emergency breaks to avoid a head on collision with a car coming at me at 150km/hr. I’m not surprised there’s carnage on these roads and it is one thing that really concerned me about whether my family would make it safe. @ development my a$s!

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