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Police in Lusaka arrest Operations Manager of Capital Buses after being caught in a Homosexual Act


Zambia Police

Police in Lusaka has arrested Operations Manager for Capital Buses Arnold Zulu for practicing sodomy.

The Police recorded a case of Sodomy which occurred on 22nd August 2019 between 14 and 17 hours.

Zambia Police Acting spokesperson Danny Mwale said involved in the Act was Anold Zulu aged 52 who was found having carnal knowledge against the Order of Nature with Adrian Mazuba aged 21 of Kanyama site and service.

Mr Mwale said Acting on information received from members of the public, Police officers rushed to the scene and found the two in Mr. Zulu’s house in the act.

He said Mr Zulu is currently detained in Police custody while Adrian Mazuba has been taken for medical examination.


    • A state that worries more about private individual issues loses its focus on important national matters. No wonder the price of food is out of control …

  1. A state that worries more about private individual issues loses its focus on important national matters. No wonder the price of food is out of control …

    • The cause of all this sodomy is Mealie meal. When a Zambian is not eating three square maize meal things go bag. Even in the morning the bag is attacked for porridge. Please control the price so men can distinguish between themselves and women. Thanks

  2. With this headline, I thought the story had something to do with running buses kanshi they are now following people into their bedrooms!!!

  3. I am surprised that the names of the people involved in such a case are published in Zambia.
    Is this not supposed to wait until it comes to trial?

  4. When it comes to sex and sex related topics Zambians, including police,are very interested and curious but usually very ignorant and under informed.If we as a people were so critical and intolerant to corruption and to misrule the same way we are to homosexuality, this country would have been heaven on earth.Unfortunately we overact to something that is private between two consenting adults,something that has never affected us individually or collectively and never will.Meanwhile we are as docile as sheep musing and watching as PF destroy this country.God ,it seems, gave us more libido than brains.How troublesome!

  5. Laws that outlaw equal marriage and homosexuality are not only stupid and foolish but immoral and inspired by religious creeps.

  6. If Africans desire to know why the world views them as a bunch of barbaric animals, THIS IS WHY.

    Mind your OWN business. Mind your OWN family.

    Most of you don’t know where next week’s dinner is coming from, but you are concerned about what 2 adults do in the privacy of their own home???????

    Uneducated fools.

  7. Some of the comments on here are just plain ignorant and frankly stupid. Human sexuality is fluid. Most of you have clearly not capitalized on the education you’ve had. Being against homosexuality is being against humanity. Societies are judged based on how they treat the most vulnerable of it’s citizens. Seeing past your religious or cultural history to see people as they really are rather than how we’re taught to perceive them is, at it’s most basic, the test of whether a person is educated or whether a person is demagogue. Acceptance of those who are different than yourself is the act of a well reasoned adult. To fall into conspiracy theories, magical thinking and irrational fear based on what you don’t understand is the act of a child. People do not choose their sexuality any…

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