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Zambian youths are capable-HH


HH interacts with youths working in the Lusaka industrial area
HH interacts with youths working in the Lusaka industrial area

Opposition UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema says youths in Zambia are capable of creating jobs and help grow the economy.

Mr Hichilema who undertook an impromptu visit around Lusaka on Friday to interact with young people said the youth are an integral part of any nation and their vibrancy steers growth in many areas of human endeavor.

Mr Hichilema said there is so much untapped potential among the youth in the Country that requires harnessing, for the benefit of our communities.

“This is why we will always work with them in order to grow our country’s economy and make lives better for the rest of the citizens. We therefore want to assure each one of them that our government will believe in them and will join hands with them in moving this country forward,” Mr Hichilema said.

“One of the greatest assets that God has blessed us with as a country is our youth but this resource is not fully realised by others because they lack the passion and the vision to do so.”

Mr Hichilema said in order to make the youth achieve their goals and live their dreams to the maximum, the UPND in government will ensure that it provides education for its people.

“Education for all regardless of their backgrounds, jobs for them in order for them to support each other and their families, and lastly but not the least, better conditions of service for all of them. This country’s economy largely depends on many youths who work in the informal sector and their own self initiated projects such as mending shoes, tyres, welding and many other jobs among them a youth selling airtime, a youth who takes up farming in order to raise school fees, and many others looking for an education and job opportunity.”

He added, “Our youths are capable and willing to participate in many economic activities in the country and this is why we will work with them by equipping them with necessary skills and opportunities at an early age.”

“We draw this vision from our own experience of creating self employment at the age of 26 years. We would therefore like to see more of our youths going that direction and then together we can develop this beautiful country. Our vision is that every youth must be supported with business opportunities and credit facilities which would then turn them into employers as opposed to being abused by those who do not value their skills and purpose in life.”

HH interacts with youths working in the Lusaka industrial area
HH interacts with youths working in the Lusaka industrial area
HH interacts with young people in Lusaka
HH interacts with young people in Lusaka
HH interacts with youths working in the Lusaka industrial area
HH interacts with youths working in the Lusaka industrial area
HH interacts with youths working in the Lusaka industrial area
HH interacts with youths working in the Lusaka industrial area
HH takes selfies with youths working in the Lusaka industrial area
HH takes selfies with youths working in the Lusaka industrial area


  1. Thank God no one died.

    Double h with a fingertip full of upndead youths. Can you see those hajanza symbols.

    Selfish leader. Your youths in upndead will have to wait until 2121 for you to do something for them? You head me, 2121.

    Help them now freak, you’re never gonna form Government. It is written.

    • You sound unhinged dude. Do not panic, just make sure your PEP relatives invest their monies wisely before 2021because PF is going bye bye. hahaha.

    • When is Ba Edgar coming back from India?
      10 days with 48 government adults doing nothing, bravo Youths are working and npt stealing, evidence is right there.

    • Pwahahahahahahahahahahahahahha!
      A subset of Zambian youths with clear allegiance to the upndead – hajanza balumbwana na basimbi.
      Yes you heard me na, let’s be clear na, updead youths are also Zambian youths.
      Alex mulyokela youths are also Zambian youths. My youths are also Zambian youths. Whats the fuss about? Anyone can put up a stage. Publicity and keeping appearances stunt.
      Double h is so petty. As petty as dude chikondi, kulibonesha basa. I am so excited that 2021 will once again make him run from local court through Magistrate and SCOTROZ* to the CONCOURTOTROZ. Has he learnt his lessons? Kaya.

      *Take SCOTROZ as Supreme Court Of The Republic Of Zambia.

    • Looking sharp there Mr. HH. I am really inspired to see these photos, stepping down from your golden chair to go and mentor the young in the field. This is deeper than politics, it is a show of your core humanity. Well done and May God richly Bless your endeavours.

    • @thorn in the flesh, dude do not be so bitter it’s just politics and ideological differences. God is bigger than us all and he will place a leader right for the times in state house come 2021. Even Napoleon was chosen for his times, he did his work now he belongs in the annals of history. Take it easy and just enjoy your life, time and chance happen to them all.

    • The Elite people of my land say,

      “icikwanka bacimwena kumampalanya”

      I just said my own from the stand point of my view.

      You can also say your own.

      But does it change my view?


      You see Gold, I only see something glittery. No offense because I pay attention to detail.

  2. When the cat is away the mouse celebrates. The mouse must remember that when the cat comes back its celebrations are short lived. In an idea democracy this is what should be happening, trying to convince people to vote for you and not sponsoring thugs by night to attack, kill and intimidate people with the hope that it will translate into votes NO. So Hakainde allow your opponents to campaign freely in Dundumwezi. Don’t sponsor thugs to destroy the developments being extended to your kingdom by the Govt of the day, it is primitive.

  3. Indeed, extra primitive.

    Double h’s u5 politics are primitive.
    His supporters, pundits, sympathizers and spooky worshippers are primitive.

    Primitive is the right word to describe upndead and its leadership.

    For those who care to know.
    Primitive means:-
    relating to, denoting, or preserving the character of an early stage in the evolutionary or historical development of something. Synonyms: ancient, earliest, first, prehistoric, antediluvian, antique, primordial, primeval, primal, primary, lower, original, proto-, ur-; aboriginal, indigenous; rareautochthonous, autochthonic, primigenial
    “primitive or stone age double h”

  4. Bitter hakiende h and his inherited under five gathering without a Vice President has officially launched his campaign. He first went to the Canadian HC announced his 10 point plan and then “looked” for youths to promise them education provided they flash his symbol. But youths don’t be hoodwinked this man has herdsmen at his ranch who still live in squalor years after enriching him. He has not offered any of them the comforts he is now promising you. He is but a spent force who trusts no one but himself and his nmc. We all see through him hikala panshi hh using the language of your drunken vuvuzela cadre aka mp.

  5. I love Tongas! Very much business oriented and objective! Very few beggars among this group and when you have Tonga beggars, it’s either due to nature or self-inflicted!
    A lot of corrupt individuals fear Tonga bosses because most don’t and can’t Stomach corruption!
    Between Barabas the thief and Jesus the Messiah, the Jews chose a thief and condemned the man who meant well for them! Zambians and Africans in general have an absurd affinity for incompetent leaders and that is the root cause of Africa’s backwardness!!!

  6. Prospects for your party are very limited because everything evolves around you and you can’t be everywhere at the same time. Give autonomy to people in your party structures. We want to hear the diversity of the minds in UPND and not you every time.
    By the way, is it true that your party doesn’t have a manifesto?

  7. Mr. Chikubabe don’t say “I LOVE TONGA VERY……….” don’t you think that statement sounds like tribalism?
    Just pass rich and sound comments without mentioning tribe.We know what tribalism has brought in the nation.
    My opinion.

    • Hi Forecast, I did it for the Tonga haters like …!
      Zonda Mutonga uzalema!
      It’s one way of telling off tribalists!
      Mentioning the tribe in itself is not tribalism!
      Those who have problems with tribalism can go and hang! Most of us don’t even know which tribe we belong to and we don’t care where tribalism wish to pigeonhole us because we are products of mixed marriages and have grown up speaking English! Too bad for those stuck in tribes and clans! Tribalism will be dead in the next 100 years because the current tribal people will be dead! Sorry for rubbing it in!

    • But stop Xenophobic behavior kaili.
      If I am none Tonga and I live among you e.g. SP, don’t target me for the vote I lavish a non Tonga kaili. Were you not happy for the double H – UPND 30,810 vs
      Edgar LUNGU – PF 252 and,
      Saviour CHISHIMBA – UPP 63 and,
      Andyford BANDA – PAC 54 and,
      Wynter KABIMBA – RAINBOW 27 and,
      Tilyenji KAUNDA – UNIP 21 and,
      Edith NAWAKWI – FDD 16 and,
      Peter SINKAMBA – GREENS 8 and,
      Maxwell MWAMBA – DA 5 votes?
      Why hack other people you cited on the basis of tribalism trynna excommunicate them from SP? UPNDEAD and Double are tribal. I hate tribalism and tribalists.

  8. PF supporters supporting PF but only the elite in PF are eating. Rest of PF are in poverty. Just because PF is in power they think they are also eating. This is a fallacy. Many are insulting HH yet are languishing in poverty. Cry my beloved country.

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