Chef187 released two singles from his upcoming album ,Bon Apetite ,which is scheduled to drop on 31st August 2019 .

The singles are One More featuring Nigerian music star Mr P (from Africa’s highly rated singing duo, P Square) , and Coordinate featuring Nigerian music star – Skales.

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  1. MR P and Skales clearly target the larger international market when they sing.
    On the other hand Chef 187 is targeting the Zambian market…..
    The Nigerian Pidgin, Igbo and Yoruba influenced music market targets over 100 million people in West Africa alone.
    The Swahili music market which Diamond Platinum thrives on targets over 90 million people in East and Central Africa.
    The south African Xhosa/Zulu music targets over 70 million people in Southern Africa.
    The Afrocentric /Francophone influenced music from DRC,Togo,Ivory Coast etc targets about 120 million.
    That explains why Zambian artists wont become big international artists owning private jets.
    ROBERTO and SLAP D are the only local artists who seems to have realized the situation.


  2. great observation @inde
    chef is great, he’s my Zambian fav. but he’s boxed in due to ichebemba, in as much as music is a universal language, for it to be truly the case, one’s music has to transcend the local ears and I doubt chef’s music good as it is, is able to do that right now due to the lyrical content

    but the piece about owning private jets isn’t necessary. I don’t think any sensible artist would want to own a jet… and there are only a handful with private jets, most of them it’s just a front.
    the artists who fill stadiums during their concerts don’t own jets


  3. Great observation indeed @independent. However, that is just one angle to look at it. It also boils down to why you make music in the first place. That is another angle and a topic for another day. Sarkodie is great because his music sounds good and he is known down in Zambia and by us all not because of what he says but how he says it. While english is our official language, our languages are who we are and they are an integral part of our culture. If our songs are good enough, they will be liked regardless. I mean look at how big of deal Rhumba has been. Granted its glory is fading somewhat, but who doesnt know Madilu system, Papa Wemba, Defao etc we know them even if we dnt have a clue what they said.


  4. The musuc is all well, all he needs if he wants to attract much attention within the short period of time he must improve his rapping skills by adding English words so that pipo knows what he is really talking about



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