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Police block HH from viewing the Chongwe River

Headlines Police block HH from viewing the Chongwe River

Police in Chongwe this morning blocked UPND President Hakainde Hichilema from viewing the dried up Chongwe River.

Mr Hichilema, in the company of his party officials had gone to Chongwe to get facts on the ground on the water situation in the area and to work out a plan to ensure water for the people is availed through various means.

The police however moved in quickly and stopped Mr Hichilema from proceeding with his mission stating that he did not have a police permit to view the river.

Mr Hichilema however explained that his visit to Chongwe was to get facts on the ground to enable the party work out possible means of helping the affected people.

He said is disappointed that the Police vehemently insisted that he had no right to visit such places as they are run by the government.

“We couldn’t hold back our compassion arising from widespread reports on how our people in Chongwe district of Lusaka province are suffering due to lack of safe and clean drinking water. Their only source of water, the Chongwe dam has nearly dried up due to drought and other factors related to disturbances of forest reserve recharge areas,” Mr Hichilema said.

“Unfortunately while sympathizing with our people, Police citing the POA stopped us stating that we needed to obtain a police permit in order for us to see how our people are suffering from hunger and thirst. We however advised the officers that we were not fighting them but merely assessing what we could do for the communities which included themselves, to ensure they accessed safe and clean drinking water.”

“Additionally, we stated that our visit was to get facts on the ground to enable us work out a plan to ensure water for our people is availed through various means including sinking boreholes, but the Police vehemently insisted that we had no right to visit such places because they are run by government,” he said.

He added, “Fellow citizens, this is what our country has been reduced to. We would like to state however that no one will stop us from working for the suffering citizens and as such, we will continue striving for the greater good of everyone, including the Police themselves.”

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    Ba Makaka imwe’, Zambia is for all citizens, NOT only Corrupt violent, & inebriated P.F Thugs!

    • That is a boom shell.
      So double h can’t see the rivers in this country? He can’t got to Livingstone to view the dried water at the Vic Falls?
      Is this false news or we I am missing something here.
      This is a tough call. Incredible stuff. Amazing development.
      POA you say, was he there to address a gathering?
      The Constitution must be amended if indeed the POA does not guarantee a citizen to view a simple river like Chongwe River. I am with you on this one double h. We will work something out fast fast.

    • Kekekeke, even Ba Edgar was not be happy. Ati you are not allowed to see any water in Zambia. That is harsh. One day HH will be barred to look at trees too, because they belong to ministries.

    • Imwe ba reporter get your facts right. Can such a thing happen? How can anyone be blocked from viewing a river?
      One can view it all along its length. Are you saying police lined up the whole length of the river?
      This sounds like a fairy tale for Nursery school learners.

    • This privatization thief HH has no mandate to run anything at all. Which people is he calling “our people” like he’s an adjunct president???

      The smart people of the Zambian Enterprise have rejected him 5 times and after next year it will be 6 times badala. He has no capacity to run a party let alone a government!!!

      Who elected him to represent the smart people of Chongwe??? No one!!! This cretin is nauseating, it’s ungodly and he like to do things like this when ECL is out of the country.

      Last week while ECL was in India he visits the Canadian High Commission. In what capacity??? Heaven knows and now that ECL is in Japan, he comes up with shenanigans on Chongwegate.

      Sit down, you Under 5!!! Epo mpelele,


    • @B R Mumba, Sr, why have you decided to sink so low. If cadres have realized that this is somebody who can bring hope, prosperity and togetherness who are you to utter this nonsense. Do you have to be reminded that he is the leader of the opposition and a Zambian for that matter. We have seen Chinese roam freely on our land, in some instances illegally placing beckons in our forests and other places while you have been quite. It’s cheap think quacks like you that have set us for failure by denying us quality leadership.

    • HH thinks his fake sympathy will get him to the state house…..yaba all Politicians are drama queens….Lungu fooled everyone with his fake humbleness……the humble one now has become a globetrotter and very arrogant…..Politicians for you….Same with HH……try giving him power….you will never see him in chongwe acting and fooling people….

    • HH has now become a drama queen politician just like Kambwili……trying hard to sound relevant but its not helping and the humble President Lungu has now become very arrogant and master globetrotter….Just all Politicians are useless

    • Lungu said HH will never be President. He was serious and already he has stopped him from looking at the Choongwe Dam using POA. When Bill No.10 is passed into Law Lungu will have absolute Power. The Plan is for Lungu to use his imperial Powers to Jail HH and/or ban him from contesting the 2021 Election as Presidential Candidate. That is why Lungu is desperate to pass Constitution Amended thru Bill No.10 of 2019 into Law. Lungu and PF have resolved to remain in Power by Hook or Crook beyond 2021. They have figured out that the only to achieve their objective is to eliminate HH one way or the other. PF know they cannot win Elections in 2021 thru a Popular Vote. They will find smart ways to Rig the Election. That is the objective of Amendment Bill No.10 of 2019. Period.

    • @Mukwasu … ati and I quote, “… you that have set us for failure by denying us quality leadership.” End of quote.

      Quality Leadership, my foot!!! And by the way, I am not sinking any lower … I am actually debunking your foolish hope in a thief masquerading as a messiah.

      Here are some facts for you!!! Both HH and ECL participated in privatization … each tasked with a certain portion to handle.

      HH stole and in some cases sold companies to himself and relatives ~ thus the unexplained wealth much of it hidden in Panama (Panama Papers refer).

      On the other hand ECL never stole any of that neither did he sell parts to his relatives. Between the two, who does this UNIPist trust to run this country on my behalf given the above?

      The answer should be obvious to any rational…

    • Continued …

      The answer should be obvious to any rational person … and that’s why the smart people of the Zambian Enterprise have rejected him 5 times before and the 6th one is coming here soon.

      Put the blame on your blindness not me for not being clear eyed about this privatization thief called HH.

      Let’s roll … Epo mpelele,


    • Ba Cadre Mumba if HH stole where is your evidence bane? Lungu stole from a widow and had his licence suspended, FACT. Give us facts about HH’s crimes because right now your reasoning is no different from an Intercity PF cadre. I always say to be PF aligned you sacrifice 99.9% of any intelligence you may have possessed. With the way you are ranting right now, calling HH a thief while glorifying a visionless clown who has overseen the worst corruption in the history of this country as evidenced in two FIC reports and numerous auditor general reports makes you the clown of the century. Epo mpelele.

    • @Dudelove … listen to yourself for a second. Check the Panamá Papers for evidence on your HH thief. Once you confirm that then you can come here and we can talk.

      You are lucky Panamá has very weak laws and the ACC in Zambia is half toothless. Bepeniko imbutuma bane!!!

      Epo mpelele … btw, I ain’t no cadre for nobody!!!


    • MR Mumba, why this level of dullness please, debate wisely so we can see your points. What has drought got to do with blocking a person to sympathise with a person or a community? Leadership is beyond being a president of a nation, and but includes people playing their roles in different life-undertakings. That is, opposition parties fighting for their relevance and ruling class demonstrating their relevance. The operative word for the ruling class being demonstrating their relevance; if people are having water or food trouble government should fill in the economic failure. Please demonstrate how the ruling class is helping the affected communities in Chongwe, that should be your role as a die-hard supporter, which is within your rights.

    • BR Mumba, can you name one person in the world who has been mentioned in those Panama papers that has been arrested? See why I say you are just another dull cadre? Can you state a law that criminalises depositing one’s money in a place like Panama to take advantage of lax tax laws?? You cannot be this dull please and as long as you continue to justify your weak points with even weaker rebuttals then you will always be a typical PF cadre.

    • The Privatisation thief was doing inside trading and he took the money offshore! Why is he afraid of keeping the money in Zambia? When he dies the money shall die also. He is too childish to know that. Ask Mobutu, Savimbi and other fuulish African leaders.

  2. That is a boom shell.
    So double h can’t see the rivers in this country? He can’t got to Livingstone to view the dried water at the Vic Falls?
    Is this false news or we I am missing something here.
    This is a tough call. Incredible stuff. Amazing development.
    POA you say, was he there to address a gathering?
    The Constitution must be amended if indeed the POA does not guarantee a citizen to view a simple river like Chongwe River. I am with you on this one double h. We will work something out fast fast.

  3. Three and a half years ago my wife and I viewed the Chongwe River dam, the source of water for the residents of Chongwe; and we had no Police Permit.

    The claim that HH could not view the dam without a permit because the dam was run by the government is the silliest I have heard of reasons.

    Aren’t roads, traffic lights, ZNBC, Police Stations and a lot more run by the government?

    Besides, are opposition political parties part of the governance system? Neo tyala dabwe.

  4. So even tourists have to obtain police permits to view all that belongs to Government, National Parks, Victoria Falls, Kariba Dam. No wonder we do not have so many tourists in Zambia

    Ya kaka na. There is something seriously wrong

    • Why PF so scared of HH?If he wants
      To donate they say No.If he wants to help they say No.Whereever he goes they are trailing him.The more
      They try to stop him the more popular he is becoming.

  5. Where are all PF supporters, we know all of you, always like to open up your milomo, open up and debate your merits on this one. That country is doomed

    • What I have seen here are the most st.upid comments by very dull bloggers supported by a useless posting. You are showing HH by the river bank and saying that he was not allowed to see the river – buy him a set of binoculars then. In case these are old pictures, know that as the leading opposition politician whenever HH is in public he attracts a lot of people – supporters and non-supporters alike, ideally a rally at any point in public. There has to be control for public safety and that is why the police always move in for public safety. Like it or not, opposition politicians in public attract crowds – for curiosity for the most part, and that is the way it is. So, this is a very poorly written story.

  6. The ECL and PF Govt is really fearful of HH’ s rising Popularity. This is what happens when u have done so much wrong. U begin to fear your own shadow. The Regime will be panicking as we get closer to 2021 Elections. Should the Bill No.10 be passed in Parliament Zambia will become a truly One Party Police State which doesn’t respect Constitutionalism, Rule of Law, Good Governance and Human Rights. We can expect high levels of Human Rights abuses and Violations.# Stop Bill No.10 at all costs.

  7. I think they should also have cited POA, for his statement about hunger and thirst. That’s inciting panic and a call to civil disobedience.

    A good leader comforts his citizens assuring them that there is no need to worry. After all climate change and its effects are issues at the centre of all humanity. We are all worried already. No need to politicise it for votes. Very opptunistic.

  8. HH campaigned against the bill to scrap the POA so he must dance to its tune even when it is misinterpreted. These are the results of having an opposition that does not want to reason but use every opportunity including people’s misfortune for their own selfish ends. How many rivers have dried up in Southern province that HH has been inspecting?

  9. I was waiting to watch this from PRIME TV but nothing.Im waiting up to tomorrow if at all facts shall reviewed.
    UPND is misleading social media followers due to cooked up publications.

  10. Please!! This is not a humanitarian visit but a political one. Chongwe has an mp and a provincial minister who hh can see before pulling such publicity stunts. Even if Kambwili tried to go to an area in southern province without informing local upnd officials, he would receive some kind of hostility. Let’s be real, guys.

    • SO what’s wrong with a political visit you dull !d!ot? You don’t know that HH is an opposition leader and this is what opposition leaders do? And can you mention anytime that UPND stopped anyone from visiting Southern Province? Stup!d reasoning zoona.

  11. What a load of bul.ls.hit! This really makes my blood boil. It doesn’t matter who went to the river. Since when has looking at a natural resource in your own country become a subject of the POA? If there was any clearer misuse of powers, a compromised police service and a government that has no shame to confirm it is a complete dictatorship, this it. Meanwhile a lot of security and protection issues that the general public need, are going unattended to – because all security wings have become an appendage of this useless regime.
    For how long should this state of affairs be tolerated? Where is the GREAT Leader to answer to this atrocity?

  12. You UPND please tell your HH that votes to state house are not kept in chongwe river.
    Everything from HH is state house no wonder no one trusts him even to view a drying up river. He has already admitted that he is after forest 27. To me that’s fine, but to falsely claim that he is viewing the river because he wants to sink boreholes for the people is cheap. Fake news from the source itself.

  13. Sympathy, sympathy…! Hahaha…! Politics, awe sure!! HH, my dear friend, learn your own political strategy, without it, state House will continue being a mirage.

  14. Even when HH gets to state through demagoguery he will not change the natural calaty status of the world and he will need order to run his Government and yet he is being disorderly before he even gets there. What a gloomy future we will have under such a leader and his caders. I have always perceived that HH doesn’t have the right mind of running a country. The biggest question is how would he have liked to be treated if he was in power? I am sure he wouldn’t like to be despized. We are different people in this country but reasoning must prevail. This man wants to mislead people about democracy by being disorderly and not following procedure? What a shame to everyone supporting this behavior!

  15. Stopping someone from viewing a river??…………….you know, these are very bad politics. This PF has killed almost everything in this country.

    • Lungu has said HH will never become President of Zambia. Lungu is already stopping HH from seeing anything or going anywhere. Bill No.10 if passed by Parliament will strengthen POS and make sure HH is banned from standing as a Presidential Candidate in the 2021 Elections. That is Why Lungu is desperate to pass Bill No.10 which is designed to Rig the Election by Amending the Constitution illegally and unconstitutionally. Bill No.10 is a do or die affair for Lungu and PF. If this Bill is not stopped Zambia will become a Police State under Lungu and PF Dictatorship. The writing is on the Wall.

  16. I we ci Daniel Banda ulicimwana can mbwa I we.why do you have a person with passion.nangu ni wako ni wako nifi.Waba noko icimusula

  17. Bitter Hakiende h and his inherited under 5 gathering without a veep is a creature of his on misguided beliefs. In his view as a person in opposition and aspiring to get to the highest office in the land! He can refuse to give way to the presidential motorcade arguing ‘its a simple traffic offence’ enter a High Commissioners Office to spew his bitterness and call it ‘democratic right’ threaten all his cadres cum mps to ‘boycott’ national events yet still ‘visit’ a river which in his view is not a ‘national issue’…but hey keep it up you never know. The herdsmen at your ranch who still live in squalor will vote for you….

  18. Nayo Nayo Zambia. Tiyeni bane. Light cannot be hidden. No matter how you try, beams will still penetrate. It’s like burrying a bean seed and not expecting it to germinate. What was meant to be will be. It’s a matter of time. I believe in destiny.

    • Be careful of dictators this is how it starts very soon you will be treated like the way people are been treated & abused in Zimbabwe.Why should HH be stopped to see a river it’s not Lungu’s river is it???Dictators are always very abusive if God says HH will rule Zambia whether people who don’t like him say he won’t he will Zambia doesn’t belong to Lungu alone.

  19. B R Mumba, Sr Meridian Bank kikikikikikikiki . We know some of you are beneficiaries of PF corruption and how you benefited from ………………………

    • No wonder he sounds deranged uyu BR Mumba, supporting ifyabupuba lyonse. What sane adult can surely support someone being blocked from viewing a river?

  20. Those are results of being ruled by a Malawian..with the gens of Kamuzu Banda at play.The so called human rights activists,civil activits are all dwii.Your consititution is being raped.Bill #10 is being pushed muli dwii.When will U awake up from yr slamber?

  21. Sooooooooo….
    Non of you zambians here can see the crisis being clean water unavailable to your own pipo, all you see is tribal issues…
    WOW, zambians really
    Sad indeed
    The country is not the most peaceful in the world, its actually the most passive

  22. The motive was not clear. How does he just wake up and say he wants to view the drying river or was it on his program? Since when has he set off to see even an flooded river? Fimo ifintu filapapusha! Even if he was allowed to see it, what would be his follow up action?

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