Zambian Peasant Farmer standing in Front of his Maize harvest
Zambian Peasant Farmer standing in Front of his Maize harvest

National Union for Small-Scale farmers of Zambia President Frank Kayula has hailed government for having started early the distribution of farming inputs.

Dr Kayula said the early distribution of farming inputs is commendable, adding that it will enable farmers plan and diversify from crop production to small livestock production in the wake of climate change.

He told ZANIS in an interview in Lusaka that the timely distribution of farming inputs for the 2019/2020 farming season resonates well with the aspirations of the Seventh National Development Plan.

“As NUSFAZ we are delighted with government’s move to start the distribution of farming inputs for the 2019/2020 farming season. It will give the farmer ample time to start preparing for the next farming season,” he stressed.

The NUSFAZ President further urged farmers to consider diversifying to small livestock farming such as goats, pigs and chickens as they are easy to manage and have a readily available market.

He further noted that farmers residing near the water bodies should quickly venture into irrigation farming, unlike depending on rain fed agriculture which is shaken by prevailing climatic conditions.

On Monday, Minister of Agriculture Michael Katambo said the distribution of farming inputs was at 90 percent completion, in all the provinces across the country.

He further told ZANIS that the farmers are expected to start redeeming their farming inputs during the first week of September.

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  1. Agriculture Minister, please make it your priority number one to end mealie meal shortages by
    1. Ensuring that you identify land in collaboration with chiefs and Ministry of lands suitable areas with adequate rainfall throughout the year
    2. Work with other stakeholders to arrest deforestation especially in catchment areas. Regulate charcoal burning and make it punishable by offenders
    3. Put in place mechanisms to monitor the farming inputs that you distribute to peasant farmers so that they dont end up in wrong hands
    4. Build dams to harness water bodies in every 50km.
    5. Encourage the shopping malls to be buying and supporting local produce.
    6. If Egypt, Dubai Israel and Botswana which are mostly deserts can produce and are food secur, why cant we with all the abundant, fertile…


  2. Contd
    … fertile land and suitable climate. Brains are out there to work with government in finding lasting solutions. Forget politics because when you deliver results will speak and defend you, dont panick. HH and UPND thrive when you in government experience challenges, they are sadists and expecting positive talk from them is like drawing water from steel. You have enough time to plan abd correct the short comings


  3. There is No mealie shortage but thinking limitation and brain washing by those shouting SHORTAGE on top of their voices. Yes some areas had little if not nothing but why can we who have more than we need provide and let those who are able buy the commodity and share. You want to go to Chongwe and survey, survey what? We already know who needs what and where. If you damp 50 bags of any food stuff in a public place be assured that there will be commotion to get something and then you film to show Zambians are fighting for food.



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