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HH’s full letter to the Anti-Corruption Commission on the 48 Houses Investigations


ACC Headquarters
ACC Headquarters


The Director,
Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC),
Lusaka, Zambia.

Dear Sir/Madam


We wish to draw your attention to the above.

  1. Several citizens of our country including ourselves, indicated to the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) that you needed to furnish the public with information relating to the identity of true owner(s) of the 48 houses in Lusaka’s Chalala area but to date, as an institution mandated to do so, you have not informed the nation on who owns these properties.
  2. On our part, we now have reason to suspect that while being in possession of all the requisite information relating to identity of the individual (s) who substantively own the said 48 properties, the ACC appear to have willfully withheld this information from the public for fear of political reprisals at the hands of powerful political power brokers.
  3. Thus, we wish to yet again challenge the ACC to salvage their institutional and professional credibility to function, independent of all political tinkering, meddling, influence or intimidation, to disclose the identity of the beneficial owners or person(s) in respect of the 48 properties, based on the information below.


  • We understand that the plot was initially owned by an individual of Asian origin and you know him.
  • We understand that this individual sold the plot to a group of people who subdivided the same and sold a number of plots.
  • We believe the 48 houses were built between 2012 and 2014 by this mysterious owner.
  • We understand that this owner has 30 complete houses and 18 incomplete houses. Out of the 30 complete houses, 29 maybe occupied.
  • We also understand that this same owner has 30 additional empty plots in the same locality.
    vi We understand that the lease agreement for the 29 houses are in the name of a Ndola based lawyer, who you should know.
  • We understand you interacted with the person who has been collecting rentals from tenants.
  • We are aware that these 48 mysterious houses are different from the 49 houses owned by a Politically Exposed Person (PEP) reported in the Financial Intelligence Centre (FIC) report of 2018 on page 18.


  • We are aware that since 2018 you have issued two government gazette notices on the forfeiture of the said 48 houses.
  • We understand an individual from a named Ministry, through himself or a lawyer, has twice claimed ownership of the said properties.
  • We appreciate that the forfeiture was done as a civil action.
  • It is understood that right from the beginning, the owner of these properties intended to conceal both ownership of the properties and the source of the income used to build these properties. This was and remains a criminal act.



  • From information above, we believe you know the owner(s) of these properties and we expect you to tell the Zambian people who this person(s) is and what action you will take.
  • Your failure to take immediate action raises a lot of suspicion on your ability to independently carry out your mandate. If you can fail to conclusively handle this simple matter, how about the 49 houses that have been cited in the FIC report as belonging to a PEP?
  • While this case of the 48 houses is still fresh, we now have the allegedly corrupt and illegal sharing of massive pieces of land by PF aligned individuals and government officials in the Forests 27 and 42. Can Zambians have confidence in your institution to investigate and prosecute those involved, especially that this land was allegedly shared among PF officials, PF aligned government officials and PF aligned senior judicial officers? This is reminiscent of the mafia-style of involving everyone in crime to ensure protection at every level.
  • We expect you to give the Zambian people confidence in the execution of your mandate without the obvious political interference. We, however, sympathise that the Acting Director-General of the ACC is new in the institution and may not be experienced in matters of such nature, but we believe that there are senior officers in the ranks of ACC who are capable of doing a thorough job. We do not expect the ACC to fall into the same category of those who are protecting criminals, as yours is to preserve resources that belong to the people of Zambia.
  • Further, we do not appreciate the statement of 7th August 2019 from the ACC Board Chairperson Judge Anderson Zikonda (rtd) as he was clearly meddling into operational matters rather than policy. This was a clear case of interference in operations as he is a political appointee.
  • The ACC should diligently serve the people of Zambia and not a clique of thieves and the corrupt. The ACC must live up to its expectations and mandate and that you should conclude this matter of the 48 houses without any further delay.

7  To emphasize, from the above, it is clear that you know the owner of these properties and the nation expects immediate action on your part to make public the relevant identity. The ACC should be reminded that Zambians are still waiting for the conclusion of your investigations on the FIC cited 49 (separate) houses owned by a PEP.

Yours in the service of our country.

Hakainde Hichilema
UPND President.


    • In all fairness, the points highlighted in HH’s letter are very cardinal and require immediate action. There are just more questions than answers coming out from the PF GRZ.

      God bless Zambia.

      It seems double h’s anti corruption group has finished investigating and they know the owner of the 48 apartments yet they are behaving like FIC report out there.
      I hate timid people, why not just nail it double h like Spaka. This letter is not helping also, like the FIC it still raw; like FIC, it is not naming anyone, like FIC it is speculative and still like FIC report needs the ACC and DEC to investigate.
      They tell you they are investigating.

    • @Kci…maybe you should start by explaining why you continue being power. It may help you get out of your miserable envious situation.HH never benefited from privatization of the mines. The sooner you get that into your thick skull the sooner you will be on the road to your poverty recovery

    • For all those who would allegedly know how HH became rich, the answer to you,” is through hardwork, dedication and self discipline coupled with education”
      If any one of you have evidence or want to make a complaint, the road is very clear to any police station. I must add here that if every Zambian was hardworking and intelligent like HH, Zambia could be a better place to live. For your own information, HH’s accounting firm was engaged by GRZ.
      PF/GRZ officials have been stealing from Zambians whilst HH did not.

      I dare you all who think HH stole to report him to your PF police at the earliest and failure to do so by end of next week, YOU SHUT IT ba Suntwe (to borrow a Southerner’s term).

      Enough is enough.

    • #1.3. It’s because the author is smart. FYI – there are legal implications by directly citing individuals or making direct reference to something under investigation by security wings. Does this make sense to you?

    • Kikikikikikijukija Hehehehehehe Haha!
      “Hardworking and intelligent likeHH”!

      Thats what you updead psychos think and fall for.
      He should be patting you on your back and giving you an brown envelope for that.
      Half of the story has never been told.
      2021 isembwangu imwe.

    • @kci: People like you make Zambians look stupid. Don’t you sense in the points raised? When you have schools with no roof, people dying in hospitals because there is no medicine. Yet greedy selfish politician can be looting the country down? Do you believe that ACC does not the owner of the 48 houses? Stop being stupid coz HH is right on this matter.

    • You ar too dull to see the intelligence in HH article. Imagine if zambia only had people like u. It wuld be a rat dwelling place

  1. Concrete evidence is what is needed and not these your hearsay. One needs a scientific calculator to extract evidence from this article which raised a lot of dust.
    Otherwise am not surprised cause it’s not the first time you are raising alarm unnecessarily.
    You can do better.

    • Mr Kudos, do you have proof? Please pass it on to the PF police so that HH can be prosecuted, but if not, you know the answer.

  2. Tel the nation how you became rich iweeeee stop politicking because you are not a politician but a freemanson.

    • Nkalani chabe naimwe, who in this world owes you an explanation for how they gained their wealth?? You are the same people who when someone in the neighborhood buys a car ati ninfwiti just because your head couldn’t figure out how to do the same!!! Shameful

    • The question still remains valid.
      HOW, WHY?

      Meanwhile is that a useless letter that can make ACC officials to run?

      I don’t think so.

    • Why can’t you start by telling your family why you cannot make it in life? You are questioning a credible individual. Get a life.

    • Brian Mulamba would say:


      Meanwhile stick the subject, is double h you uncle?

      Indeed relax and don’t defend the undefendable.

      I am in the meantime now actively reading the paradize papers.

    • All these *****s wanting HH to explain how he git rich are lazy and dying of envy. To them one can only get rich through stealing government resources. HH did not get rich by accident or through corruption, he chose his investment route wisely because he is intelligent. Unlike your thieving PF leaders stealing money and building lodges, casinos, expensive xars and mansions, HH looked at the glibal market and invested wisely. Why should HH explain to you lazy bum how he got rich? Even if he tried to explain to you; chances are that you will never understand because the only way you know how to get rich is through stealing. Why dont you ask Lungu how he made 22million kwacha in 2 years? Ask the Tasilas, Lusambos. Chilufyas and Kambas of PF how they got rich without any other known source of…

    • HH was contacted to do those tasks. And if you do understand a simple commerce subject taught in secondary school, businesses are there to make a profit. Which might also be termed a ‘contra entry’. I am not an accountant so might be wrong with the term.

    • Panama Papers Cayman Islands? Even if you own the 48 houses you still don’t qualify to be mentioned in the Panama papers, unless 48,000 houses may be they can mention you. That’s the level at which some people are

    • Some people the only way they believe is that to get rich you hv to steal you can get rich through hard work, discipline and knowledge. If you think HH stole the money please report him to the police or just keep quiet and learn from him don’t behave like South Africans who don’t want to learn how foreigners are making money but resort to xenophobia and hate for those who are making it in life you will die trying humble urself.

  3. True indeed HH must tell the Zambian people how he became rich before the age of 45. His deals during the privatisation of of state entities stinks upto this day. Can this guy be entrusted with the highest office of our land. HH must not hide in the 48 houses, he must own up and tell us how he went about that exercise. No wonder he has few words about the happenings on the copperbelt mines because he knows what he did. The PF is also very casual in the manner they deal with this guy. By now we could have the truth about his role in the privatised companies. Chief Mukuni was made a shareholder in the Sun intercontinental Hotel of livingstone by the same HH. Then look at the way Chief Mukuni insults President Lungu each time mukuni opens that rotten foul mouth of his. HH you still owe…

    • @Ama Kopala, really…like really?! Because he was rich before 45??? Nanga abena Zuckerberg or even more local abena Spax in the Copperbelt? What you write is just not making sense at all!

    • That quest brings tombolilos to his stomach.
      It makes him and his supporters sick.
      Just listen the nigga above’s analogy.

      Quite sick yeah?

      But we must find the owner of the 48 pieces.

    • To the contrary, what it seems to me is that it’s a vendetta whose motive is to tarnish someone’s name.

      Mu Zambia munajaila Che name calling, just because some disgruntled, frustrated and poor achiever has nothing better to offer.

    • @Ama kopala….You are really pathetic. Why do you want to crucify an innocent person while the PF thieves are stealing right under your stinking nose. Whether you like it or not HH is the next president. He is wise, intelligent and well respected globally. Only the plunderers of resources are terrified of HH. We will sort them out and zambia will prosper under HH leadership. Viva HH Viva UPND

  4. There is a Tonga proverb which says,” mungu mupati uvumbwa matu.” If an old man has done something that brings shame to the community, many people will not be there to desclose his embarrassment. Following this proverb, I think the 48 houses belong to one of the big fishes of our country that is why ACC will not uncover the owner of those mansions.

  5. Then look at the way Chief Mukuni insults President Lungu each time mukuni opens that rotten foul mouth of his. HH you still owe the Zambian people an explanation and apology over their stollen wealth. Forget 2021, you will never make it. No sane person will overlook the greater infrastructure development that the PF have done. So your hallucinations about the 48 houses will not sway us into removing the dents you possess.

    • @Ama kopala

      You making to much sense mwe.

      The filthness of that accusing finger imwe. Not worthy, he is as crooked.

      Sinkamba should champion the call so we can unearth the owner of 48 pieces not double h. But ACC is already on it.

    • Bitter Hakiende h and his inherited under 5 gathering the chief tribal vuvuzela is at it again. When you are used to a calculator you might not understand how investigations are conducted. Just as you claim you have paid infestment advice to grz on account of convicted corrupt prof giving you jobs so too investigations go. But hey continue being a busy body since you find it hard to sit in your matrimonial home

  6. I was excited when I read that HH had written a letter to ACC about the 48 houses. I was expected a pointed argument with list of suspects that ACC should follow. Sorry this article is just another social media speculative piece with lots of other issues jumping in and out. HH has however made a political statement. Well done on this score. The rest is the usual we have read on online news outlets.

  7. HH is a sadist that’s he has hidden the privatisation loot in the paradise papers because of his greedy and bitterness…Let him bring back what he’s stolen that’s when we pay attention to him….Otherwise he has no moral right to even write an essay to ACC.

  8. HH is right stop talking about how he become if so why ACC didn’t investigate about where he got money to be rich? What is ACC doing for them not to know the owner or owners? Ask tenants who do they pay rent in which account do they deposit and it’s under who’s name? ACC is in politics simple thing they take 2 years.these houses are under government officials no doubt that’s why they are hit on the bush where they are no animals.we all know the bush where to hunt animals ,it’s government forest.stop supporting crooks in government while your children doesn’t have a 2 rooms house.

    • Crooks outside Government are as unrighteous as crooks inside Government.

      The bearer of the message in the letter is as crooked as those accused in the 48 pieces ordeal. They should have chosen MWIIMBU not NKOMBO the forgerer, not MWEETWA the forest reserve 27er to deliver that FIC REPORT extract.

  9. See how the PF dogs bring diversion tactics! Who do you think you can fool?

    You celebrate the stealing of the people’s scarce resources without remorse. You must be dogs like that dog from Chawama.

    You are the most foolish group ruining people’s lives through your incompentency and corruption.

  10. Fellow Zambians, even if the owner of the 48 houses is known, what is the benefit for a poor Zambian. HH start selling your manifesto than writing stup1d letters.

    Zambians are interested to know how you are going stop tribalism in southern province. Your time is up HH concentrate on k1ll1ng people with your s@t@n1sm.

  11. “………It is understood that right from the beginning, the owner of these properties intended to conceal ……. source of the income used to build these properties…’ which is a criminal act.

    ..A criminal act!

    When did it become a criminal act?

    For years we have called on HH to reveal the source his wealth but to no avail.

  12. ZRA and the ACC should take double h to task to account on his off-shore accounts and business investment.
    He is a Zambian citizen who has not been paying his taxes.
    Some script reads:
    ~We, and our partners, are constantly asking tax authorities around the world how they are using information from the Panama and Paradise Papers. Sometimes, we are told that probes are open. In other cases, we don’t receive any official answer. Of course, opening an investigation is different from successfully prosecuting one. That is much harder, it seems, and much rarer.~

    “It’s a mistake to write things off before investigations have been allowed to run their course.”
    ~Chris Jordan

    • website.

      Please, let someone else champion the fight and revelation of who ones 48 apartments.
      Double h is not worthy, please.

    • What is th sole purpose of hiding money in offshore accoints. It is to run away from paying tax. Why should a normal Zambian suport tax evasion from the so called rich people. How different is the 48 pieces owner from a heavy tax evader?
      arent they both thieves?
      But one thief is trying to say he is lesser of a thief than the other. Awe sure Mwandini

  13. DID anyone close to Lungu had monet by 2012 to build those houses? I think the letter from President HH exonerate ECL and his family from the 48 mysterious houses. HH better be careful you don’t Know why this is not comming out. It better to led certain things die out. If you force matter and leave ECL with no option but to review the owner you may shock and injured by the out come. The property maybe owned by a respected former president whoes pestilent Lungu would like to protect. Sir you will understand these thing when you grow up at state house. Meanwhile try not to comment on all thing but help your party resttategize for 2021 otherwise the people may turn against you for talking ill of the beloved hero.

  14. HH is generating a SMOKE-SCREEN to hide his looting of poor-peoples grazing land in Namwala. This is a wake up call to the Lozi who live in Zambezi Plains from Lukulu downstream to Senanga.

  15. @N.E.E.Z official UPND strategist We are proud of you and your white wife. Your riches are genuine. Not these PF scoundrels who thrive on stealing from government. Don’t worry about PF carders, they are just jealous of you achievements and the life you are enjoying in London there. Them they can just envy and have no hope of ever living such life in this life or in the life to come. Enjoy it.

  16. Imwe mwema Zambians should be ashamed of yourselves. It really hurts me to see how you guys defend corruption and thuggery in Zambia. You have failed to look at the clear picture of HH’s letter to ACC. With this mentality, Zambia will continue to be ruled by thieves, thugs, incompetent, immoral, unmannered, unkind, unGodly leaders. It should excite good loving Zambians when somebody points out wrong doings. This is just the tip of the iceberg of what is going on in Zambia gentlemen. Who talks about the fire tenders/trucks or ambulances and many other stolen monies? They’re stealing and you’re busy fighting on social media. They’re stealing and you’re busy praising the same thugs. Zambians, wake up from slumber.

  17. Lets try and educate the PF dunderheads… but sadly we may yet be flogging a dead horse.
    – Firstly, the letter is saying the ACC know the story of the 48 houses, the data is there, but they are like scared rabbits. Compromised, unwilling and unable at the moment.
    – Secondly, no matter how many times the said PF dunderheads are told of how HH made his wealth, they choose not to listen and instead continue with the old worn out story of privatization in order to divert people from the critical issues (including how resources have been appropriated by the PF since 2011)
    – Just a taster for PF chaps. HH was buying cattle one at a time while still a student at UNZA. Because of his economic acumen, he was on the boards of a host of multi-national companies while young after he graduated…

  18. …. There is more data on his rise, if you care to know. Now lets get back to the PF governments performance.

    • It’s very interesting to read all comments for and against. What surprises me most is that when we talk about privatisation and paradise papers, these are quickly dismissed. But if we can critically look at privatisation of state enterprises, it was a biggest scander ever seen in the World and it is party to the serious economical problems the country is facing and will continue for sometime. Look at countries that influenced this program, the UK and other western countries, still have state enterprises. Our own neighbours e.g. Zimbabwe, Malawi, Botswana South Africa to mention but a few still have state enterprises. Look at this, the 177 or so companies gone in a shortest period of time. These were under zimco and indeco. Surely can’t we call this serious scam ever.. And…

  19. Corrupt minds always protect each other , so forget it, you’ll never know the owner of those mansions. GRZ should auction them n proceeds should go to improving health centres with equipment n stop medical tourism , these mansions were built by tax payers money. You guys should have humbled yourselves n go with Guy Scot, at least things could have been transparent mwaona manje.

  20. Ama kopala I smell something wrong about you I think you are one of them who believe in stealing to get rich I pray for you to change your ways.

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