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10,000 hectare Palm Oil Farm To Be Set Up In Luapula

Economy 10,000 hectare Palm Oil Farm To Be Set Up In Luapula

Consolidated Farming Limited, has announced it will be setting up a large -scale palm oil processing industry in Luapula Province this year.

Company Director Essof Alloo has disclosed that the firm will invest US$ 200 million in the project which will have a 10 thousand hectares anchor farm and an out-grower scheme.

Mr. Alloo said the company will be producing palm oil as edible oil for both the local and Great Lakes markets.

Mr. Alloo said this when Luapula Province Minister Nickson Chilangwa toured Kafue Sugar, a sister company in Lusaka’s Makeni area.

He said that the company will initially set up a 100 hectares oil palm nursery in Mbereshi area before the 2019/20 rainy season.

Mr. Alloo said the company will be planting 2000 hectares every year for the next five years to create 10,000 hectares.

And Mr. Chilangwa is confident that the project will succeed owing to the favourable climatic conditions that supports the growth of oil palms.

He cited the Luapula River valley as the best place that will support the plantation.

Mr Chilangwa has since assured Mr. Alloo of the Provincial Administration’s support to fulfill his company’s mission.

And Luapula Province Investments Coordinator Joseph Maopu has disclosed that the coming of the Consolidated Farming Limited brings the number of all investors to 105.


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  1. So many of these projects which we hear about daily which never happen….

    1. Mulungushi textle is now the largest exporter of cloth in Southern Africa.
    2. Petrol in Zambia is the cheapest in Southern Africa because of the oil pipeline from Angola.
    3. Zambia now exports copper using the newly built rail line from Chingola to Angola
    4. After the installation of 3000 solar mills Zambia now enjoys high nutrition due to cheap food.
    5. Zambia this month recorded a high in flow of tourists due to the newly launched Zambia Airways
    6. A fire broke out in central business district in Lusaka and was immediately stopped thanks to the newly acquired fire engines which were complemented by state of the art engines from USA which the first lady manages to bring to Zambia

    Wants a country of…

  2. And this is how Zambians will find there is no land for them to build a house.

    Yes investment is good for the country, but unfortunately, only a few benefit from the profits made.

    • Problem is giving so vast land in advance for free to foreign investors, they sign 99 year lease, and the company don’t do a shiit. A year later, the company start cutting up land and resale to locàl Zambians.
      If a Tonga Zambian went to Mbereshi to buy just 50 hectares of that 100,000 given away, he will be told to go to his home village in Southern province, and they know Southern province has bad rain pattern compared to rich Luapula.

  3. This is welcome investment in a province with so much potential for plantation agriculture to start overcoming poverty. While this investment is welcome it is also worth noting that this Aloo is busy grabbing land everywhere and sometimes not fully investing as promised.Any way,at least something away from copper mining!!

  4. I know Luapula is the home of palm oil cultivation at subsistence level. We had tried to set up a processing plant that would buy palm kernels from subsistence farmers and someone thought we were campaigning for the opposition. I would imagine that would be equitable. This here will masquerade as a plantation for a few years and then convert into some cutthroat housing estate. Watch the space.

  5. It’s suicidal to surrender vast tracts to foreigners. The power and independence of indeginous citizens is anchored in the land.

    Palm Oil Industry is something Zambians can do, if only the govt can properly mobile cooperatives in chiefdoms.

    Yes, the mines may be in foreign hands due to the complexity of the industry. But it is folly to even give up agric land so wantonly. Infact it’s scandalous. Please rescind.

    • You are so right, Chalo. Customary land must NOT be given up for any reason. Palm oil is NOT what the world needs The forests of Zambia must be protected. The best way for this is to protect customary land.

  6. For sure Zambians, why give such a vast land to a foreigner? Luapula citizens can grow these palm trees just form cooperatives and provide them the necessary tools and equipment, they have been doing this farming for ages or go to Tanzania / Ghana and learn how they are empowering their locals with such programmes. COME ON GUYS wake up !!!

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