MMD youth Prince Ndoyi has welcomed the call by the new Minister for Youths Emmanuel Mulenga who has ordered his ministry officials to organise a national youth indaba.

Ndoyi who spoke on the sidelines of the ongoing Center for Young Leaders in Africa stakeholder’s planning meeting in Lusaka, said the call is welcome as it has been the wish of many youths across all political parties.

He said the move by the new Minister was a step in the right direction, especially that his predecessor lamentably failed to address issues affecting young people in the country.

“We want to State from the outset that this has been a call we have made countless times and by many stakeholders. Firstly we are in agreement with the current Minister and he must know he has our support and we wish him well.

“Mawere played his part but failed lamentably to address issues of young people. And that could be one of the reasons he was let go.

“The current must not fall into a trap of a know it all, let him consult and be willing to go the extra mile for the youths. Emmanuel Mulenga has been given a key Ministry that will influence whether PF will win the next elections or not so he must not take that lightly. We know he is equal to the task and must adopt an open door policy,” he said.

Ndoyi however called for inclusiveness so that views from all stakeholders can be heard regarding challenges facing youths especially youth unemployment.

“Suffice to say the proposal to hold a national youth indaba is welcome but it must be inclusive. We want to implore the Minister to rise above Partisan interests to include all youths. The youth indaba won’t be complete if it will be centered around youths from PF alone. Let them include all of us from different political parties, MMD, UPND and others or else it will be a failed project or a project in futility. They are also Zambians, and all stakeholder’s regardless of how critical they are of government let them be involved throughout,” he said.

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  1. Welcome move you are best invite everyone. Let everyone air there views then it will be collective agreement. I wish you were the president we would have no issues because this is our country hear all opinions and agree on what makes sense.


    • The Supreme leader HH of the UPND will not allow his UPND youths to attend that’s how bitter the man is…


    • Also don’t sideline the Lusaka Kulima Tower Bus Station thugs and Jerabos. They need to participate.


  2. Just another Talking Shop from a Broke, Visionless and Corrupt Lungu Govt. It’s Talks about Talks with no Results.


  3. Muleya mulekula ka! 20 years in opposition. Give hope to the electorate by being an alternative …. government in waiting



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