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UNZA Council denounces student Anti Xenophobia demos

Headlines UNZA Council denounces student Anti Xenophobia demos

UNZA students burning the sign outside the South African Embassy in Lusaka during a demonstration to protest against xenophobic attacks in South Africa
UNZA students burning the sign outside the South African Embassy in Lusaka during a demonstration to protest against xenophobic attacks in South Africa

The University of Zambia Council and Management has condemned UNZA students for demonstrating against the fresh wave of Xenophobic attacks in South Africa.

In a statement, UNZA Council Acting Chairperson Namucana Musiwa said the students used a wrong mode to air out their grievances.

“University Council and Management condemns the mode of action taken by its students in their attempt to express their dissatisfaction with the current developments in South Africa. The University of Zambia upholds high ethical standards for both its students and staff,” Ms. Musiwa said.

She said UNZA believes that conflicts are resolvable in all cases through mutual dialogue.

“UNZA is therefore guided by the current diplomatic engagements taking place among the Government of the Republic of Zambia, the Republic of South Africa and the Southern African Development Community (SADC) and is optimistic that an amicable solution to circumstances that have led to the current threat to peace and national security in the region will soon be found.”

“University Council and Management wishes to encourage its students to abide by the national guidance from His Excellency the President of the Republic of Zambia Dr. Edgar Chagwa Lungu who, in his Press Statement issued on 4th September, 2019 has directed that we all show class and exemplary behaviour.”

UNZA students burning the sign outside the South African Embassy in Lusaka during a demonstration to protest against xenophobic attacks in South Africa
UNZA students burning the sign outside the South African Embassy in Lusaka during a demonstration to protest against xenophobic attacks in South Africa

Earlier, President Edgar Lungu has condemned the Xenophobic attacks in South Africa and what he called lawlessness by the students to engage in the protests.

The students clad in Black T-shirt’s who marched from the Great East Road Campus started their protest at East Park Mall before marching to Manda Hill Shopping Mall.

The students targeted South African owned shops such as Pick N Pay, Shoprite and MTN forcing such stores to shut down.

MultiChoice closed its Manda Hill and EastPark outlets for security reasons.

Some ordinary members of the public joined the students march past and almost brought down the steel doors at Manda Hill Shoprite in an attempt to force entry.

In a brief statement, Manda Hill managed confirmed that the protest disrupted business.

“At approximately 9AM on Wednesday 4 September 2019, a small group of protectors launched a protest at Manda Hill. Similar protests took place at some of the other malls across Lusaka. The protest was largely peaceful and the Manda Hill security team along with Center Management, rapidly resolved the situation. The atmosphere is currently calm and in an abundance of caution, as well as for cleaning post the protest, the mall has been closed for the day.”

“The mall would like to thank its valued customers for their support, and we assure you, our patrons, that the mall will be re-opened for you to enjoy your shopping in a safe environment.”

And the students later marched to the South Africa High Commission in Kabulonga via Addis Ababa road holding placards and denouncing South Africa for promoting Xenophobia.

At the High Commission, the students demanded to be addressed by the officials who refused to come out and meet them forcing the some students to start burning tires.

At this point, police officers who were keeping vigil fired tear gas in the direction of the students forcing them to scamper for safety in every direction.

The situation was only normalized after Lusaka Province Minister Bowman Lusambo arrived on the scene and helped calm the situation.

Mr Lusambo directed the Police to use their riot vans to transport the students back to Campus much to the delight and joy of the students who started chanting his name.

Meanwhile, President Lungu has condemned the actions of the students describing their actions as unacceptable.

President Lungu said the actions by the students amounted to lawlessness.

He said strings being from the highest learning institution, they are expected to show class and exemplary behavior to other youths in the land

“I have been informed that they presented their petition to the South African Embassy. How then can they engage in the same acts they are condemning?” President Lungu asked.

He added that the students actions are not only criminal but affect the livelihoods of Zambians earning a living by working in those targeted shops.

President Lungu has asked law enforcement agencies to swiftly move in and address the situation.

And President Lungu has reminded criminal gangs engaging in brutalizing innocent people that their actions may cause the isolation of South Africa from the rest of the civilized world.

He has prodded the South African government to do more to not only arrest the carnage but to also bring the culprits to book before this Xenophobia degenerates into full scale genocide.

President Lungu has also asked the SADC and the African Union to intervene in the worsening situation in South Africa as the carnage has the potential to destabilize African Unity.

“I call on all Zambians both locally and abroad to remain calm and disengage from acts of violence as they voice out their grievance. I wish to assure you all that together, we are working on solutions to combat these acts of violence and bring back the spirit of Ubuntu. Let us continue praying for peace and unity across the region,” President Lungu said.

And popular radio station Hot FM has with immediate effect banned South African music on its channel.

In a statement, Hot FM said the station Presenters will not play South African music until further notice.

“In light of the current events unfolding in South Africa of the attacks on african migrants resident in that nation, Hot FM will cease to play music by South African artists on our airwaves until further notice. All African nations, whether Frontline states or not, stood by our South African kindred during their time of need, and together we embraced UBUNTU,” the statement read.

“Africa is one, and until such a time that our South African counterparts embrace UBUNTU again, our stand will be with all our African brothers being attacked and terrorized in that country. Humanity first!-I AM BECAUSE WE ARE.”

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  1. it’s called retaliation iwe, .
    why not issue a strong statement as a sadc chairperson, issue a statement aimed at the sa government in the manner they’ve handled this issue. it’s not a new problem, an number of foreigners have been killed before.
    in Zambia you’ve these guys in green who like to sit on their a sses stealing when there’s a situation that demands them to act. citizens have no direction so they do whatever they deem necessary.
    that’s what you get when there’s no leadership, the mob takes over and that may lead to chaos but silence when action is needed is what you get
    there’s never been a strong statement that this guy has issued to issues facing Zambians.. it’s the half a ssed statements at the airport.
    and the labor whatever should ensure those in Zambia…

    • When the POA takes a nap, hooliganism takes over. Our University students’ mental faculty under some influence of psychotropic substances become thugs and do what they are good at.
      Like Xenophobic attackers in SA, our student lack the mental capacity to resason as normal human beings that are capable of diplomacy and dialogue.

  2. Comment:what kind of comment is this. it not about Zambian but African foreigner. why are you condemning the students? whose heart do you want to win?

    • Soon they are going to study with candles. I forgot uneducated barbarians are working 24/7 producing electricity so that UNZA students can study under lights.

  3. Why this senseless burning of dimplomatic emblems at the embassy now? Present your grievances and not become violent like the senseless xenophobic attacks happening in Egoli. I think if we punish & hit them in the business pockets buy boycotting South African brands that would send a powerful message. The FAZ friendly match withdrawal between Chipolopolo & Bafana Bafana was one such good example of how we can be smart and send the right message.

  4. What a compromised and politically purchased UNZA council and management. Unbelievable that the higher echelons of UNZA have also become unthinking cadres. Students the world over have a right to express displeasure with events affecting the normal existence of humanity. It is part of their learning, universal broadening of minds and active involvement in societal matters. A University is not a mere conduit for parroting (although I know that this is what UNZA has been reduced to lately, due to the very lack of respect in the value of education by this PF regime) Ati ‘Lungu anikonde’. Selfish characters and establishments thinking of themselves and what they may ‘lose’ by appreciating the student’s reaction or condemning the SA govt. themselves for lack of stronger action.

    • UNZA council knows what you don’t know. Less tax less funding from China indebted govt. If the same energy can be used against China high commission Zambia will be debt free

    • Did you know that there are areas in South Africa that are a no go area for South Africans in South Africa erected by Nigerian drug dealers? would you allow that to happen in Zambia? don’t say things you know nothing about. Nigerians are responsible for all this mess in South Africa.

  5. Does Chagwa have Children apart from the spoiled Tasila we know? It appears that Mr Chagwa never had an opportunity to learn parenting! Sometimes you need to allow your children space to explore and learn! He should not have voiced condemnation towards the small issue of student actions but at the level he is, must look at the bigger picture! In any case, Chagwa is the wrong person to talk about Xenophobia when he is the Chief Tribalist against his own people whom he fires, retires, denies employment or development or denies relief food donations because of tribe! Look at his his appointments which speak louder than words! Remove the Mukula Log from your own eyes first!

  6. Nigerian students have torched SA businesses in Nigeria but we have not heard Buhari condemning them. Why is Chagwa condemning our students? Is he acting out of inferiority complex? Does he even know that over 50 Zambians have been killed in SA or he thinks it’s only other nationals who are being butchered? This Muzungu Anikonde approach stinks! South Africans must be shown in no uncertain terms the repercussions of their barbaric actions! In case Chagwa is not aware, Ramaposa is on record as having carelessly spoken against foreign businesses in SA and that’s the genesis of these attacks! His Police Minister equally blessed the Xenophobic acts! One question for Mr Chagwa is where is his allegiance – his country or foreigners?

  7. Zambians, Malawians, Zimbabweans and other SADC countries have been residing and working in South Africa even during apartheid, and nothing like this has ever happened in South Africa, only after the arrival of Nigerians with their drugs and human trafficking, and that also affects Zambians as well, should we fold our arms as South Africans and let Nigerians destroy our society? I don’t think so

  8. South Africans do not have a problem with legal, law abiding foreigners. Our problem is with the extreme criminal elements from other African countries destroying ours. When a druglord snatches an underaged child from her mother’s room and uses her in prostitution while the cops do nothing because they are in the druglord’s pocket, that’s when you know you have a problem. THAT is what started all of this.

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