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Monday, February 17, 2020

KK Comments on the Death of Mugabe and on Xenophobia in South Africa

Videos and Audios KK Comments on the Death of Mugabe and on Xenophobia in...
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    • Nostradamus 1.2, YHWH always creates great people. Africa and the new African union, plus great minds that keep elevating would not exist if that happened. What you should ask yourself is this, are you using God’s free gift of intellect, insight and wisdom to there full potential? May Jesus bless you, myself Zambia and the whole of Africa.

    • @Nzelu I don’t understand anything you wrote.
      I can’t write much about KK since it’s not him who died. But imagine what he achieved before he became president at just 40 years old.

    • South African problems were created by political mismanagement. In 1964 Zambia was richer than South Korea, Singapore, India and China, but the end of 1991, when you left office, we were at the bottom.

    • KK will have to intervene on where Mugabe should be buried given that Mugabe had requested that he be not buried at the National Heroes Acre in Harare when he dies.

    • @Kayama, sometimes it is helpful to learn your own history or you will fall for any con that comes along. The events and geopolitical forces that worked against leaders like KK during his reign are well documented for any curious mind to find and read about them. Please avoid making such sweeping condemnations without providing context to the economic prevailing winds imposed on Zambia at that time.

      I am always amazed how easily we Africans (or black people in general) tend to fall or believe things told about us by outsiders. Instead of believing OUR OWN EXPERIENCES and things done to us as a people, country, region, or continent, we are easily swayed by what is told about us by others. Usually by people with agendas to rewrite history in their own image. Which is really a…

    • @Kayama Continue…


      If you indulge me; let me briefly expound on what I am trying to say to you. And hopefully you are of a certain age to remember some of these things I am about to tell you….if not, please make an effort to read about this period in our country’s history. Do you remember the crushing economic sanctions/difficulties imposed on Zambia/KK for supporting the liberation movements in our region at the time including those from Zimbabwe, Southern Rhodesia then? And the tanking of commodity (such as copper) prices in the decades following WWII? Infact, it is a miracle that KK even managed to do even half of what he accomplished for his Country and region. Probably the only Zambian President that will go down in history to have educated the largest number of…

    • @Kayama Continue…

      Zambian children/professionals ever. And all for free! This is after the British just abandoned our Country with fewer than a handful, if that, institutions of higher learning, secondary and primary schools, trained doctors, teachers, govt professionals, nurses, military and police officers, you name it.

      In fact, there was no such things like UNZA, CBU (NORTEC), Nkwame Nkruma, LTC, numerous nursing and teachers training colleges, Sec Schs in every district, extra, before KK’s Presidency. But KK came and did all that under very challenging economic conditions brought about, in large part, by the geopolitics of the time. And he accomplished all this while holding the nation and all its 72 tribes together in peace at a time Zambia could have easily been torn apart…

    • @Kayama Continue…

      ethnically/tribally….and believe you me, there were outside forces (such as the racist regimes in SA and Rhodesia) working hard trying to weaken Zambia exactly on those lines for it’s stand against Apartheid and racist tendencies of the likes of Ian Smith of Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe.)

      Anyway, no politician on Earth can be said to have done everything they wanted to. I am sure KK would have loved to leaving a soaring GDP and economy, but at least give the man credit for what he accomplished and sacrificed for this Country. Don’t fall the con and spin!

    • Simone Mwansa Kapwepwe died after visiting you. You’re very responsible for his death. Just keep on watching your back. He’s one Zambia that needed after independence. The country is now one of the poorest in the world.

    • KK is sending a message of condolences to ED following the death of Mugabe who was overthrown by ED and Chiwenga. Bob and his Family considered ED and the Military Junta as tormentors and betrayers after he was removed from Power thru a Military Coup. KK should send his condolences to the Wife of Mugabe and his Family. On Xenophobia loss of Life is regrettable but KK and African Countries should examine the causes of Xenophobia. KK should not forget that during his Rule he introduced a Policy of Zambianisation where none Zambians were not allowed to work in Zambia. What is Good for the Goose is Good for the Gander. African Countries cannot expect the South African Govt to solve all African Problems alone. African Countries should properly Rule and Manage their Countries to create jobs…

  1. Nostradamus God is still creating such but are all unique.
    If u don’t mind may I ask how old you are or if you where old enough to remember Kaunda as president mostly in his last years as president. Me I remember the slogans “Kumulu Lesa Panshi Kaunda” and “Stupid *****” as common answer at press conference question time etc. The vigilantes and no purchase of Bread, Millie Meal etc without UNIP membership card.
    Above all let’s be fair he had his best days and duds as well but certainly a brutal dictator. The ballot paper was always Him and a Frog. Meaning Zambia’s only other choice besides him was a frog. And in voting YES meant you choose Kaunda and NO meant No change Kaunda remains.
    Do you still wish God could create more of his type exactly?
    I rest my case

    • Amen my brother. Like Saul, Zambia was stripped from KK and the whole UNIP party. For not only being a dictator over God’s people, but for setting himself as a little god on earth. We know God despises idols to be elevated to his level. Only YHWH is righteous, therefore he is a loving and jealous God, as is written in the bible. Zambia is always on the brink of development, we just don’t work hard enough, plus we have a very weak delusional opposition, plus a ruling party with 77% boot-lickers and clueless smiling individuals. Also Jean, Dora, kampyongo, the Chitotela crook, and vile Kampyongo.

    • * Meant to say, also for being a Dictator God stripped Zambia from Kaunda. He was the architect of Zambia’s failures in his last 17 years of presidency. Following was a crook like no other crook before, FTJ Chiluba.

  2. Only intelligent people will understand what these gallant men did. Know your real enemies and concentrate your energy on protecting your freedom. Zambia will forever be indebted to KK for the greatest gift of all, PEACE.

  3. timely message indeed
    I can’t believe he can still read from paper without reading classes
    imwe mwebatemwa ama sausages 10 years old ama glasses ( I know i am being extreme …. but healthy eating goes a long way)
    for Mugabe, he was old, he lived his life, so it’s not really all that sad or shocking to anybody …. it’s just the reality of this life

    • Mukolwe have you not noticed that KK is the same age as Mugabe was, the difference is Mugabe was a greedy Tyrant to the end. KK not a angel by any means, most likely will die in Zambia, not in some flash first world expensive hospital overseas funded by the taxpayer as Mugabe was. hopefully Grace is brought to book for her corrupt dealings.

  4. I thank God you are alive papa kk and thank you for sending a peace and love message to the south africans.Despite of all xenophobia attacks i believe that God will renew our hearts and we will continue loving one another in africa.Thank you all freedom fighters in africa i don’t have to look at bad things you did as long as i have freedom i salute you all.
    God bless you.

  5. Correction:
    Zambianisation was a programme to train Zambians in fields were foreign labour was dominant. It did not stop foreigners to work in Zambia provided they had the skills. However, preference was given to skilled Zambians in job recruitment.
    NORTEC had been in existence since 1959 as Copperbelt Technical Foundation, but could only enrol white students. It is in this same year that a law to allow Africans to be apprenticed in fields like brickwork, carpentry and tailoring was passed. Such training was offered at Hodgson Technical School ( now David Kaunda Technical Sec School) in Lusaka.
    KK set up the Commission for Technical Education and Vocational Training (now TEVETA) around 1968 to speed up the Zambianisation programme especially n the mines. The 5 year apprentice…

  6. Every Nation has some level of Xenophobia. Zambianisation Policy was Xenophobic as it protected Zambians in accessing jobs and opportunities. Foreigners under this Policy cook not seek jobs and Opportunities in certain restricted areas. In fact it was a crime to employ Aliens and Foreigners in jobs without a Permit from Govt. South Africans are asking their Govt to protect them from Competition with Foreigners in jobs, opportunities and Service Delivery. So what is Good for the Goose is Good for the Gander.

    • Offside apa mune, KK made simple mistakes that caused a revolution

      Zambians can be brave when taken for *****s, especially ba Shi mine

  7. One dictator saying bye to another dictator. Ba kaunda has not come out this way on any issues or struggles zambians are going through because of the current regime. Why talk about or be concerned the shortage of mealie meal in your neighbor’s house when you lack more than just mealie meal in your own. I can only respect kaunda because of the independence of Zambia but other than that he has largely remained a non entity who can’t even rebuke or counsel the current corrupt leaders this country has. Anyways God grant you more life sir.

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