The Lusaka Magistrate Court has sentenced a Lusaka man to three months imprisonment for obtaining a Driving Licence by false pretense contrary to Section 316 of the Penal Code Chapter 87 of the laws of Zambia.

Magistrate Mwandu Sakala sentenced Mr. David Nkhoma of Lusaka on one count after pleading guilty to the charge.

Facts of the offence are that, on 2nd September 2019, Mr. Nkhoma willfully attempted to obtain a Driving Licence for another person, namely Jonathan Rugero Kalala contrary to the provisions of the law.

Further, particulars of the offence were that, Mr. Nkhoma wrote a driving license theory examination test on behalf of Mr. Kalala. However, an alert RTSA examiner shortly noticed that the National Registration Card (NRC) in his possession was for Mr. Kalala and not Mr. Nkhoma who sat for the examinations.

The Road Transport and Safety Agency (RTSA) would like to caution members of the public that they risk being prosecuted if they do not follow the right procedure in obtaining services from the Agency.

Members of the public are also implored to be proactive and make use of the RTSA National Call Centre on the Toll-Free Line – 983 and the WhatsApp line 0965 429499 to report any corrupt practices.

The Agency shall endeavour to save the public with integrity, transparency and accountability as envisaged by the RTSA core values.

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  1. Might as well send half the Zambian population to jail then.

    Zambia: arresting the result but not the cause.


  2. Arrest inefficiency and not the individual, ask why do the majority of drivers today have licenses through the backdoor, the problem is the system is so slow and ineffective, full of red tape and having to kneel down to fake bwanas behind every office, this is the problem not just with Ratsa but every govt office. Inefficiency breeds corruption. Remove inefficiency and you remove the breeding grounds for corruption. If for example buying just a loaf of bread was the way it was during the end days of UNIP imagin how many times you would have to pay someone to wait in a que in the early morning hours, however today all you need to do is go to a shop and buy the item without stress because the delivery and supply chain for bread is efficient.


    • Heading should have said for attempting to obtain a driving licence not for obtaining as if he managed to get it. But Nkhoma is very stupid, was he also going to die for Kalala if Kalala died in a road traffic accident? Such iiddiioottss belong behind bars forever, they are abetting murder through dangerous driving, how can you help someone ignorant of traffic regulations to obtain a driver’s licence? Do you not think that this is the dog that will carry your own mother, father, uncle, aunt, brother, sister or cousin as passengers and kill them in a RTA?


  3. Those who resist to make changes at Statutory level that sees to the reduction of redtape and bureaucracy are themselves the ones who are enemies of progress and support corruption because there is no way you can expect someone who needs a license for a job to wait 1 year because the examining officers keep delaying for one or the other reason. You are indirectly saying bwana officer go make the money yourself because ba Boma doesnt care about efficiency and these tax paying citizens who are desperate are your sheep to do as you wish. This chap who couldn’t do the theory test probably can’t speak or read English well, why can’t there be another similar test?



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