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Chitambala Mwewa’s on South’s Xenophobia Attacks

Videos and Audios Chitambala Mwewa's on South's Xenophobia Attacks
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    • This moroon attention seeker with a fake accent….trying hard to sound relevant….its hard pretending to be what you are not and imitating other people….Imagine if there was no Facebook…all these rats will be in their holes…..someone sent me his xenophobia video and i deleted without even listening to his silly comment….he probably spends a lot of time on Google and YouTube….and does he even have a gainful employment????

    • This guy needs to get a Job not just wasting time making useless videos and fake accent….one day he will bite himself trying to sound white

    • No wonder we have problems in the world because of morons like this Mwewa guy….is this how you will contribute to the Zambian economy just by making nonsensical videos and degrading the poor and women….get a job iwe Pompweee…stop pretending and acting white

    • One of the clean PF cadres, a clean thug who don’t fight or burn tires. But I don’t lilke the guy when he abuses women in streets, by forcing them to pick plastics after PF-kaponyas throw in streets. Coward.

    • Attention seeking on another level….yaba kwena Facebook na sosho midya yavuta….too many wannabes out there and I wonder how they even make ends meet….just posting ma labishi

    • This guy is twisting Malcom x’ s message. He needs to leave it to the black consciousness movement especially about who taught you to hate yourselves. It’s not the leaders. It’s the colonisers the whites

    • JE..man…
      Then call it “Blackfobia”, and to a certain extent partially resolves a Whiteman nightmare of being called racist.

      So it’s going to be Blackfobia Vs Racism. Are some people really racist or they have the “Blackfobia” ?

      Just a thought for debate.

    • Africans in general are xenophobic not just South Africans look at Central African Republic, Kenya, Nigeria etc, alot of the videos appearing on the internet are fake videos of attacks that occurred mostly in other African countries such as Nigeria and even have videos of Nigerians pretending to be South Africans calling for attacks on other Africans, some of the genuine Videos of attacks in South Africa are of South Africans attacking other South Africans for other reasons maybe theft or whatever. Of the 10 deaths that have occurred regarding these xenophobic attacks only 2 are of other Africans so don’t be cheated by fake news.

    • Xenophobia attacks? It’s you Zambian journalists who have miscoined the phrase so that you can give Mwewa something to talk about.
      We know it as xenophobic attacks

  1. Chitambala Mwewa, you are the same. You degraded a woman just to achieve your mission and you didn’t even think it was wrong. The video is there for everyone to see.

    Attacking and degrading other human beings is wrong and should not be encouraged. Do not be a ‘Clown’, follow your own advice bro

    • To tell someone to pick litter that one contributes is degrading . I think throwing litter anyhow is degrading the town and people leaving in it

    • What you are not aware of is…we ( community Leaders ) met with all street vendors and we agreed that they would take part in CLEANING the area. Nobody was abused in any way…I simply asked her to pick up the plastic. I was the one recording. THE WORD “ABUSE” has been misapplied and misused.

  2. Ati Analyst, so mwapwa mwalanda?

    Did you return to the cave on the day Uncle Mwewa gave his unreserved apology?

    Ubushiku bufwile insofu, nelyashi libapo lya nsofu.

    Your song is off key bro. Uli mushobonshi webo? Umu Xhosa? Shatapu

  3. I agree with you. I totally hated that video as well, he demeaned the woman. This man thinks he is white, he thinks he will ever be accepted by whites as one of them. If African Americans are considered pure black people, what of him, a mere Zambian?

    He may think he knows English but it does not make him better than others. This inferior complex that we have as Africans (not being proud of ourselves) is a mental illness. What can cause you to hate your own language such that you start making of an elderly who doesn’t know a foreign language.

    I will ask Mr. Mwelwa to be consistent, he is against Xenophobia at the same time he is in the forefront laughing at fellow Zambians who can’t speak English well. It doesn’t make sense.

    • If you laugh at someone who speaks bad English you are reenforcing the self hate principle cos you are laughing at him for not imitating the white man well

  4. This mother focker speaking like a white boy…I doubt if he even understands any Zambian language….he wants to masquerade as a guru of the queens language yet he is berift of the very depths of the language and how it has its tentacles in Greek and Latin…what a buffoon

  5. His dad had tons of money to send him to an elite school, while your father was busy wiping out the rhino population and dancing away the proceeds of poaching mu ma council tarven.

    Blame it on the reckless lifestyle of your forebearers. Chalilila mu new londe na mu Dandika instead of bringing you up decently education wise.

    Sambililenikofye nangu ichisungu kuli Mwewa uwaile ku laguage school. Education has no end. This is free tuition, mind you.

    • Chali, You are clearly not even qualified to be classified in the gene of homo sapiens…you are a buffoon of extra ordinary day dullness that would even make an imbecile shine as a genius…

    • Chalo (World/Nation/Sizwe),
      You are defending because you dad was also a thief that stole from the nation’s coffers to educate bastards like you who then pose as the elite today ?
      Get a life you chap…


  6. Chali, You are clearly not even qualified to be classified in the gene of homo sapiens…you are a buffoon of extra ordinary dullness that would even make an imbecile shine as a genius…

    • Well spoken messge. Let haters alone condemn. People denounce others as if they too have never sinned before…..infact they are even now probably much worse than Mwewa. Good speech indeed.

  7. This man speaks like a typical Zambian. Zambians have a tendency to correct your English even though it’s not their mother tongue. Ba Zungu don’t give a monkeys on how you pronounce words as long as they understand your point. I don’t think a Muzungu can even pronounce his name for that matter. Let the man have fun on *shosho media(*waiting for the correction).

    • I have the same response for you as @Abena Ngumbo
      English is one of the subjects, in fact compulsory, in our curriculum. If you failed it it does not mean it is useless. It’s your government that adopted the language and the policy that says fail English and you fail the exam. Go speak to them. Those who failed English and are uneasy about a fellow Zedian speaking it fluently should look for another language platform if English language purists like Mwewa are irking them. The internet is free so create your own language platform because Any language must be spoken correctly

    • *Let that Monkey go to China and teach them how to breakdown Xenophobia… what a monkey this nitwit is… he has embarrassed Zambians because even a security guard pa Zed knows what Phobia means…. what a silly ***** this fella is…

  8. Speaking English or any language is not and will never be a measure of IQ or cognitive intelligence. Try mathematics and inventions

  9. Well explained Simon, this is good and free tuition!!!!! Only PhDs are crying foul. Continue teaching us how to pronounce them words and their meanings..Zambia needs people like you and please also explain to them the difference between a Van and a Ute…

  10. I don’t see what’s the beef about the guy’s accent. Can’t people concentrate on the message he is dishing out? It’s true the “leaders in South Africa, including a vicious cruel king in zululand” actually fuel the hatred of black Africans. If you were educated in an American institution the accent will rub on you. They teach you to speak english the way it is spoken in America. What’s wrong with speaking with an american, english, or even a Nigerian accent? Why must english be spoken with a heavy tonga, bemba or nyanja accents? Or is this attack on Mwewa just typical zambian PHD disease?

    • Exactly. I can’t understand the hateful comments regarding his accent. Why not just challenge his point of view? We are all original copies, so why must we sound the same?

    • you are right John D, i know this guy ..very useless chap. I used to tell him. Chitambala Mwewa, you should be teaching people in Diaspora on how not to end up like you. you are lucky you live on rent from simson buildings. if it wasn’t for your family you could have been homeless.

  11. Those who are condemning Chitambala Mwewa on his personality are not better than him. Why not argue about his message. I first got this video early this week from Botswana. Our network was discussing the message not his personality. But here it is about him etc.

    • On spot. People are good at telling others how to dress even when they themselves are probably walking in tatters. Why must someone change his accent or personality to get acceptance? Pure malice.

  12. Mwewa is just OK. If you don’t like what he does, stop watching.
    Do you want everyone to be like you? Do you want everyone to speak English like u?
    Mwaba Chi accent ububi. I would rather speak like Chita Bala.

  13. Wait, am confused. People say he’s trying to sound white, I’ve never heard a white man speak like that. However, if you say he’s trying to sound like an African American, I would agree with you.

  14. Those lazy white bastards better had pay the oil producers.Especially the Arabs.Or they will freeze for Christmas.Peter Carlos Hinds.

  15. Most of the comments are expressing hate at someone’s accent and not his message. By the way, there’s is nothing wrong with speaking English with a Tonga accent as long as the speaker can get their point across. Certain segments of our society can’t stand people who are self – confident. British people actually love correcting your English but they do it subtly, they may repeat the word that you pronounced wrongly in a sentence to make sure you get it. I lived in different parts of the UK for over five years and that was common.

  16. I just don’t understand some people.For once let’s give credit where it is due.Someone has spoken very well but still throwing mud at him.What will ever be right in this country? No wonder we are so underdeveloped

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