Home Affairs Minister Hon. Stephen Kampyongo
Home Affairs Minister Hon. Stephen Kampyongo

The National Democratic Congress has appealed its deregistration with the Minister of Home Affairs Stephen Kampyongo.

And the party has discontinued any court proceedings on the deregistration until further notice following extensive consultations with the party.

Party President Chishimba Kambwili says in accordance with section 23 (1) of the Societies Act, the NDC will continue with its activities as long as the appeal remains pending with the Minister.

Speaking at a media briefing, Mr. Kambwili said he has been advised by his legal team that the appeal will act as a stay of the decision by the Registrar of Societies to deregister the party.

Mr Kambwili said the party will continue with its activities until they hear otherwise from Mr Kampyongo.

He has since directed his Secretary General Bridget Attanga to call for an urgent national coordinating committee meeting on 11th September to attend to urgent matters affecting the party.

Mr Kanbwili has also urged party members to continue mobilizing the party as it is legally existing.

Meanwhile Mr Kambwili has lashed out at Economics Association of Zambia President Lubinda Habazoka for opposing calls to declare the hunger situation a national emergency.

He challenged Dr Habazoka to to resign his position as he is not fit to steer such an organization in the right direction.

Mr Kambwili accused Dr Habazoka of using his position to negotiate for favours from President Edgar Lungu.

He said he has information that Dr Habazoka is pushing for a job in the foreign Mission.

Mr Kambwili wondered whether it was wise for government to respect investors at the expense of people dying of hunger.

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  1. This illiterate Doctor AGAIN…. yaba
    Who needs a declaration before helping. If you have deep pockets Yu can buy 36,000,0000 bags of unga from wherever and distribute to 2 bags to each citizen with or without the declaration of hunger.
    You will still looooose


    • True it is unnecessary to declare hunger, so ba PF just let these bachinondo give away free food.
      We know PF kanfulumende has no money to contract GBM trucks in distribution, so let abena HH take those bunga on their hired hericoptors.


  2. Kampyongo boyi you won the game, Kambwili is humbled and he is begging you.
    Just let him be… And also let HH share his wealthy to Zambians including Chawama.
    Kubaleka fye naiwe.


  3. from which spare parts did God make some people who call themselves PF caders here. especially the those above… Dont get too excited, Kabweili is not begging the Minister but just following procedure before hitting the court. Meanwhile eat while it lasts, even Robert Mugabe never thought his caders will abandon him


  4. Another example that Kambwili lacks wisdom. Just wondering why he’s now addressing Steven Kapolyo Kampyongo as Mr Kampyongo. I hope in his appeal he had included all the names that he’s been calling Kampyongo. And some people still think Kambwili can be President. They see hope in this buffoon. Of course the only reason they’re seeing that is because PF seems to have failed them. It’s a disaster


  5. If Kambwili called Hon. Kampyongo as a dog, and then Kambwili goes to beg the same dog to pardon him and his party, then who is the real DOG? No wonder He says tafwisa amate inga ainyela icisushi. Probably, this time nacimununkila, hence running to the same people he insults. Kambwili in real pwi pwi pwi and real kalimbwa popi.


  6. You should learn to distinguish civil matters from work obligations. It doesn’t matter what Kampyongo was called – that’s another matter. He is still obliged to follow due process in responding to the appeal. That’s his job. It also doesn’t matter what Kambwili is or whether he is not presidential material. He has a right to express himself or exercise association through the creation of a Party. If he commits a crime or goes against procedure, he is subject to sanction(s) as anyone else would.



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