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President Edgar Lungu urges Africa Leaders to Emulate Robert Mugabe

Headlines President Edgar Lungu urges Africa Leaders to Emulate Robert Mugabe


President Edgar Lungu has urged African leaders to emulate former Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe who was fearless in protecting the integrity of his country.

The Head of State said the current generation of leaders has a lot to learn from the late Mr. Mugabe and Zambia’s first Republican President Dr. Kaunda who was fearless in speaking the truth.

He said Leaders don’t need to be afraid of anyone including the West in speaking the truth which the late President Mugabe stood for.

President Lungu said Mr. Mugabe is a man most African leaders looked to in Africa as he was a voice of the continent at various forums including at the AU and UN.

Meanwhile, Former President Robert Mugabe’s remains are due to be returned to Zimbabwe on Wednesday and the government has confirmed that his funeral will take place over two days this coming weekend.

Mr. Mugabe died, aged 95, in a hospital in Singapore last week.

But now there seems to be some disagreement between the family and the government over where the man who led Zimbabwe for 37 years, from 1980 to 2017, should be laid to rest.

Some of his relatives want him to be buried in his rural homestead in the village of Kutama in Mashonaland West province, 80km (about 50 miles) west of the capital, Harare.

Most of Zimbabwe’s national heroes – those who fought against the white-minority rule – are buried at the Heroes’ Acre shrine just outside Harare.

Inside the gates of Mr. Mugabe’s rural home, now manned by just one security guard, a dozen mourners gathered on Sunday to pay their respects.

BBC reports that they sat in small groups, speaking in hushed voices.


    • Hangover is same as drunkness!!
      I think he was referring to age. That presidents should hit 95 years like Mugabe, and KK.
      And let’s respect KK, he still have 15 more years, and nothing in common with Mugabe.

    • We have a short memory as Africans. Have we forgotten the 20 000 Ndebeles this man massacred? Have forgotten how Zimbabwe moved from being one of the best economies in Africa to the worst? Similarly, have we forgotten those general elections where KK used to run against a frog? Have we forgotten the food riots if the late 80s that led to the fall of our much praised dictator? When history is re-written, men like these will share pages with Hitler, Mussolini, and Amini.

    • Mugabe was a Villain. He killed 20000 People during Gukurahundi Atrocities, 500 Opposition Supporters, destroyed the Zimbabwe Economy etc. This is Lungu wants to emulate. To become a fully fledged Dictator Lungu wants to Amend the Zambian Constitution thru Bill 10. Just like Mugabe, Lungu wants to establish a One Man and One Party Dictatorship in Zambia. All ProgressIve MPs and ordinary Zambians must reject Bill 10 and vote against the entire Bill.

    • The really telling item in all this is that this old tyrant managed to live to 95 years.

      At one time the life expectancy in Zimbabwe was only 34 years.

      He lived three lives to every one of the people that he opressed, stole from, and in the end destroyed.

      Who says crime does not pay?

    • Mwamuna. Siuziba? CHILDISH! Many African leaders have no clue what is against them. Mugabe was smarter than many of them. You can see it from CHILDISH & his Tribal H-organisation how many Africans think and are clueless about the world politics and economics.

    • Mugabe inherited a Jewel of an Economy from Smith but has now destroyed it. Zimbabwe was a Breakbasket of Southern Africa but it’s now a Basket Case. Under Mugabe hyperinflation reached 231 million % p.a. Mugabe killed 20000 Zimbabweans during Gukurahundi, he killed 500 Opposition Supporters in 2008 etc. There are over 3 million Zimbabwean Economic Rrefugees in South Africa today who went there in search of jobs and opportunities. Others fled to escape Mugabe’s Repression. Mugabe is considered a Villain, a Corrupt Dictator, and a Poor Economic Manager. This Mugabe’s legacy which Lungu wants to emulate. Cry the beloved Zambia.

  1. Lungu admires the late Dictator Robert Mugabe who killed many Zimbabweand and destroyed the Zimbabwe Economy. Should Lungu succeed in passing Amendment Bill No.10 then Zambiansation will see the true colours of Dictator Lungu. He is currently violating the Rights of HH and blocking him from visiting Chongwe, Chawama and other parts of the Country. If Bill 10 then Lungu will be given imperial Powers to Rule as he wishes. People will suffer under Emperor and Dictator EC Lungu. The writing is on the Wall.

  2. Dictator Mugabe killed many Zimbabweans and destroyed the Zimbabwe Economy. That’s what Lungu is admiring. If Bill 10 is passed then expect Lungu to do the same. Dictator Lungu will persecute his Political Enemies in PF and Opposition Parties. Just wait and see.

  3. The challenge we have in Africa is that we should never tell the bad things of people when they have died. They call it respect for the dead. If people want to be talked good of when they die, they should better live good life while they live. Mugabe was a bad chap full stop.

    • Lungu admires Dictator Mugabe and thru Amendment Bill No.10 just like Mugabe in Zimbabwe he will Rule Zambia with an Iron Fist. All our Rights will be taken away under Dictator Lungu. Already HH’ s Rights to visit Chongwe, Chawama etc and donate food to Hungry People have been blocked have been taken away. Should Bill 10 be passed into Law Zambians will see the true colours of Dictator Lungu. Mugabe killed many Zimbabweans during his 37 years in Power and destroyed the Zimbabwean Economy. This is what Lungu is emulating. The writing is on the Wall.

    • My brother most Africans would not praise a person that is doing the right things, they would rather praise someone doing the wrong things

  4. All MPs should take Note of this stance by Lungu. He wants to import Gukurahundi Massacres, Economic Mismanagement and Misrule from Zimbabwe to Zambia. To achieve these Notorious Objectives Lungu is mutilating the Zambian Constitution thru Bill No.10. Lungu wants to impose a One Man One Party Dictatorship in Zambia led by him. All MPs should vote against Bill 10 to stop Lungu from a One Party State Dictatorship in Zambia. King Edgar Lungu will take away all our Universal Human Rights including of MPs.# Vote against Bill 10.

  5. “Forgive him”! he is trying to sound relevant.
    How do you emulate a despot.These useless leaders have very low aspirations.
    This Lungu of ours awe sure a low life for a president.

  6. “President Lungu said Mr. Mugabe is a man most African leaders looked to in Africa”

    Apart from Lungu, may we have the names of these most African leaders who looked up to Mugabe???

    • Below is the list;

      Gamal Abdel Nasser
      Ahmed Sékou Touré
      David Dacko
      Central African Republic
      Kwame Nkrumah
      Modibo Keita
      François Tombalbaye
      Félix Houphouët-Boigny
      Côte d’Ivoire
      Milton Obote
      Hastings Kamuzu Banda
      Kenneth Kaunda
      Houari Boumediene
      Jean-Bédel Bokassa
      Central African Republic
      Gnassingbé Eyadéma
      Omar Bongo
      Moussa Traoré
      Francisco Macías Nguema
      Equatorial Guinea
      Gaafar Nimeiry
      Mohamed Siad Barre

  7. Cont…. list of African dictors
    Anwar Sadat
    Idi Amin
    Mengistu Haile Mariam
    Olusegun Obasanjo
    Jean-Baptiste Bagaza
    Albert René
    Daniel arap Moi
    Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo
    Equatorial Guinea
    José Eduardo dos Santos
    João Bernardo Vieira
    1980–1984 (dictator)
    2005–2009 (democratically elected)
    Samuel K. Doe
    Robert Mugabe
    Jerry Rawlings
    André Kolingba
    Central African Republic
    Hosni Mubarak
    Paul Biya
    Hissène Habré
    Thomas Sankara

  8. Cont… list of ya muyayaya
    Thomas Sankara
    Burkina Faso
    Maaouya Ould Sid’Ahmed Taya
    Ibrahim Babangida
    Zine El Abidine Ben Ali
    Omar Hasan Ahmad al-Bashir
    Idriss Déby
    Sani Abacha
    Paul Kagame
    Yahya Jammeh
    The Gambia
    Laurent-Désiré Kabila
    Charles G. Taylor
    François Bozizé
    Central African Republic
    Ely Ould Mohamed Vall
    Michael Sata
    Mohamed Morsi

  9. I was shocked when I looked at the list. Our President should by all means avoid this list as only 2 former Presidents of Zambia have been mentioned that is KK and late Sata

  10. Prasing people when they die is are very bad habit. Very typical of black Africans. Even when you did not like someone when it comes to attending his/her funeral you show up, for what?? You hated the person

    Let us see which Western leaders will attend Mugabes funeral. When former South African President Mandela passed on Obama, the then British PM, Danish PM and many more World leaders were

  11. Late Mandelas Funeral

    His funeral drew a large number of foreign statesmen to South Africa. Apart from United Nations’s summits, the state memorial service, which was held on 10 December 2013 at the FNB Stadium in Johannesburg, was among the largest gatherings ever of heads of state and government.[2]. Based on the number of world leaders and delegations in attendance, the event was the largest state funeral in world history.[citation needed]

    With a total of 174 heads of state, 69 former leaders and an audience of approximately 90,000, this was dubbed “the biggest memorial service in the world”

  12. With the opposition in Africa heavily funded and swayed by liberals in the West, it’s scary what the future will be like. It’s easy to say Mugabe destroyed Zimbabwe’s economy but did the British hold their end of the bargain for the proposed Land reforms?? The Ndebeles under ZAPU after independence started to set up arms caches which the govt. discovered and unleashed Gukurahundi, what was the purpose of these caches?? True, the land grabs were mistimed and badly executed for individual political gain, but the British as well shut the door on Uncle Bob when they were done with him and tried to set up a puppet regime led by Morgan Tsvangirai, was it a case of a deal gone sour??

    • ECL is right. Our current leadership in opposition is compromised by the west. Remember, this is govt-in-waiting. Zimbabwe’s problems today can be mostly blamed on the injurious sanctions the west is refusing to lift. Mugabe stood for his ideals and stood up to the imperialists. The Chinese and Asians have refused to copy and paste Western ideals but their economies are doing well, when is Africa going to stand on her ideals?? Farewell son of Africa, farewell Changamire-like your predecessor Kings of the great Shona Kingdom, you will rest with the great ones.

  13. There is nothing to admire about Mugabe. People like that deserve no praise. They are a perfect example of the worst of the human race. Let’s leave judgement to his maker, however, I will not be telling my child any tales of that soul’s time o this earth unless it’s to show what not to be/do on God’s time.

    • But where was god’s hand when all this was happening. World history is littered with people like Mugabe and we still speak of god. What is the usefulness of this god who has less than zero irritability?

      Here comes Lungu with his machinations. Mulungu ALI ndwiii…

  14. One dictator admires a past dictator. Lungu your fate will be like Mugabe’s. If lungu won’t change now in the little time he has he will not be remembered fondly. Zambians let us emulate the spirit of the people of Sudan who know what is best for them and will ensure that they get it at any cost for the sake of the future generations wellbeing. In Zambia all we know is fighting against fellow brothers for the betterment of few selfish individuals at the expense of our own families. Rise Zambia and put an end to mediocre leadership, let’s demand responsible leadership as well as thorough accountability.

  15. This just shows the calibre of leaders we have in Zambia. Just parroting what others have said about good leaders who have died and trying to apply it to the worst leader Zimbabwe has ever known does not make sense. Is there anything to emulate from Mugabe sure. This is barbaric at its worst form.
    Telling human beings to emulate a dead evil man is not acceptable. Talk of gukurahundi massacre of the ndebele people. Someone is showing clear mind of heartlessness here. Better keep quiet than expose heartlessness.

  16. Guys let’s look at positive aspects rule of the late BOB.He talk about the evil which always found in the hearts of the whites supremacy.
    We call him a dictator but He was not a puppet like many modern leaders we see today.No wonder whites called African leaders as corrupt politicians using their propaganda media.
    Whites have always like to play with the psychology of Africa as whole.Africa has so many political leaders that are puppets and colonized indirect way.

  17. Taste your own medicine type of death is what was supposed for this man being praised by Lungu… only God gave him a long rope to repent otherwise he was supposed to have been killed alakwe kamvwa macise akujeegwa..

  18. Mugabe must be buried right in the middle of the Heroes’ Acre shrine in Harare where all the other war heroes he butchered are buried. Apparently I hear he said Tongogara, Tekere and Mujuru have pledged to strungle his wicked soul thats why he does not want to be made to sleep next to them. It’s like KK and how he refused to allow others like Mundia to be burried back in their homesteds where they wanted to have their final rest, then the devil kept on going everywhere including Romania, UK, US and Muchinga saying ‘Musiyaleni 4 maLozi”. Whether Mugabe likes it or not, he will be thrown into a pit 100 feet deep so that those he butchered can have their field day with that devil! Good riddance indeed and I’m glad he was overthrown and died a bitter fool! Mr Kaunda is next, we will burry…

  19. I still remember Hebert Chitepo eliminated by Mugabe with a bomb in Chilenje South then. Hebert Chitepo was a popular vibrant Zimbabwean freedom fighter seen as a potential leader to lead Zimbabwe during colonial freedom fighting in that country. Robert Mugabe saw Hebert Chitepo as a competitor than compatriot and eliminated him in a bomb blast at newly built houses in Chilenje. Many more Zimbabwean freedom fighters based outside Zimbabwe with credentials to lead new Zimbabwe were eliminated in Zambia, Mozambique, South Africa, Tanzania etc. Such is leadership of most African dictators being praised at their death verdict point. Rest in Peace Hebert Chitepo, Patrice Lumumba (Congo), Steve Biko, Chris Hane, Mondilane, Martin Luther Jr Anderson Kambela Mazoka etc

  20. zambia is really emulating the former zimbabwean president. zambia s economy was flolishing at one time before pf and now struggling . no industries, no factories all is grounding to a halt. tribalist is on the rise no employment and many more . the late stated it during one of the ceremonies that zim/zam are very identical twins. here we are emulating the former president. ooh yes.

  21. Did ECL just say emulate the murderer Mugabe…..
    Mugabe annihilated Zimbabwe and this visionless so called president calls to emulate him… my a$$

    At least Mugabe was not dealing with drug dealers such as Valden Findlay as is ECL is

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