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Government releases funds for the washed out bridge in Mpika District

Rural News Government releases funds for the washed out bridge in Mpika District


Government has released K3, 500,000 out of the estimated K4, 367, 099 towards the construction of the Lufune Bridge in Mpika district of Muchinga province.

Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit (DMMU) Communications Officer Rachael Chama said The damage to the Bridge was triggered by the force of flash flooding that overcame the structure’s vulnerability due to corrosion of the Armco metal culvert and erosion of the soil around the culvert.

“The height of the bridge of approximately three (3) meters also contributed to the susceptibility as it allowed flood waters to overflow the structure,” she said.

She said the government is replacing the structure with concrete materials to a height of at least five meters supported.

Ms Chama stated that this will allow for flash flood water flows which come with a lot of solid debris materials from the surrounding hills to pass under the bridge without causing erosion to the bridge and its support structures.

“The Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit (DMMU), in collaboration with the Road Development Agency (RDA) and the Zambia National Service (ZNS) constructed a temporal by-pass to allow for traffic to flow,” she added.

The DMMU Communications Officer further disclosed that the government has further released K641, 000 for the reconstruction of the Kampoko Bridge in Luano Valley of Central province.

She indicated that the bridge was also washed away due to heavy rains experienced in the area.


    • What is that second sentence doing in this story? It looks like the reporter is too lazy to explain so he copies and pastes. The entire story does not tell us when the damage happened. It also doesn’t tell us when the Kampoko Bridge in Luano Valley got destroyed. These are basics of reporting. Otherwise you are giving us a half-baked story.

  1. this bridge happened last rain season. that’s how slow these guys are.
    the road from nakonde to mpika is really bad, some motorists opt for a detour, nakonde , mbala ….
    this’ a very important route but he’s just flying around and they don’t pay any attention. I spoke a # of truck drivers from tz, they don’t want to come to Zambia…they say they’ve been actually protesting that it’s not good for their personal health (and that of their trucks) the rocking motion esp those driving cheap Chinese trucks ( I forget the name) I got into one for about 150 km, you can feel the difference between those trucks and the authentic Scania that I used as the control truck…
    in tz the roads are great with proper signage , I am sure those of you who’ve been that side can attest to that,…

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