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Monday, February 24, 2020

President Lungu U-turns on Appointment of Siame as FIC Chairperson

Headlines President Lungu U-turns on Appointment of Siame as FIC Chairperson

FILE: President Edgar Lungu delivers the speech at Mulungushi International Conference Centre during Minsters and Controlling Officers workshop on prudent Financial Management practices at Mulungushi

President Edgar Lungu has revoked the appointment of George Siame as Chairperson of the Financial Intelligence Centre (FIC).

In a brief statement, Special Assistant to the President for Press and Public Relations Isaac Chipampe said the appointment of Mr SIAME has been revoked with immediate effect.

In his letter to Mr Siame, the President stated that, “ I am hereby revoking this appointment with immediate effect. I thank you and wish you God’s blessings in your endeavors.

There was widespread condemnation of Mr Siame’s appointment after records emerged that he was once convicted by the Lusaka High Court for assaulting a female colleague when he served as Assistant Commissioner at the Zambia Revenue Authority.

Earlier, UPND Leader Hakainde Hichilema said that he had noted with amusement the firing of the Financial Intelligence Center Board by the PF Government.

Mr. Hichilema said that this was expected especially that the institution like many other citizens tried to prevent the PF and President Edgar Lungu’s corruption.

He expressed hope that President Lungu will not extend his hands to the FIC Chief Executive Officer, Mary Chirwa.

Mr. Hichilema said the FIC has so far proved to be one of the key institutions in combating President Lungu’s insatiable appetite for corruption and plunder of public resources.

Finance Minister Dr Bwalya Ng’andu yesterday unveiled the new Board of Directors which comprises George Siame, Justice Prisca Nyambe, Pelagia Kalunga, Regina Mulenga and Mike Goma.

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  1. HH you are talking as if you are clean …Ati corruption,You are pointing two fingers at your friend while the other three is pointing at you.. Shame
    You criminal with Privatization money belonging to BP workers,etc You cant kill people by not giving them what belongs to them…

    • Shut up you Findlay product- start counting your exit. Using a presidential plane to carry cocaine and you still have your guts to call HH corrupt? Aren’t you ashamed?

    • Kekekeke last week he told you that he consults Valden Findlay before making appointments.
      No Valden, now he can make reverse appointments.
      Zindaba also fired.
      Well done Kambwili…. Keep cleaning up.

  2. There isn’t any vetting so it seems. More like the government is run by various syndicates/cartels who carry out their own schemes as long as the top man is given something in return.

  3. Lungu looks like he is 90 on this picture, maybe the presidency is getting to him. Problems are piling up and the stealing is on the increase I feel for him. It is high time he started listening to others instead of the crooks he surrounds himself with. Those crooks will scatter when you’re no longer a president

  4. What Position will be given then Should such trivial matters at ZRA hold captive an individual
    and regress progress for such an intelligent man educated in England Very intelligent man

  5. Lungu’s decision making is erratic and there was no vetting of the New FIC Board Members b4 appointment. This is typical of Lungu and PF Chipante Pante way of doing things. Its not surprising!

  6. I thought he told the new PSs just last week that he consults widely before appointing? So he was “misquoted” then?
    But even if he did not consult, the intelligence wings do provide such information about individuals. So then the intelligence maybe dysfunctional, like police, ACC which we already know anyway.

    • Lungu was warned about the dangers of associating with Criminals and Drug Addicts but he refused to listen becoz he is making Money thru his association with Valden Findlay. Given Lungu’s Criminal background its understandable why he has affinity with Criminals. As they say Birds of the same feathers flock together. With the recent purchase of a New Presidential Aircraft its now easy to smuggle drugs under Presidential Cover and immunity. Once a Criminal always a Criminal.

  7. Clearly the security wings in Zambia are dysfunctional.They never did a background check cause Mr Siame has ties to people in the PF leadership.This is what happens when you have party cadres appointed to key security bodies like the ACC,Intelligence and police.

  8. Hahaha ,Lungu is the same liar who told us last week he always does wide consultations before any appointing officials.

  9. Chishimba Kambwili was right, someone’s asking before thinking.
    Think before taking action. Chiwi no plans. Ahahahahah

  10. Are these people not vetted before they’re appointed? This is an indication that Edgar is acting alone, no one is telling him the truth. And those are the symptoms of a dictator. It shows that he’s either not in charge or he has a narrow agenda. It’s very shameful. He’s clearly alone, those around are just pretending to be with him. He’ll cry alone. I hear he’s even abandoned all those that supported him when Sata died. Well it’s his life

  11. It’s clear that Chagwa is behind the destruction of FIC! You don’t try to fix something that is working well! These changes at the FIC are meant to weaken FIC so that Financial crimes go unnoticed! This means Zambia has further lost credibility internationally! Even Donors will be constrained in giving aid to a government that entertains convicted drug pushers and destroys crucial oversight institutions like FIC! Sad development!

  12. This is very impressive Your excellency! In future the people who nominate Presidential appointees should provide the President with sufficient background data about them before leaving the President to finally appoint

  13. Lungu and his appointments, surely such appointments are supposed to be cleared by relevant wings of government before you make the appointment, do you just wake up from Chawama and appoint sure?, this brings me to Findley, it seems he has a lot of lessons to learn from his fellow drug burons like Elchapo, How do you as a drug baron make your face so visible in every presidential Photo, learn to take cover knowing your background, and to the Man from Chawama, how do you mess yourself with a known drug baron?.

  14. Kaili it’s part of Dununa Reverse ilya Bashana .
    Today appoint tomorrow reverse appointment
    Come election time bakabungana bonse dancing to the famous song
    ayeee,,dunana iyeee,dunanu reverse

  15. My take on this one is this is from a different angle. It was not too long ago when i heard pronouncements that former convicts will now be free to re-join govt after their release. When a person has served his sentence, he or she has paid for the crime. continuously denying them chance to work in govt. is double punishment. some cases are committed by mistake, others are accidental. There are a lot more people serving in govt who have and still continue to commit worse crimes, yet they remain in the system. Can we for once be magnanimous and be a brother’s keeper. The basis for employment at such high levels should be on merit

  16. I wonder why the the so called Dr LUNGU likes to make controversial appointments and decisions! We need answers for 48 fire trucks which costed 48 million USD, we need answers for 48 houses which built themselves and we need answers for the cost price of the LUSAKA – NDOLA dual carriage way DOC.

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