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The Zambian presidency is in a real state capture – Simumba

Headlines The Zambian presidency is in a real state capture - Simumba

President Edgar Lungu
President Edgar Lungu

Economist Trevor Simumba has charged that the Office of President of Zambia is in a real state capture crisis.

Mr Simumba warned that if not handled properly, this will put Zambia in a precarious state internationally and regionally.

He said the appointment of an individual with a questionable background to head an important institution such as the Financial International Centre is embarrassing.

“To appoint someone to such a sensitive position as FIC Board Chair without proper security vetting is absolutely embarrasing. It seems our security Intel system in Zambia is completely broken and captured by criminals,” Mr Simumba said.

“It is a security problem. OP should never have cleared him. To be FIC Chair you need the highest level of security clearance at the same level as DEC, OP and ACC head.”

He added, “The DG OP has the ability to directly inform the President and intervene on a one to one basis with the President. The buck stops at the desk of the President and his DG OP including Secretary to the Cabinet.”

He charged that Zambia has spineless people in key positions failing to advise the President.

“Even the FTJ Government at its worst, would never appoint a convicted person with a felony to head a sensitive institution like FIC. It is unheard of in Zambia’s history,” he said.

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    • All commentators are missing it. Has Siame merely ceased to be FIC board chair or he has been removed from the board altogether? You’re all praising or condemning wht u don’t understand. Nothing is clear from the decision ECL has taken.

    • Lungu embezzled money from a client, his friends are Findlay, Iboo and Kaiser Zulu, and he is president!! Findlay and Iboo are in transcripts of a US case court that has convicted Goswani, their close ally for drug trafficking. Everyone in Zambia (may be apart from Edgar Lungu ) knows Findlay is a crook with a dirt history….need we say more?

    • Everyone now is getting twisted over nothing.
      Nevertheless the right has made one or two crucial and valid points although the state capture yap is a misnomer.

      We the elite people of this God given land will henceforth vet and screen presidential aspirants. It is written that one stooge will not rule over us, ask GVBM or CKinsultor.

  1. Criminals always appoint fellow criminals.

    Why did they have to remove the best FIC board under the able leadership of Dr Kasanga. Herein lies the answer to all this drama.

  2. Criminal are cunning and very “romantic” especially for people of lowry mind who want to feel good. I had not seen Valden Findlay’s picture until today. Just by looking at his face, I would never trust such a person to even share a ride with let alone be friends.

  3. The concept of state capture still remains problematic. Who is the state? If it is abuse of office, then just say so. If it is corruption, then just so. If it is fraud, then just say so. If it is impeach, then just say so. There is no need to generalize jargon employed by the elite in South Africa to the situation obtaining in Zambia. The two countries are fundamentally different. If there was need for similarities, then Kenya would come to mind. Commitment to democratic transitions through regular, free and fair elections is starting point. Governance is not conducted in the Lab. Human error or miscalculation could occur. What mattered most was timely rectification.

    • “……. If there was need for similarities, then Kenya would come to mind….”

      Have you ever seen kenyatta ridding in a presidential plane with suspected former drug dealers ???

  4. Lungu was ok with that appointment….of course he was informed by OP of the background of that guy.
    Lungu has zero morals or integrity.

    only when he was informed donner aid countries would be unhappy , has he done a u turn.

    Lungu knows Zambia at this time can not survive without donner aid.

  5. Lets not forget about the ConCourt judges who fall short of the constitutional requirement of 15 years experience or specialized qualification in constitutional law.
    But ECL appointed them anyway.Why? because they are PF cadres.

    • I can safely say lungu has corrupted nearly every system of governance in Zambia.

      FIC only survives because it is a requirement for good international banking which makes access to international loans and aid easy…..

      Asembe nikudala ba kaizer Zulu ni ba director to FIC….

      Or FIC was going to be disbanded…

  6. The only section of governance that works like clockwork is kapoyongos public order act enforment to deny opposition and civil society any space to meet or rally….

  7. The only way this rhumer mongerring is goint to stop is for lungu to man up and face a free press comference….

    Mr lungu , taking cover will not help you.
    The rhumer and allegation marchine ate going into overdrive.

    Soon damage to your presidency will be beyond repair.

    Man up and answer some questions bothering the nation. You are supposed to be a lawyer after all…….

  8. U bupuba bane, you guys talk too much. Am in shock that Travor Simumba is today called ba, ECONOMIST. Very sad why disguise himself with so many titles. I have had an opportunity to read through his CV. The gentleman is nowhere near that title. Some of us understand who must be called Economist. The young man is quite far from that title. A mear diploma in economics, plus a certificate in International relations does not qualify one to be called Economist. Those of you that understand this language of Economics and its levels, will attest to my clarification. The young man is highly exposed with economics & international affairs, but at professional/study level he’s not an economist. So he shouldn’t misslead the country with his fluency in spoken English. We know him so well.

    • justice don u are a fool and u are very childish,in the same breath u are saying he has DIPLOMA IN ECONOMIC he is educated in his own standing

    • Simumba is the perfect example of the calibre of people upnd holds in high esteem. With upnd, tribe, ability to insult ECL seeis a huge factor, not professionalism. Anything PF or GRZ is bad to them-only they can do right.

    • Justin Don…you have issues. Trevor may not be that qualified but he is more exposed in the field than most so called economists. He is talking about the presidency being compromised or our state being captured by crooks not economic issues. It is clear you have some personal issues with him. Get his number and confront him directly. Otherwise he is talking sense

  9. He is playing games and always appoints under the influence of Jameson.
    He doesnt seem to take the job seriously and taking us for a ride.

  10. I agree with Justice don, I have a degree with a minor in economics with decent international banking experience but would not venture to be outspoken as an authority on economics or matters of state as some do.

    • It’s probably because here the scenario demands that you either ‘venture’ or you don’t get it . Patronage speak louder than meritocracy which explains why the educated are labelled coward

    • Criminal Edgar Lungu has cleverly State Captured all Apparatus of the State. He has State Captured ZEC, ZPS, Concourt, Parliament, Public Service, All Courts etc. With this Control of State Institutions Lungu desperately needs to Amend the Constitution to establish a One Man Party State under him with Imperial Powers. On this basis the passing of Bill 10 by Parliament into Law. The 2/3 Secret Ballot is vexing him big time. However with a PF Cadre as Speaker of Parliament the objective is attainable. Time will tell.

  11. Ndeloleshafye; I love your honestness. To cut the long story short, about our feck Economist, Mr Trevor Simumba, simply Google this simple statement ; qualifications of an Economist, or other related statements about qualifications of an Economist. My own professional understanding of an Economist, is that one must posses a masters degree or PhD with a major in Economics or other related disciplines. They must have done several research material and published. I remember coming across excellent economic material in the Netherlands years back, done by our own Professor Oliver Saasa.

    • Justin Don….clearly you want to bring personal issues here. Comment on what Trevor is saying. Our country is now in this state because of Schooled people who can’t think beyond the book they used to gain their qualifications.

  12. As usual cadres are busy trying to discredit Simumba. Some of us have lierally finished learning but we will never try to discredit others just because they have lesser qualifications. Let’s focus on the issues that Simumba raised and not his qualifications in economics.

  13. Lets focus on the contents of the article and not the authors qualification. When a man points to the moon, the fool will only see the finger and miss out on the beauty the fingers is pointing to.

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