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South America’s mineral rich country,Suriname seeks Zambian mining engineers

General News South America's mineral rich country,Suriname seeks Zambian mining engineers

NCHANGA Mine rescure Team B Captain Jonathan Kolala inspects air underground during the Zambia Mine Rescure Association competetion at Namundwe Mine
File:NCHANGA Mine rescure Team B Captain Jonathan Kolala inspects air underground during the Zambia Mine Rescure Association competetion at Namundwe Mine

South America’s mineral-rich country, Suriname, is looking for opportunities to attract Zambia’s mining experts who can develop its mines.

Zambia’s Ambassador to Brazil with extra-accreditation to Suriname, Dr. Alfreda Kansembe said in Brasilia that Suriname’s request has been tabled awaiting a proactive response from Zambia.

The President of Suriname Delano Desire Bouterse made the request to Zambia during bilateral talks with Ambassador Kansembe after she presented her credentials in that country.

Dr. Kansembe explained that Suriname has already presented Memoranda of Understanding to Zambia and was eager to seal bilateral agreements in mining, tourism and cultural cooperation once the relevant authorities responds positively.

She said the Suriname President is optimistic that Zambian mining engineers, with their vast experience, will help the vital industry in his country.

Ambassador Kansembe expressed happiness at the prospect of employment creation for mining experts whose remittances can boost the Zambian economy.

Suriname is rich in natural resources but they are largely untapped. It has copper, gold, platinum, nickel, kaolin and bauxite.

This is according to a statement issued by First Secretary for Press and Public Relations at Zambian Embassy in Brazil Grace Makowane.


    • If they remain untapped then Zambian engineers are the wrong people. Zambian engineers just believe in being employed. Zambia itself has many minerals & minetal-rich areas that Zambian engineers just look at & immediately foreigners come in then they rush for employment. No initiative, no creativity. No courage to start own mine. Senegalese came & took emeralds, Zambians ndwii

    • #1. You are so negative and I hope you will succeed in life otherwise you will die a low life character. Have some optimism and move forward. I am sure you are one of Akainde’s useful *****.

  1. That bongo bongo comment is the dumbest I have ever seen I can’t actually even start imagining how dull he is….But anyway if you were an engineer or did some tertiary education you would never in your whole dumb life post some nonsense like that….May God have mercy on your soul…..

  2. Bongo bongo just said nothing but the whole truth…if the truth hate you then say your own about Zambian mines with engineers….
    The only Zambian we have seen owning mines are jerabos with left over pits

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