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Kaweche disputes Valden Findlay’s claims that he does not know Vicky Goswami

Headlines Kaweche disputes Valden Findlay's claims that he does not know Vicky Goswami

Kaweche Kaunda
Kaweche Kaunda

Kaweche Kaunda, the son of first Republican President Dr. Kenneth Kaunda has disputed claims by Lusaka businessman and President Edgar Lungu’s close associate Valden Findlay that he does not know Vicky Goswami, the man who implicated during the drug trafficking trial in the United States of America.

Speaking to Prime TV, Mr. Kaweche said there was no way Findlay would deny knowing Mr. Goswami because the two have met at Mr. Goswami’s house in South Africa where Mr. Kaweche was introduced to Mr. Findlay by Mr. Gowani.

Mr. Kaweche said that he came to knows Mr. Goswani very well because his wife and Mr. Goswani’s wife grew up together, so they are very close. Mr Kaweche admitted that he does not know Mr. Findlay very well, but knows his brother and were in the same class as Mr. Findlay’s sister when growing up.

During the week, Mr Findlay categorically said that he has never dealt in illicit narcotics and did not know Vicky Goswami, the man who implicated during the drug trafficking trial in the United States of America.

Vijaygiri Vicky Goswami was extradited from Kenya by the US Government and turned into a State witness in the trial of the Akasha Brothers and a drug trafficking syndicate in Africa and the court transcript showed that he had implicated Findlay by naming him as one of the people involved in the cartel.

The court transcripts of Goswami’s cross-examination spread on the Internet and social media, prompting Kambwili to hold a press conference at his house on Monday where he questioned President Lungu’s relationship with Findlay and went on to suggest that perhaps, President Lungu’s jet is being used to courier drugs, since the businessman who had been accused of drug trafficking was always flying with him.

And Mr. Kaweche called for the protection of the presidency at all costs, adding that the presidency is supreme and blamed people around the president for not vetting people properly and those around President Edgar Lungu are doing him a disservice if they are not giving him the full information about people he associates with.

“Like I said, I do not blame my brother Edgar Lungu at all, I blame those around him. So if there is any mess or issues around him, I blame those around him, not the President. For me the Presidency is supreme, we must protect it at whatever cost to make sure the Presidency is held up with dignity and honour and not bring the President into disrepute,” he said.

Mr Kaweche further said: “These allegations about drugs being taken on the presidential plane and all sorts of illegal matters being talked about because of one Valden Findlay, they should properly check that out. They don’t expect the President to start asking people around, those around the President should do this.”


  1. Liars thieves and corrupt rats flock together. Everyone knows this. During pf rule we have seen a unprecedented level of delinquency of all forms being manifested not only in public office but even the highest office of the land. Zambians we now ask you what would you vote for pf in next election? Whilst they fly in jets, million miles from reality, you are stuck on the ground with no power food water and basic necessities. We in upnd will ensure that every zambian can have the basic necessities of life.

    • I like HH, he is always with people around him, but I don’t know who are his friends.
      Ba Edgar has friends, I will not mention them, but you all know that they are dirty-characters.

    • We will make it law and illegal for any person to go without education. In fact if your child is not going t school parents will be held accountable because there is no excuse for such when we will be providing free education. Corruption and theft will be punishable by a minimum term of 20 years in prison with hard labour and for serious outrageous theft like lungu is doing, I am personally campaigning within our party to include death penalty for such cases. There is no excuse for theft. Corruption and theft have now become printed in our DNA. We have to take drastic measures to rid ourselves of this epidermic. The pf have made these vices seem normal. We ask you all to support the upnd in order for sanity to be brought back to our country. Please vote upnd.
      N.e.z ( B.A, M.A, MBA…

    • Can’t believe he said this. Is he not inviting himself as a witness or incriminating himself and his friend Uhuru, Kenyan President

    • Ba Kawache is talking but saying very little. In one statement confirming that Findlay is part of a cartel on the other hand saying you don’t blame ECL for mingling with such elements. In short your ‘brother’ ECL has been boozing with the wrong crew. So many crooks with light skin and foreign names roam the streets of Zambia’s big cities. Blame it on our culture of inferiority, we tend to pass people based on race as a result we have so many of these thugs living luxurious lifestyles at our expense. I am not advocating for racism or segragation but let us treat foreign nationals with suspicion until proven innocent for the sake of maintaining our clean reputation as a nation. These thugs would sell Zambia at a whim. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

    • I would like to hear from the PF supporters on how they will refute all this and try to justify Mr. Lungu.
      Its common knowledge that Findlay is ever at state house and on the presidential jet. Its in the public domain that Findlay is implicated.
      So how can a responsible president be hanging out with such a one. Even if there was no funny business, which president will hang out with the likes of Findlay?
      But clearly birds of a further flock together. And the people who are feasting together with Mr Lungu and Findlay dont care. As long as there bellies are full.
      Its interesting that when such news comes out they are silent as a grave because they cant find reasonable grounds to defend Lungu. But when there is a tiny reason to prause Lungu they are all over the blog yapping and claiming…

    • Govt spokesperson Dora Siliya your comment is awaited. And Sunday Chanda since u meddle in both party and govt matters, I don’t mind hearing your comment on this one. And Zambian Citizen, let’s tangle.

    • A always tell all LT bloggers never to trust any Politician….whether PF or UPND,Republican or Democrat….even Prince Andrew and the so called British Loyal Family….they’re all crooks and scums….corruption….sexxxx trafficking….getting rid of clear evidence etc…..thats just how all these Politicians live there lives….you should read the book “The inside of of the world’s drug trade”….and you will be shocked of the names mentioned

    • Having read through the comments below, if this happened somewhere else, this would have been the biggest scandal around the president. But as it is, those PF scammers who benefit from this GRZ are now silent and not commenting and instead gone into hiding…shame on you. The moment someone mentions or bring up a topic referencing HH, you will be surprised how quickly they will be to comment …..like cockroaches coming out of their hidings.
      The risk here is that this Findlay guy might have a dossier on ECL if that is the case, there is no way this guy can get kicked out from ECL inner circle.

  2. Well articulate by Kaweche, words of wisdom.
    Even me I have no issues with abena Edgar, but he annoys me when I see him at work with worst public thugs. Do they scare him off?? I mean it just seems like Valden and Kaizer show Ba Edgar weapons they care on them… thus he is abducted.
    When someone said that Ba Ester never been on new Presidential jet, because Kaizer or Valden insulted her, I didn’t believe. but now I may believe.
    What does treason mean in Zambia?

    • Birds of the same feathers flock together. If u see Lungu associating with Criminal records then u know he is also a Criminal. If u see Lungu associating with Valden Findlay, a Drug Trafficker then u know Lungu is benefitting from Mandrax Trading. Since Valden Findlay is often with Lungu on the Presidential Plane it is reasonable to assume that the Presidential Plane is being used to ferry drugs which are benefitting both Lungu and Findlay. Lungu needs to distance himself from Valden Findlay and other Criminals.

  3. Question; How can one tell a P.F official/ associate is telling lies?
    Answer; His lips begin to move.
    President Jona knows why he hangs around Valden. Drugs, racketeering, Plunder, violence & State capture rather than development is all these thugs give you.
    Mpaka lelo Jonathan Chakolwa has said nothing about his Boxer from the State House Boxing stables, Kaizer Thug Life Zulu. The goon cannot even shoot, always missing his targets, so called “Political advisor in Corruption, & Torture.
    You expect Jona to develop Zambia? DREAM ON DREAMERS.

  4. Every normal Zambian knows Valden Findlay is The Top Drug dealer in this Country. He infiltrated politics a long time ago and even supposed campaigns many a time. He was very close to Rupiah Banda although he usually remained behind the shadows. Under ECLs rule however , Findlay has come from under the rocks and is all over the show at State House, in the presidential Jet, you name it. He has amassed so much confidence under ECLs rule that he feels he doesn’t need to hide that he is dirty.
    I wonder why DEC would even call CK to help with investigations when they have an enormous file on Findlays drug deals already.
    Shame on the system.. Findlay will walk free and our country will be destroyed by the drugs he keeps bringing in. So long as a few people make money from his dirty…

  5. In zambia a mixed race person or as commonly referred to as coloured; is seen to be of a higher social status. In fact most mixed race people in Zambia have a close knit community and majority end up marrying fellow mixed race partners. In zambia Findlay and his family of thugs will get away with anything because due to inferiority complex any lighter skin shade than ours is seen to be superior.. interestingly enough mixed race people here in UK and Europe are considered black and face the same inferiority challenges as blacks do .If anything it is harder for mixed race kids like mine to feel part of a social group as they feel torn between being black and white. So Findlay will get away with his drug dealing because even lungu respects him because nimu coloured

    • Only 1% of Zambians think a mixed race child, who is black by genetics and Phenotype, but that is a discussion for another day, is superior. You are one of them that has an inferiority complex. South Africa, forget the Xenophobia has very light skinned pure blacks prettier than any mixed race child. Also discussion for another day. Problem here is Zambians are too welcoming when someone has money. We need to implement the Tanzania Magufuli approach to things of wealth. President Lungu needs to stop traveling and hanging out with weird people. He is too nice.

  6. Findley made the same mistake John (Teflon Don ) Gotti made publicity. He enjoyed his face being splashed on newspapers and online media, hoping to
    Launder his image, trying to legitimize his self to society, that made people wonder what was a hoodlum like him doing near the presidency if there’s one thing mafia dons hate is publicity they operate under the radar. You have to be there but not actually being there . Both him and his friend brought this on themselves

  7. Lungu is just a thug, look at his associates ……KZ, lusambo……findley ????

    Lungu has disgraced and corrupted the Zambian office of the president…..

    Why do you think lungu has never denied allegations of being a corrupt theif ????

  8. Such individuals operate in dark rooms where information and affluence is seen to be power just a photo near the President is a well invested opportunity and innocently so the President may not know that such an individual is peddling influence but in the case of this Individual and other Indians and Chinese in state capture allegations must be banned from state functions or be disassociated to preserve and protect our presidency

    Yes Zambians love president lungu and his Office like kaweche has rightly said but he has to act and ban these musketeers often from same country of eons and documented international criminal networks

    In-fact a Public censor or announcement to announce…

  9. Kaweche is taliking in reverse. He doesn’t want to blame Lungu straight up. He says he blames those around him. Is this funny? So is Lungu very dump to the poit that he needs people tell him this is white or red? Lungu knowsall the people around him and he call them friends. I dont need someone to tell me who should be my friend. Lungu seems to like crooks, dictators , thieves, *****s and incompetent people, his such a funny of them.
    It should not be ruled out that Lungu is transporting drugs. If the Zambian system respects the office of the presidency and seriously concerned with drug business,
    Lungu should be invested while in office. The man has brought so much pain and shame to the country and if the drugs issue persists Zambia will belisted as a drugs channelling point…

  10. I’m just waiting to read Dr Guy Scott’s book! It already have is Sata’s death certificate, we know now he was already dying when he ascended to the presidency thus wasted our time and money dying in office. The next would be Lungu’s character and how that old cow Inonge helped install a dead-head in office.

  11. Oh no, guys this fool called Neeez upnd strategist will never shut his stupid loud mouthed beek. He is all over fighting those that have good wisdom to fill his empty brain. Look if you are wise pump some sense into your perennial looser called HH. Give him the right tips on how to win presidential elections. You are excited for nothing. Ubupuba bane. Don’t choke us with your useless unthusiasm. Leave others contribute valuable comments to helpful topics, than you dancing to your own oblivion regarding your wamuyaya presidential fanatic HH. Hope you will now shut that big mouth of yours. Ukoooo.

  12. The people who were mentioned as killers of young Simuwelu at Airport turnoff and Zulu at Mumpanshya today are walking freely and rubbing shoulders with Edgar. They think 17 million Zambians have no brains. It’s life in the marrow where it’s sweetest

  13. I am insisting for a state address by lungu on this issue now. It seems lungu has been freeing drug dealers and associating with drug dealers when they get arrested in other countries. Maybe that explains his quick rise of wealth as a result of drug dealings, maybe that is why lungu has been failing to discipline his disciples like Kaiser Zulu out of fear of being exposed by them. What does valden have to do with state matters wherever the president goes. Mr lungu kindly resign now.

  14. Ati ba Upnd strategist! You are a very bad one because you always lose.You always say you will win next elections and fall again!
    People simply do no like your style, tribalism and pomposity.
    If you are indeed a strategist then work on these issues. Otherwise, you will rot in opposition!

    • We need a a Selfless leader in Zambia, now it has even gotten to drug dealing. Like why is it so hard for a president to just stick to development issues and their pay, all they dream of when they become president is to steal from the people that voted for them. Shame on the system indeed!!!!

    • Look at all the down votes you attracted. It is very embarrassing but I understand that you are scared. That is the talk of an insecure chap who knows that Zambians have had enough. I dare pf to try the rigging they did during last elections if they want to see what war looks like. Don’t say I didnt warn you

  15. “…And Mr. Kaweche called for the protection of the presidency at all costs, adding that the presidency is supreme and blamed people around the president for not vetting people properly and those around President Edgar Lungu are doing him a disservice if they are not giving him the full information about people he associates with.”

    Agreed, Mr Kaweche, I mean about advising the President. But be honest, Kaweche, if you know the bad people surrounding the President then he should also know about them because when those things were happening he was old enough to know the culprits, which the young people advising the President today were too young at the time. Look here, President or ordinary citizen, we should all choose the people that we associate with very carefully. And you even…

  16. ……President or ordinary citizen, we should all choose the people that we associate with very carefully. And you even call them to accompany you on official trips? Also the biggest problem with our President is that he is a know it all, making it difficult to advise him properly when he is always giving directives. (No difference between him and HH actually, except that one is Presido and the latter strode into politics on the back of a trib.al horse.

  17. Mr findlay has never even step in a presidential plain,,, kambwili is lair. Go 2 the air port and view CCTV footage….and Mr valden was close friends of Mr levy mwanawasa .

  18. Mr kaweche Kaunda, plz sir kindly stay out of this matter once for all. The Kaunda family have had enough of insults and abuse under then Republican President, FTJ Chiluba/MMD administration. So for you Mr kaweche to start opening the old and forgotten wounds under UNIP, will only invite the unpalatable past. Ba Kaweche you are not doing us a favour at all. Please continue with your honourable work, you are carrying out for our founding father, Dr KK. Zambians admire your humble attitude. Look the kaunda family went through a lot, after the MMD took over power. Please leave kambwili alone to hundle this matter. Some of us are not ready to see another floodgate of insults on the kaunda family. Mind you not all that supper Ken did was rossy. So ba kaweche don’t remind us of the past. Let…

  19. Let the old man enjoy his retirement. We are proud to see the foreign dignitaries visit the old man Dr KK. Mind you not all that KK did was rossy. Mr kaweche continued to be humble and care for our founding father. I know you’re a listening person, avoid the past.

  20. Can we also say that you were trafficking drugs to be found with such characters, especially that they are related to your wife? be careful with what are putting yourself. Let Kambwili fight his own fight with every Zambian. He enjoys attending court cases hence the reason why he picks up quarrel with people.

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