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Lusaka Water and Sewerage Company to impose a city wide rationing of Water

General News Lusaka Water and Sewerage Company to impose a city wide rationing of...

Lusaka Water and Sewerage Company
Lusaka Water and Sewerage Company

The Lusaka Water and Sewerage Company says it will effect a citywide water rationing process to ensure equitable water supply.

Company Managing Director Jonathan Kampata has attributed the reduced water supply the city is currently experiencing to poor rainfall that characterized the 2018/2019 rainy season and partly the increased load shedding which the country is experiencing.

Mr Kampanta says because of the reduced water availability underground coupled with increased loads shedding, the utility has shut 8 boreholes that provide water to some parts of the city out of the 40 boreholes adversely affected.

He explains that the poor rainfall has adversely affected the availability of water resources which has resulted in depletion of ground water resource and underperformance of the 131 boreholes in the city.

Mr Kampata says the utility will predict and share the rationing program as soon as possible with the residents.

He adds that water levels in the Kafue River have reduced by two meters when compared to the same period last year.


  1. One partial drought not as severe as the previous (2014/15) is now a clear scape goat for all inefficiencies,failure to provide reliable services.Our management of catchment areas for ground water is poor,leading to diminishing watertable. Capacity of pumping stations,treatment,storage and distribution systems lagging behind city population growth coupled with little or no alternative power supply.The net result is any slight problem creates a big crisis in water supply as we seem to have no spare capacity!! WE NEED A GOVT THAT WILL PLAN AND IMPLEMENT PROJECTS WITH 30+YRS FORWARD TIMEFRAME.

  2. I have since resolved not to criticize any wrongs coming out Zambia lest I am accused of being ‘condescending my own race’

    • The fact that you prefer to remain in a xenophobic country and risk your life rather than return to lungus Zambia ,says a lot about the deplorable state of Zambia.

  3. With all these water problem they
    Even put borehole tax.Instead of
    Giving incentive to drill Boreholes.
    They should reduce water tarriffs and encourage more Boreholes.
    Zesco should encourage more
    Solar system power.The beauty of

  4. Cape Town is dry and they put in measures like these to control their worst drought in over 90 years. Why should this action by LWSC be blamed on us being black?? I have always said it, we sent dingbats into diaspora who despite all the exposure and education, have no solutions for our local problems!!

    • Sent kwisa? Did you pay for my ticket and relocation? We went on our own accord. My wife and I had enough of that failed government. How do you live in a place that cannot guarantee you mere basic needs of life ? I tried to beg my wife to be patient and that things could get better. Mind you my wife is white and European .in the end I had no excuses to give. And so we decided to relocate managing our business there from here. At least we have a better standard of life here. So Mr Zambia next time you write drivel like this please think twice

  5. Not to put blames, but I think the Lusaka water and sewage company should also look into the water that is lost along the supply chain. The should try to fix all the pipes to ensure that whatever they are supplying goes to the houses not having water irrigating the streets like that’s the purpose. I rest my case.

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