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HH donates Mealie Meal in Pictures

Photo Gallery HH donates Mealie Meal in Pictures

UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema has stated that the price of the staple food mealie meal is way beyond the reach of majority Zambians.

Speaking when he donated mealie to the vulnerable in Lusaka’s Bauleni area on Sunday, Mr. Hichilema said the poor are failing to buy mealie meal.

At the same event, the UPND leader received more than 200 PF members who joined the party this afternoon in Bauleni.

“We took sometime assisting the vulnerable groups in Lusaka’s Bauleni compound where we donated bags of mealie meal. The aged; the differently-abled, the widows, the orphans and other such groups are so dear to us and they need a helping hand especially under the current difficult economic situation,” Mr. Hichilema said.

“The price of our staple food, mealie meal is way beyond the reach of our citizens. And this is what we warned last year in September when we warned our colleagues in the PF regime and offered solutions to mitigate the effects of poor rainfall in some parts of the country.”

He added, “We told them not to export the maize and other crops based they went ahead claiming the nation had excess produce. We advised them to lower the cost of fertilizer and other inputs so as to ensure increased production, but to date, the price of inputs is way beyond the reach of our citizens.”

HH Donates Mealie Meal to the Poor in Bauleni
HH donates mealie to the poor in Bauleni

HH donates mealie to the poor in Bauleni
HH donates mealie to the poor in Bauleni

HH donates mealie to the poor in Bauleni
HH donates mealie to the poor in Bauleni

HH donates mealie to the poor in Bauleni
HH donates mealie to the poor in Bauleni

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  1. Good gesture but what is the long term plan? Aka bunga kamo will not go a long way. People need sustainable incomes to be able to afford food even in a drought year.

    • HH….donating with cameras rolling….inviting all the media….yaba kwena HH is a failed Politician…running out of ideas and he will still lose elections

    • From thieving to buying people with stuff using stolen money thinking that we will forget about PANAMA! Live corruption going on from a corrupt inside trader and money launderer! If you showed a person your kitchen and he stole from you NEVER show him your bedroom! He will GRAB the whole HOUSE!

    • At least no one can question the source of money, compared to Presidential Empowerment Fund.
      HH sells every piece of cow, from tails to tourist, cow bones to glue company, now he is selling cow-dug to organic farmers . Just that money he can buy women Mealie meal, if PF blocks him he put money at stock-exchange in morning and tripple the amount at 4pm, and transfer money off-show account.
      No Valden involved.
      Clean business.

    • Good.

      But don’t stop and most importantly, let me not hear somebody mysteriously die. I understand this is political but chicken gotta come back home to roost and that is a serious grapple for h².

      Watching and analyzing this space.

      I am still studying Panama and Paradise papers. Meanwhile, It’s shocking what I am discovering and unearthing.

      The environment is now suitable for a “dochu kubeba” slogan.
      It definitely made RB a very sick man as MICHAEL smiled in the run up and after the polls.

    • Camera 1….set,,,,,,lights….action….Hakainde Hichilema is into acting now….Politics yavuta….he needs Steven Spielberg to help him with his script otherwise he won’t get nominated for the Grammys in 2021

    • Targeting wrong people who were not affected by drought. Go to rural farmers who do not have rains sue to poor rains.

    • People taught that after you get the bag of mealie meal, pose for the camera and show an open hand forward to mean “HH is for you and will lead you forward – to HIS STOMACH HAGAIN!”

    • Good gesture indeed…. But it’s high time to tell the people the truth. This is about supply and demand.. let’s grow more.. encourage the govt to subsidise production but never consumption.. allow those who grow their own to export grain or mealie meal

  2. While this is good for Ubuntu’s sake, explain how you as a shareholder in several milling companies is helping to bring the price of mealie meal down. It’s easier to politic and point out mistakes what are your policies as UPND? Don’t tell me we have manifesto that’s not a policy.

    • Good point, measures from that angle will benefit the general populace.
      By the way, how many bags were donated? One media house says 50 bags, the other says 2500 bags and LT is silent.

  3. If HH is a christian, then, he must know that when one hand gives, the other hand should not know. This is for political gain rather than for humanity. A man without a strategy. Blind following fellow blind.

    • Denkete, how come you have shifted from addressing him as a free Manson and is now a Christian?
      Here is what you may not know about this man. From my little research, this man is doing more community work than you know. Even Esther Lungu didn’t know the clinic she was opening was built by HH! The only reason HH came out that way was because the husband to Esther had alleged in Katuba that HH can’t build a toilet! I think the message was clear who is telling lies! The same bible you are quoting says no one lights a candle and hide it under the bed! Let your light shine! Leave God to judge! The best we should do as citizens is ask our individual selves how many fellow citizens we have personally helped or are helping! Are you aware that Mr HH has over 100 orphans he has adopted and is…

    • Are you aware that Mr HH has over 100 orphans he has adopted and is sponsoring their schooling up to tertiary level? HH does not blow his trumpet! He only comes in the open with donations to raise awareness of the problem! Let’s put politics aside and begin to appreciate the good in each one of us! The reason some Zambians find it difficult to appreciate HH is because they choke with jealousy! They can’t stand the sight of wealthy individuals! In Zambia, when you are rich it means you are either a satanist, wizard or witch! Not long ago, a businessman’s shop was ransacked in Kasama on mere malicious rumors that the owner was a ritualistic! That is the source of Zed poverty mentality! This is the reason why Rwandese and Burundi’s are prospering and Zambians remain miserable! Umunthu Mutwe!…

    • lusambo had cameras when he went to kabushi and bizwell also had cameras when he donated 4000 bags. so what the hustle here???? chi wamila galu???

  4. The charlatan who stole money from Copperbelt mines. The least he can do is pay it back one way or the other through donations.

    • Chicken definitely coming back to roost my man.

      Reload Don’t Kubeba.
      It drains, it’s a shocker, I love it under the circumstances.
      Somethings have a way of recurring.

  5. Umuntu ni HH!
    Not aba Bambi who eat alone!
    Keep up the good work!
    Our current leaders don’t understand the difference between having the so called enough stock (which is a lie) and affordability and accessibility issues! It’s like what we had in Luapula where children were dying of malnutrition despite the province being food secure. It was noted that food was not prepared appropriately for those kids! They had no teeth to chew tire! What is annoying is the same Dora Siliya who mismanaged FISP and FRA is today mocking Zambians trying to show her the consequences of her recklessness! We have not forgotten about the Malawi Maizegate scandal!

  6. I have mentioned several times here about HH’s community work and the fact he has been sponsoring pupils/students to go through school, but some sections of bloggers dismissed this. The only reason, as someone explains above, is that HH hasn’t been publicising most of his benevolent acts.

    • Can suitably be categorized as a payback exercise.
      Corporation also do CSRs kaili.

      But he is doing the opposite, those bags of food “are better off in Bengwa” ~ Dora.

  7. We thank you your Excellency hakainde hichilema the president of the republic of Zambia who cares for his people. The only one in zambia who has gone out of his own way to donate his private resources for the good of the others while another rat is just flying around burning millions on jet fuel. He is a good example of the negro that the white man despises

  8. Which good works ? Such giving is not real where u talk about defections. I now understand why someone was blocked somewhere. This is sheer hypocrisy basa….

    • You are the same chaps who accuse him of being stingy if he does not donate! Please don’t choke with jealousy and tribalism! If HH was from the Northeast of the country, he would have been president a long time ago! Why are HH’s donations a problem and those of others not? HH does not owe anyone a living! He also does not need anyone’s permission to donate his personal resources the way he wishes! Whether you vote for him or not, he is not the one to suffer! So stop wasting your time demonizing him! Zonda Mutonga uzalema!

  9. HATE or HATRED is a terrible disease! It’s the child of Mr Jealousy and Madam Envy! It blinds, it’s infectious, it disadvantages and afflicts the HATERS more than the hated! Most Zambians unfortunately are HATERS! You can tell what kind of people Zambians are from how they behave when driving on their substandard roads – no rules, no logic, no patience, no orderliness, full of rage and yet they say the are Christians (Weekend Christians)! Stop the HATRED Zambians! You are destroying yourselves and your country!

  10. “Beware of practicing your righteousness before other people in order to be seen by them, for then you will have no reward from your Father who is in heaven” (Matthew 6:1 ESV).

    UPND MPs should have been the ones donating these bags on his behalf. We know he fears one of them becoming the next leader of the UPND.

  11. Love HH or Hate him that still does not change God’s plan for him. In short only God matters the most in his life all the rest of few matter little.

  12. build your mother a good house before giving those ungas from the plundered privatisation moneys chi kabwalala chikulu iwe. we know what you did.

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