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Kambwili now questions the Source of Presidential Empowerment Initiative Fund

Headlines Kambwili now questions the Source of Presidential Empowerment Initiative Fund

NDC President Chishimba Kambwili
NDC President Chishimba Kambwili

National Democratic Congress (NDC) President Chishimba Kambwili has now started questioning the source of funds that are being used for the Presidential Empowerment Initiative Fund (PEIF).

Speaking to journalists at his house today after being interviewed by the Drug Enforcement Commission, where he refused to divulge any information regarding his allegations against president Lungu’s friend Mr. Valden Findlay, Mr. Kambwili said that the source of the funds being used was questionable and that he suspects that the money being used could be a subject of Money laundering.

PEIF, now headed by Clement Tembo as National Coordinator, was established in 2015 by President Lungu to support men and women in the informal sector that were deemed vulnerable and underprivileged.

The fund started with President Lungu’s kind gesture of sacrificing 10% of his salary, as well as contributions received from well-wishers.

The initiative originally targeted marketeers, but due to demand from other sectors and the encouraging performance of the marketeers who managed to faithfully revolve the fund, the PEIF diversified into other areas including fish farming, poultry, goat rearing and other endeavors, such as providing assistance in the construction of churches.

And Mr. Kambwili reaffirmed his earlier position that he is ready to meet Lusaka business executive Valden Findlay in Court over defamation charges. Mr. Kambwili said that he has a lot of information on the suspected illicit activities of Mr. Findlay, adding that he has lost confidence in investigative agencies such as DEC and the ACC.

The NDC leader said the investigative wings in question are highly polarised and that it is for this reason that he refused to answer queries from DEC

The NDC leader said he has a lot of information about Mr. Findlay which information he is ready to disclose in Court.

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  1. Kambwili is giving PF a headache. He may be uncouth and all, but I love the way he is making PF run around. He is certainly not presidential material, but all the same he is very entertaining

    • …. You are also supporting the clowns, jesters, buff00ns and f00ls in opposition, shame. Anti corruption in Zambia is a media circus run by politicians to squeeze each other. And all the gullible 1d!ots cheer with a roar. Didn’t know you were part of that crowd, journey guy…

    • Development projects using drug deals, that would be very bad.
      Can those beneficiaries fill a lawsuit so they don’t face arrests as accepting illegal money? The court will tell them the source money.

    • 1) I think even in court this empty loud tin would be dumbfounded and zipped. I know characters like him, they just blub.
      2) I think the PEIF is taking a toll outa’ CKinsultor. He realizes ECL is getting popular through this exercise. Even h² has gone donating. This is good although I hate donations to the core. Interesting to learn where ECL gets that money, though.
      3) It is my observation that when ACC presses CKinsultor, they manage to open that delirious CKinsultor mouth into serious diarrhea worse than Dysentery and Cholera or Ebola.
      4) He thought that he could not be touched and seemed to have a blackmailing package gone wrong for PF.
      5) CKinsultor is a follower not a leader. More of a parasite than anything meaningful.
      6) I steal don’t get why CKinsultor would be calling…

    • Entertaining and painful depending on whether you are a PF cadre or not. This is an instance of the “double edged sword” phrase.

  2. If you want to know how Ms crocodile lives, ask Mr hippo. It is interesting to follow all these events and it seems it is getting hotter by the day as 2021 approaches. Kine marwa mwisho!

    • He gets the money from delivering weed for findley… the worst president in the world now sells weed to try and pay off chinese debt… what a toser and loser…

    • Bro eye of an eagle, there is protocol even in the water, no one does proclaims superiority? they all lay in wait for opportunity to strike coz favours go ether way. The best is to be tolerant and have patience. CK should cool down the parse or else theirs a Bemba proverb that say, akanwa kamilandu takabula kuibala!!

  3. Kambwili is like a rabid dog. He is speaking without evidence. How many things has he spoken against ECK but has not provided a single evidence

  4. Mark my word Kambwili will be found guilty and will have to pay Findley for defamation. Kambwili will turn around and claim the courts have been captured and that he will appeal. wait a minute appeal to courts which you say are captured.

  5. jane man ! who are u to judge kambwili is not presidential material, he is my president FOR NDC and defiantely 2021 president of Zambia. DONT BE BIASED IN COMMENTING ATASE

  6. Madiness he was in government and never questioned but now out of the government you begin making us noise and want to pretend to be an angel

  7. Personally, I started questioning Findley’s closeness to the presidency a long time ago, there are certain types of people who just looked suspicious from just the way they carry themselves, those who have learned criminal investigations will tell you that some suspects just give themselves out even without talking to them, yes some may look suspicious but come out clean but others may look suspicious a give you a lead, for Fidley to me he looks upto no good but maybe just maybe he may turn out to be clean our the other way, but he gives you a lead of how to proceed, in PF a lot of people are suspicious, eg Kaiser just his facial features with a skewed facial line of symmetry will tell you that there could be something fishy about him. Lusamba, Kampyongo, Siliya, and now Lubinda, Tutwa,…

  8. The comments from PF buffoons above are laughable, Kambwili says he has evidence that he will divulge in court but the are busy insulting and judging him, wait until the court case is over then you can insult. Why are you so afraid of him? He has said that “wina azilila” so let us just wait, meanwhile more volume Kambwili kikiki.

  9. I really have no time for CKinsulter and he is not presidential material anyway but I guess he is encouraged by the fact that another not presidential material did become President in 2011. Now anything can become President in Zambia at least.
    But I am enjoying Chimbwilis “revelations” anyway. Let them answer and continue to incriminate themselves. Has ACC carried out the presidential directive to “find” the owner of the 48 houses.

    • Has ACC carried out the presidential directive to “find” the owner of the 48 houses??? They will never do it. That case is dead for now until changes take place, Question is when and how long

  10. Its true Kambwili is not Presidential Material. He is too loud and careless. He is not an intellectual in short. Non intellectual have no deeper understanding of things. What is doing and saying now has gone beyond politics. Some matters are so sensitive and needs proper guidance before uttering. I see him getting in trouble.

  11. We cant allow a common thug like Kambwili be head of state. we need serious intellectuals with a clearly outlined vision for Zambia.

  12. Nice one. PF is running all over the show. Yaba CK is really making them run an extra mile for their stolen money kikiki!. He may not be presidential material but I like the way he keeps baPF busy and running around like headless chickens in search of what they know better. The Guilty are Afraid – James Hardley Chase.

  13. Bro eye of an eagle, there is protocol even in the water, no one proclaims to be superior? They all lay in wait for opportunity to strike coz luck goes ether way for patience pays. CK should cool down for a while or else he will end up a looser. Bemba`s have a say! Ubutembo ndo bulile, meaning patience pays!!!

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