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Vera Chiluba suffers a stroke

General News Vera Chiluba suffers a stroke

First Lady Esther Lungu(l) chats with former first Lady Vera Tembo Chiluba(r) and her grandchild Safira during Giacomo Global Hand Washing Day at North mead Primary School
First Lady Esther Lungu(l) chats with former first Lady Vera Tembo Chiluba(r) and her grandchild Safira during Giacomo Global Hand Washing Day at North mead Primary School

Former First Lady Vera Chiluba has been admitted to UTH fast track unit after suffering a stroke.

MMD National Secretary Raphael Nakacinda has confirmed this in a brief statement.

He says the former ruling party has received the news of the illness of Ms Chiluba with sadness.

Mr Nakacinda says the former first lady is currently admitted to the University Teaching Hospital, Fast Track Unit.

He has asked MMD members to put Ms Chiluba in their prayers for her quick recovery.

“We have received an unfortunate report as regards our former first lady Vera Tembo Chiluba’s illness with sadness. Yesterday in the Evening former First Lady, Mama Vera Tembo Chiluba, suffered what is feared to be a stroke “ Mr Nakachinda said.

“She is currently admitted to the University Teaching Hospital, Fast Track Unit. Our members are requested to put our mother in their prayers, let us pray for her quick recovery.”


  1. Prayers for Lady Chiluba. The only light we had during Chiluba’s destruction of Zambia. Thank goodness our Lord and Savior Jesus was there to ensure Zambia moved forward.

    • Why should God be asked? We are told God knows already all we are looking for even before we ask. Aren’t we questioning God’s greatness by asking? How great is someone who has to wait to be asked when it is obvious they are the only hope? I wish I could understand God. All the best for Vera from me.

    • Stroke! Watch your eating habits and weight, bad combination with diabetes and distorted blood pressure, exercise does not only mean visiting a gym a daily brisk 15 minutes walk goes a long way in being healthy. I hope the local medical institution helps the former first lady to quickly recover than the usual evacuations privileged to the affluent!

  2. No evacuations, she must be treated there by our Doctors………The same Doctors who were UNZA students with one year closure during the time she first lady must treat her…………That will be a good lesson for Ester Lungu.

    Prayers we shall pray for her for but Evacuation to anywhere shall not be supported!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. We have a lot of critics these days,even praying for some one you deny and critises.Just pray if you don’t know how to go about it zip up your mouth and stay put.God heal the former first lady mama Vera Chiluba in Jesus name Amen.

  4. Hypocrisy always goes into high gear at times like this. We hope she gets well. We hope the underlying cause to her stroke are isolated and addressed. We wish her well. God? Ummmm? Let him do what he wants; after all he is the so-called creator, isn’t he?

  5. By All Means she was a good person. Her Hope Foundation was the best NGO run by a First Lady. WHen i see her, i see a Mother. I wish her a quick recovery

    • Very true. Vera Chiluba will always occupy a special place in this country’s history in the sense that she showed the right way for First Ladies to not just ‘sit and eat’ in state house but go out there and offer humanitarian assistance in society. Quick recovery Vera

  6. Comment: In all things that we do, let us remember the one who holds, the final say. God holds the final say in our lives so, we must hand any situation that is, beyond our means. May the Almighty God who created the earth and heavens, heal Mama Vera Chiluba of the situation. Us as we are we can do nothing but, the powers that be in heaven will do Amen

  7. Vera Chiluba was one of the best first lady’s, this was a woman with little education who Chiluba felt embarrassed of when he became President as do many men do when they attain power and money and feel ashamed of the women who were there in their trying times.

  8. This uneducated, inept and ignorant Sharon always goes off tangent, no wonder she/he never went far with education!! Who let this dog out??? Did you read the exam instructions ? What’s this obsession you have for HH? Did he once upon a time reject your ugly advances?
    Read the headline and stop acting like the one who has emotionally unstable personality disorder.

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