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Dora Siliya says remarks by Vernon Mwaanga disheartening and disappointing

Headlines Dora Siliya says remarks by Vernon Mwaanga disheartening and disappointing

Chief Government Spokesperson Dora Siliya
Chief Government Spokesperson Dora Siliya

The government has advised Vernon Mwaanga to use his status as a veteran politician and senior citizen to maintain the country’s unity and democracy.

Chief Government Spokesperson, Dora Siliya says it is indisputable that Mr. Mwaanga is a statesman having served this country from the pre-independence era and it is expected of him that his debate on national issues should be above partisan politics.

Ms. Siliya says the country expects a man of Mr. Mwaanga’s status to be a uniting factor and a voice of reason to the leadership and the nation at large.

She says government, therefore, finds the remarks attributed to Mr. Mwaanga in today’s Diggers newspaper that Zambia’s democracy, under the PF government, is receding, as disheartening and disappointing.

Ms. Siliya told ZNBC News in a statement that Mr. Mwaanga is aware of Zambia’s unparalleled record of good governance, transparency, accountability, rule of law and constitutionalism which this government has continued to promote.

She said on January 16th, 2016 at Heroes Stadium, President Edgar Lungu signed into law the Constitution of Zambia Amendment Bill which, among other things, reduced the powers of the President, which no other sitting African President had ever done.

Ms. Siliya said the PF government has transformed the Judiciary with the creation of the Constitutional Court and the Appeals Court in enhancing the country’s justice delivery system.

And Ms. Siliya said that never before in the history of the country, has there been such freedom of expression as is being enjoyed by citizens under the PF government.

She said the ongoing debate by citizens, including Mr. Mwaanga himself, on the Constitutional Amendment Bill No.10 of 2016 and other national issues, attest to this fact.

Ms. Siliya said only a government committed to democracy can liberalize the media landscape to the extent that there are now over 100 private radio stations and no fewer than 40 television stations on air countrywide and several newspapers.

She urged Mr. Mwaanga to desist from inciting public resentment against the government which does not befit his status as a seasoned diplomat and senior citizen.


  1. Vernon Mwaanga was very candid in his comments, Dora Slit shut up! Look at Ikeleng’i, the person who was defeated in the last election has been campaigning and making donations while the sitting MP is threatened with arrest each time he wants to address the people who elected him. If the MMD had behaved the way the PF is doing the PF would still be in opposition. Just behave yourselves instead of attacking voices of wisdom

    • Dora please your political position is temporal, VJ is a political giant minions like can’t dwarf him. I wish to remind you of how you found yourself as a diplomat in Egypt and I wish to end there

    • Pali shining ba Dora, to extent of insulting VJ?
      This MMD Spokesperson Dora made RB lose elections like fooool. You wonder why PF removed Mr. Joseph Katema as chief PF spokesperson and you go back and retrieve a door mat.
      Let Dora shine for next 1 year, and she will finish again like she got dirty as Agriculture minister. That woman can finish so fast, samweni its your time.

    • I will read the diggers later but I think Dora is right. It is an uphill battle dealing with old school characters who still see the country in the same old way they used to see it decades ago. That’s what most old folks still have to grapple with.
      If you still have old school professors at UNZA today making vital decisions in management, that University would definitely lag in terms of the need to embrace new ways of learning and doing things. The same goes for old school characters in Sport, Journalism, Business to name but a few. In Government, with his mentality, in the proliferation of social media, TV and Radio stations, let’s be fair and just say VJ would collapse like a moloshi sack.

    • Dora Siliya thinks that no one should criticise the pF govt which is the same party she criticised with hatred while in the MMD. She knows pF is far worse than MMD on all measures but she has to be paid at all costs.

  2. Those in leadership should listen to criticism, it’s not tht they are also right in their doing. Possibility of doing things wrong is there, it’s not that you’re in power tht u can’t be advice or you’re right, no. Dora power blinds, whn u’re criticised jst know tht something is wrong, so listen ad correct if possible.

    • She wants him to uku bepa ubufi. In a democracy one is entitled to his/her opinion provided he/she is not insulting
      Truth be told there are issues in Zambia thus politically and economically

  3. Ba Dora Open is doing a great job!
    Continue decampaigning PF the same way you did to RB’s MMD!
    Leave VJ alone! He has just put the facts on the table! Ignore at own risk!
    MMD elements like Dora Open have made PF worse! This is not the pro-democracy pro-poor PF we knew!

  4. VJ is a disgrace. From being the youngest diplomat in our history, he ended up being a drug dealer and a womaniser. Instead of being a candidate for the Presidency itself and an African statesman who could have gone down in history as one of the most brilliant Africans, he is now at the centre of tribalism and polarising the country. No wonder even Mwanawasa fired him. A real disgrace.

    • Umukalamba nga chipuba, umuchinshi kubaiche ulapwa. Instead of Dora looking up to VJ, she’s counselling him. Dora has highlighted important points which everyone here should be countering and not attacking her!!

    • So you have a problem with VJ being a former drug dealer, but you have no problem with your president associating with a known drug dealer. Actually, I don’t know why I even bothered to write this. You guys and your leadership are such two year olds….

    • Which court has records of Valden Findley being convicted on drug charges?? But VJ in the 80s Was convicted on mandrax trafficking!! Let’s debate on facts not social media rumours. VJ is a disgrace!!

    • Comment:why is it that anyone who holds divergent views is considered as a tribalist, partisan and divisive? We can’t all see the same color of the situation, can we?

    • Taakota bwino VJ.
      Nakuba limbi nituma Drugs.
      Old school glory but like I said sometime back, we needed such old school politicians contributing to this country by writing books and doing a lot of community service. Don’t make them lecturers because the would deceive many.
      VJ is a product of both the UNIP and MMD political era nishi ichalo chali ichikashana. VJ’s contribution to this country in the manner he does lately has completely expired. He is actually a political fossil those political life comfort remains archaicdisrelishly archeological much like the likes of Proconsul, Kabweman, Senzangakhona kaJama, Shaka, K², Miyanda Gen.,FTJ. There a massive gap in the political divide.

  5. Just last week the UPND were refused a permit to hold a peaceful rally in Mandevu, citing security concerns?? What security threats are there? Is that democracy? Problem with this government when someone says something they don’t want to hear he/she becomes their enemy.The late Sata used to be allowed to hold meetings and rallies any time he wanted anywhere.Is it the same with HH? The answer is NO

  6. Politics aside iwe Dora, I know of no RULINg party in the history of mankind apart from PF that cannot accept to to be told the truth. I think this raises from known unpresidential material assuming the high office of President of Zambia in 2011. See now, even Chimbwili thinks that he can be one. And HH with all the tribl baggage.

  7. Of course democracy under the PF is under siege, period. The constitutional court is nothing but a kangaroo court saturated with judges who dont qualify and dont know what they are doing, look at their cantankerous verdict on the presidential election petition case! With Lungu’s drug trafficking, the PF suppresses the DEC from arresting Valdem, or whatever, and opposition parties are forever stopped from campaigning. This is a nullity, Dora is just a stupid girl who does not know what she is doing. She supports Lungu because she is tribally bigoted in the Kumawa Kumodzi syndrome.

  8. The thieving is disheartening, these Chipatans have actually turned it into a Mobutuist art. Look at that stupid Esther Jonathan Lungu’s trip to the US to receive second hard fore engines, in the processes spending more money on allowances, lodging and airfairs. Who does such madenning stupid things sure? Remember the issue of “Aba ebakwete kasaka ka ndalama” and how the man reacted, bushe te bupuba bulya? We all know Dora is a thick head, but not even in my wildest dreans did I think she is this gutlessly damn! Folotiya was right, if an adult pisses in bed, something is wrong upstairs, the girl is mentally challenged.

  9. “……Zambia’s unparalleled record of good governance, transparency, accountability, rule of law and constitutionalism which this government has continued to promote….”

    Who owns the 48 houses ?

    Lungu or tasila ?

  10. Dora Siliya! My sister. Don’t you ever have any morals left ? When senior statesmen begin to voice their anger one after the other, its time for you to know that your governance has ended. In the last couple of weeks alone we are seeing pioneers of Zambia’s democracy going out their anger against your leadership. If that doesn’t worry your lot, then you’re all doomed.

  11. You cannot force people to believe in the so-called ” Zambia’s unparalleled record of good governance, transparency, accountability, rule of law and constitutionalism which this government has continued to promote.” when they see the opposite. You are endangering our lives as Chipantans now. Better keep quiet and listen!

  12. Once areknowned for his vicious political polls manipulation stunts, VJ contribution to our democratic Governance process remains shrouded in a near Zero achievers list. His disgrace after he was chased from malawi on account of his usual manipulative behavior explains his frustration.
    We shall continue reminding and lecturing legacy-less VJ as he draws close to the lords call. Good job Dora.

  13. VJ is a spent force and only people who have a group think mentality typical of the UPND can believe what this self confessed drug Lord said…

    • Do you mean to say “like self confessed embezzler and confessed tax cheat” who was convicted on HIS OWN PLEA OF GUILTY?



  16. Dora you cant advise VJ all of you are too young. Tell your not listtening governmt to have a meeting and work on critiques given out by VJ. If your team have enough brains drop NDF Bill 10 now or else you will regret snoonest. During your meeting analizing VJ critique dont invite Valden Findlay and owner of the 48 mirracle houses. May be they are yours Dora? Be transperent tell us about Findlay, 48 houses and hunger issues. Dont advise critiques work on them. You were ont born when abena VJ were in government such nonsense were not there.

    • Yeah, yeah yeah!
      You have felt her.
      So mature now.
      They say when the old grow older, they behave like kids. Typical of VJ characterization.
      Dora is in her prime age.
      Not young, not old but just contained for the moment. I can see she is growing much wiser though.
      In this case, wiser than vj and h² combined iwe, iyeeee uluse basankwa.

  17. A mature leadership will objectively receive all counsel and criticism, not suffocate it with “we are in power” attitude.

    • No dude mature leadership Counsel those sufffering from leadership defecient old broken records like VJ. Those poor at articulating issues in the contemporary situations. Admit it, Princess Dora nailed it even in her Bengwa remarks, I give her heightened accolades.

    • Yah, you are already rolling in the swamp of deceit, criminality, corruption, theft, indecency and moral decay without precedent in this Nation.
      Your lot are not ashamed to call yourself citizens of “Christian Nation”?
      You are hypocritical scum of the earth.
      Vader retro satan

    • We the elite real citizens of the land whose vote counts, the smart people of the Zambian Enterprise ~ Br Mumba Jr’s phrase, don’t give a dumb.
      We’re rolling, if you don’t like it GFYS my nigga.
      Let’s roll imwe! Huh! A double h-less life is great.

  18. VJ is just being Tonga, bo Siliya. He is just being himself. If it were Akainde in Government, he would have been praising everything including stealing. 100% of negative commentators on LT are his relatives.

  19. There were certain incidents in the polity that could justify VJ making strong statement about the state of democracy in the country. These include : 1) HH arrest; 2) Fire engines;3) the 48 mansions; 4) CK arrest; 5) Bill No.10; 5) Salex Tax; 5) KCM; 6) Electric Power deficit; 7) Hunger situation; 8) etc. These also were issues where Government missed opportunities to prove critics wrong. It is advisable to engage VJ rather than to adopt a defensive posture. Dialogue with former leaders was necessary to avoid history repeating itself. Appeasement was more costly than engagement. To be drunk with power, then one was in power. In the beginning, inflation was low and in the end inflation was not low. It was high..

  20. Honestly, there must be something seriously wrong in the cerebellum of some Zambians, that’s why they have utulukobo kwati ni Njangwamuloty! I mean, what Silit is saying is a nullify, the girl is lying in broad day light and one has to be thicker than her to swallow some bull!

  21. Dora, lol. Be quiet. Freedom of speech. You spoke badly of His Excellency Michael Chiufya Sata, now you’re in the party he created. What a joke. So when another party comes in, you’ll cross over to that party too. Ichalo ichi.

  22. This PF government has time and again shown itself unworthy of our trust as it uses the powers of incumbecy in a manner that is corrosive of the constitution and destructive of the system of ethnic harmony in a democracy on which our unitary state is grounded. Full cycle stupid dimwits like Dora can never be ministers even in hell, only in Lungu’s masalamusi is this possible.

  23. Madam siliya just say that you have increased or broadened your areas of manipulation as a PF government that is all. Because I don’t see any president power reduction in this constitution. All it has done is simply increase it. If your servant owns great wealth the only way to be in charge of that wealth as the master is to own that servant.

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