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President Lungu attends late aunt’s funeral

President Lungu talks to National Guidance and Religious Affairs Minister Godfridah Sumaili as First Lady Esther Lungu listens shortly before departure at City Airport for Petauke for burial of his Aunt Mama Mainess Lungu on Wednesday, September 18,2019 -Pictures by Thomas Nsama/State House

President Edgar Lungu is among several mourners that have gathered at M’kwama village in Senior Chief Kalindawelo’s Chiefdom in Petauke district, Eastern Province, to attend funeral and burial ceremony for his late aunt Mainess Lungu.

Ms Lungu, who was until her demise the only surviving aunt for the Head of State, died on Monday September 16, 2019 at the University Teaching Hospital (UTH) in Lusaka, aged 96.

President Lungu is accompanied by First Lady Esther Lungu and senior government and Patriotic Front (PF) officials among others.

ZANIS reports that President Lungu has described his aunt as a force of nature, passionate, caring and strong woman who united and loved the family for one common goal.

Mr Lungu said his aunt was an honest person who spoke her mind but never held grudges against anyone, and also preached love and unity at all times.

He explained that he was personally affected by the death of Ms Lungu, adding that she was a mother to all family members.

President Lungu further thanked everyone that found time to mourn with the first family, adding that what divides people cannot outweigh what units them, hence the need for people in the country to continue embracing each other and upholding the One Zambia One Nation motto in times of happiness and sorrow.

And Eastern Province Minister Makebi Zulu explained that government is saddened with the death of Ms Lungu, a person who was close to the Head of State and wished the first family and all family members God’s guidance during this trying moment.

Meanwhile, his homily Bishop Edwin Zulu from the Reformed Church in Zambia (RCZ) called all Christians in the country to always prepare themselves for no one knows the day or time that they will die.

Bishop Zulu noted that Ms Lungu prepared her life for Christ, adding that she was a dedicated and committed member of the RCZ, for the last 38 years.

And Head Mkwama has described the late Ms Lungu as a humble and caring person who related well with other villagers and participated actively in all activities in the village.

The late Ms Lungu was the youngest sister to late Ranger Lungu, who was the father to President Edgar Lungu.

She has left behind four grandchildren and 18 great grandchildren.

People from different walks of life including traditional leaders from within Eastern Province, District Commissioners, government and Patriotic Front party members were among the mourners.

Ms Lungu will be buried this afternoon at M’kwama village burial site.

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  1. Condolences Mr. President! After the funeral come back sir and continue developing this nation. Don’t listen to detractors who hate this country and have pilfered money out of Zambia and taken it to Tax havens. They want to sell Zambia to their Three Mansion friends. Thank God he is UNELECTABLE!


    • Do you think the Easterners were watching Western films in Petauke like the Lone Ranger? More likely to have come across a forest ranger, bakapenda mabula who were quite ubiquitous in Northern Rhodesia.


  2. Mmmm….last surviving aunt? All the big witnesses a gone, Ranger Lungu, Mulongoti now Mainess. She never married but had 4 grand kids and 18 great grandchildren. Were are her children or maybe she bore her 4 grand kids?


    • @Senior Engineer Retarded. Obviously not, but i just wanted to know how many children she had.


    • A harmless question can make one retarded. Donald Trump mentality where any one whose question you dont like is called dumb or having low IQ


  3. We pray to our Father in Heaven that she finds rest in God’s peace made worthy by Christ our redeemer. Sadness of the heart is lightened by celebration of the love that was between all. It is the greatest of all spiritual gifts. Find peace in the warmth of it. Blessings of healing to all the family. God never fails in our faith in Him. He is good always.


  4. I have found it strange and puzzling that two opposition figures can claim that President Lungu is infact Jonathan Mutaware, a Malawian and yet have an aunt in Petauke who has unfortunately passed away, MHSRIP and who must be a Zambian because Petauke is right inside Zambia and not a border town.


  5. On a lighter note, the names my cousins give themselves never cease to amaze me. Ati Ranger Lungu, probably named after a forest ranger and could have easily picked on forest.


  6. Zambians are suffering and going without food because of this rat lungu. We don’t care. His auntie has benefited from our tax payers money am sure she died a satisfied woman. Next!


  7. Sincere condolenses to the President.
    We mourn with you Sir.
    Koma tyala ZESCO has increased loadshedding hours in Northmead as of yesterday to 12hrs .
    Nditu Boma iyanganepo .


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