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Tutwa reports John Sangwa to LAZ for professional misconduct over the open letter to President Lungu

Headlines Tutwa reports John Sangwa to LAZ for professional misconduct over the...

Constitutional Lawyer John Sangwa stresses a point at a recent public discussion on the Constitutional Amendment Bill
Constitutional Lawyer John Sangwa stresses a point at a recent public discussion on the Constitutional Amendment Bill

Deputy Parliamentary Chief Whip Tutwa Ngulube has dragged Lusaka lawyer John Sangwa of Simeza and Sangwa Associates to the Law Association of Zambia (LAZ) for alleged professional misconduct.

Mr. Ngulube, who is also Lusaka lawyer, has consequently raised a complaint before the LAZ legal practitioners committee claiming that Mr. Sangwa has allegedly misconducted himself on professional grounds.

This is contained in a letter addressed to LAZ and released to ZNBC News in Lusaka.

Mr. Ngulube has alleged that Mr Sangwa has violated rule 37 sub-rule three of the legal practioner rules of 2002.

This is in reference to the letter that Mr. Sangwa recently wrote to President Edgar Lungu over the Constitutional dispensation in Zambia.

Last week, Mr Sangwa wrote to the President begging him to uphold the Constitution by withdrawing the Constitution of Zambia (Amendment) Bill No.10 of 2019 and accepting that having been elected twice to the office of President of Zambia, he was not eligible for a third term


President Lungu has done more for Zambia’s Constitution than all predecessors combined but Amendment Bill No.10 2019 will undermine his achievements – Sangwa

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    • LAZ and its president sued Tutwa.
      Now Tutwa is reporting Sangwa to people who don’t like Tutwa.
      I will not be surprised if Ba Edgar sued Tutwa for continuously insult him through his childish behavior.
      Ba PF, people don’t want you to fuuck up the constitution, just give up.
      Ba PF Zambians don’t like you anymore.

  1. Whats funny in this country is that some things that are said to be treason are trivial matters, whereas, here is a serious issue of people trying to manipulate the constitution of the land and they do that with no consequences. In my opinion, manipulation of the constitution should be a treasonable offense


  3. Zambian Citizen – Us the people of Zambia are the only ones mandated to amend the constitution. Those changes they want to make like introducing deputy ministers with whose authority do they want to do that, introducing coalition government with whose authority?
    Us the people of Zambia recommended that there should be no deputy ministers during the Mvunga and Mwanakatwe commissions. Those were our submission. Did they come back to us for fresh submissions? NO. So check your head instead.
    On behalf of Mwelwa
    Good day

    • And are all the 16m Zambians going to stand on one podium to speak with one voice?? That is why we elect representatives. Our National Legislature, our Parliament, is mandated by the constitution to make laws. That is why it is criminal for opposition mps to abandon their duty and not debate this matter. Any constitution is subject to amendment using the right channels. The PF led GRZ enacted the amendments of the Mung’omba Commission in 2016 and have put up the LACUNAS (loopholes) for debate to parliament through Bill no. 10. Where’s the problem with that???

  4. with this kind of thinking , Zambians will end up having Chilufya Tayali as President……. Tutwa shuwa of all people….. is He the complainant or he is representing Lungu? the right person may be the Attorney General…. Above all what is the role of State counsels in Zambia………………
    this is a non issue………… it is not going anywhere……
    He is also interfering in the administration of justice by communicating to the Press…. see rule 17 sub rule 5 and 6 of the Legal Practitioners’ Rules of 2002…. Tutwa ngulube must be charged under the above rule

  5. Zambia – A low income poor country where professionals who should drive the development process i.e lawyers, accountants, engineers, doctors et al are all hard core corrupt criminals.
    ,,,and u expect to pretend to be civilized.

  6. Hasn’t he alleged that laz is up to no good so how is he again reporting to the ‘no good people’? Reminds me of one hh who alleges the judiciary is corrupt and then goes and lodges cases before them? Wonders never cease

    • Tutwa Ngulube knowa that LAZ has Petitioned Bill 10 and the Lawyer representing LAZ is John Sangwa. Tutwa is attempting to get LAZ to debar John Sangwa. What a silly and cheap way to Divide and Rule. That won’t work. LAZ should suggest to Tutwa Ngulube that he takes his Complaints to the Judicial Complaints Commission.

  7. This one party operative who has lost all relevance. He would do better not to proffer comment on every issue however trivial, than repeatedly affirm his narrow – mindedness. How the appointing authority comes up with this calibre of people in his leadership out so many sharp citizens is a real wonder!

  8. Is the introduction of deputy ministers a Lacuna? Is forming coalition government with any brief case party a lacuna? Is taking away decision of borrowing money from parliament approval a lacuna? Is the taking away of Judiciary authority from the Judiciary a lacuna the list is endless. Now tell me specifically which lacuna bill no. 10 is trying to addressing if not introducing new lacuna within lacuna. Don’t just defend because you support the party in power. This bill no.10 is a lacuna itself and how can it correct lacuna.

    • I will not waste time arguing with but I would strongly recommend you download a copy of Bill no. 10 and go through it carefully.

  9. Things are changing in Zambia at any time. Over this same amendment bill 10,its something hard to reckon on. Was even shocked do young ones of the generation presenting something to the committee. Anyway, I hope they are doing the right thing. The owners have already calculated the move in a smart way!!!!!!!Power is sweet with no sweat. Ha!!!!!?!

  10. I like the social media geniuses. when its time to make a decision involving everyone eligible, the polititian confuses you so that you dont even participate and the whole process fails. later the same polititian realises that that was a good document, and tries to encourage you to pressure the govt to reintroduce it when there is no money. Then someone takes an initiative to use a much cheaper way to amend lacunas. He tells every zambian to make submissions on what they feel should be altered. Those who refuse to make submisions cry the loudest. God bless us

  11. But why does mr Lungu want to continue to be president has he not had enough, come one 7 years is enough it’s time to retire and do something else

    • President Lungu. Who is this mister Lungu character you speak of. The constitution court ruled he can contest, so just go and sit somewhere.

  12. Tutwa, Sangwa and LAZ going rounds is actually good for Zambians and those in the law profession. Most of we the readers here don’t even know what lawyers do. This gives us a little bit of insight.

  13. Law Association of Zambia legal practitioners committee, is this not the same committee (with different lawyers) which de-registered Lungu for professional misconduct (for helping himself to the client’s money-hence the famous ubomba bwibala..).

  14. PF does not have high caliber ministers. One example is Olipa Phiri, Minister at Cabinet Office does not even know the meaning of the word ‘Assessment’. But even with this kind of caliber, President Lungu still finds Tutwa not mature enough to hold even the least Ministry. Shocking behavior and tantrums

  15. This is an Open Letter so we assume it was not served on Lungu directly. Since it was an Open Letter why would it be served to Lungu’s Lawyers? Why didn’t Tutwa direct his letter of Complaint to the Judicial Complaints Commission instead of LAZ we wonder? LAZ has Petitioned Bill 10 and Mr Sangwa will represent LAZ in the Petition while Tutwa Ngulube is the Vice Chairman of the Select Committee receiving Submissions on Bill 10. Why is Tutwa writing to LAZ when the Petition is still b4 Concourt? It looks like Tutwa is on a Fishing Expedition to get Mr Sangwa barred from representing LAZ in this Constitutional Case. Tutwa will not succeed in this Divide and Rule attempt.# All Progressive MPs should vote against Bill 10 to preserve our Constitutional Democracy.

  16. Like most stories on LT this one lacks meat. There is a lot missing from the story and the editor could have asked himself certain questions that the story should haVE ANSWERED

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