Cassava Farmers in Mansa District have bemoaned the low price at which they are selling their Cassava in this year’s marketing season.

Juliet Mwansa, a Cassava farmer from Chief Chisuka’s Chiefdom, says farmers did not expect to be selling their Cassava between the ranges of K 1.00 to K 1.30 per kilogramme.

She points out that the price is too low considering what farmers go through when growing the crop.

ZANIS reports that Mrs Mwansa explains that there is a lot involved in growing the commodity and the best a farmer can expect is a good price.

She discloses that the price this year is very demotivating unlike in the last year’s marketing season when they were able to sell at K 1.40 per kilogramme.

Mrs Mwansa says Cassava Farmers are hoping for something to be done to improve on the pricing if farmers are to make a bit of profit from their produce.

And another farmer, Lawrence Mwila from Matanda area says government should come up with a standard price for buying Cassava.

He observes that this will bring uniformity in the Cassava market as all the companies will buy Cassava at the same price.

Mr Mwila points out that with the current situation Cassava farmers will not be able to benefit more as they are forced to sell their Cassava as low as K 1.00 per kilogramme, which he said is not fair.

He indicates that the issue of price has been talked about for a long time and it is high time that something is done so as to help Cassava farmers in Luapula Province.

Mr Mwila notes that the survival of most people in the province depends on Cassava farming hence it is important that serious attention is given to the issues of pricing.

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  1. Unless demand for it increases, expect that selling price to be low. Be innovative and make foods out of it and let people develop the taste; then you will see the demand growing leading to higher prices. As things stand, nada.


  2. Both of you if you have nothing to offer stop commenting. This is an urgent call for help or consideration, next time Zambians think hard before voting as you’re entrusting your whole life and welfare into the hands of someone who may not care like it is with PF. You had a choice of voting for a successful farmer but you chose a thieving lawyer, now enjoy the reward of your choices. Farmers and business people next time don’t vote for a soldier and expect peace it just doesn’t work that way, vote for someone with vast knowledge about your field now you will be complaining till Jesus comes to deaf ears



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