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Justine Trudeau – “I am very sorry”

Headlines Justine Trudeau – “I am very sorry”

Canadia Prime Minister Justine Trudeau
Canadia Prime Minister Justine Trudeau

By Charles Mwewa

He is one of the youngest and privileged Prime Ministers. He is the Prime Minister of Canada. Eighteen years ago, he did something that can only be labelled, “racist.” He has apologized. Meanwhile, the photos and a video where he is clad and painted in “Black/Brown” and wearing an Islamic religious symbol, silhouetted among beautiful women, mostly White, have gone viral, both local and worldwide.

Is Trudeau really that bad a person? Is he a moniker of the prevalent White privilege? Is he truly sorry or he is simply pandering to political fallout? Will it cost him the Prime Minister’s office? Will he recover, and still clinch the October election and emerge a winner?

Trudeau was raised wealthy, White, and privileged. Trudeau is the son of one of Canada’s decorated Prime Ministers, Pierre Trudeau, who patriated the Constitution from the British Parliament in 1982 and gave to Canada the most coveted Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Trudeau rose to power, chiefly, riding on his father’s fame. Without his father and the name, he carries, Trudeau would not have arisen, in all reasonableness, to the throne of Canada, probably.

However, we should not be blinded by the unpalatable commentaries that have blanketed the Internet. Trudeau is a decent human being – and he has also evolved, contrary to expectation, into a very good Prime Minister. He has done one thing that every politician should learn: He has publicly, and contritely apologized. I believe that his apology is sincere.

Those who are rushing to indict Trudeau and wish his political career ends here, should be educated of the history of racism. Racism was not just a personality trait; racism was a politically-correct ideology. It built nations, created enormous wealth for most, and was seen as norm in the old days. The more racism one was, the more privileged and accepted they were. Racism built the “White” House. Racism conquered distant and colonial territories. Victims of racism, mostly Blacks, were not seen as humans; they were things, properties to be owned and free labour to be manipulated. Even the Great Canadian, John MacDonald, was a seasoned racist. And yet, and ironically, it was because he was racist that he probably became a successful Prime Minister. The mentality of that ancient society was born, nurtured and fashioned in a racist eon.

Canadia Prime Minister Justine Trudeau wearing a Blackface costume to a party
Canadia Prime Minister Justine Trudeau wearing a Blackface costume to a party

I should submit, nevertheless, that the story of Trudeau does not even come close to a moment of “We catch him.” At the time, eighteen years ago, it was probably even socially expedient so to do. Society now has changed. Blacks and most visible minorities have increased acquired rights and freedoms they were denied. The “Me Too” movements has continued where the Rights Movement left. There is now more awareness of the inviolable and inherency of the equality of all races. And most people would find it repugnant to even contemplate racist – honestly speaking, it isn’t profitable or funny any longer.

Trudeau has demonstrated, in his tenure as Prime Minister, that he is above that childish schemer he was eighteen years ago. Admittedly, he was 29 years old and a teacher (and so, he should have known better), but he was also a victim of a society that celebrated privilege and Whiteness. He was, in that sense, a victim of his own social milieu.

What we all need to do is to reflect – most of the mentality that informed the 1980s and early 2000s are now obsolete. Trudeau is embarrassed, he would not have, had it not been due to the progress that has been made in the race relationships across the globe. We are all sinners, we may not be racists, but we may be liars or worse. We need to remember the words of our Lord Jesus Christ, “He who is without sin, cast the first stone.” Indeed, we should not encourage behaviours and actions that disparage others or belittle or downgrade the minorities, but we should not be hypocrites, either. We may be pointing our single finger on Trudeau but the four fingers may be casting a spell on our own secret deeds. This even or discovery should not cost Trudeau the office – the voters should vote their consciousness.

Trudeau is a good leader – because he has a sense of repentance, even for the deeds that happened years before. Bad leaders think they are always right, even when they do despicable acts in secret. Good leaders own their mistakes and change. Bad leaders condemn others while they themselves are simply white-washed tombs!


  1. Many (not all) caucasians)whites inclunding Arabs) and Asians (Mongoloids) are racist at heart mostly against blacks but pretend big time.For most of them one has to be very careful who or how to trust.When one pays particular attention to what some of them say,do or write then racism is discovered. At 29 years of age and a Profession,Trudeau knew well what he was doing! However, someone who has apologised should be given a benefit of doubts especially if they seem to promote non racism in their practical life!

    • Wht is education supposed to do? Is it not supposed to free our minds from primitive prejudices and question the superstitions of old? Wht does it mean to be really educated? By the way the third question is title of a book by American educational psychologist Alfie Kohn. If education doesn’t help u jettison prejudices that u picked up from your social milieu during your formative yrs, then wht use is it? Indeed we can ask, wht was Justin Trudeau teaching his pupils? Charles Mwewa is naive. He would do well tp look for pupils Trudeau taught and find out wht he used to say in class. He was a history teacher and naturally is familiar with white injustices against non-whites and was actually teaching it. Tell it to the marines, Charles Mwewa.

    • Mention also that Justine is so of former Prime Minister. He is not that smart, he is Prime minister because of his father period.
      I will never enter Canada nerver again..

    • Asians and those from the middle east always cry racism when their religion is attacked, what’s the connection between race and religion ?

    • Ba Charles Mwewa such articles should be written by a white man. Why are you, a victim of racism, being in the forefront of justifying racism?
      Let the Whiteman defend himself for his actions. But there you go inserting yourself into the white man’s defences leaving us to conclude you may be the house nigger the slave master needs to quell a slave rebellion. Awe mukwai we are still awaiting compensation for slavery so we can’t be in the forefront of the defense of this evil.

    • Charles Mwewa you are part of the problem….typical house negro…Uncle Tom…….useless article….stop kissing white man’s assss

    • Lusaka Times please we want to know how things are back home…loadshading, food situation etc and am sure everyone that logs onto Lusaka Times wants to know about whats happening in Zambia not Canada….Canadians dont give a faaak about whats happening in our country so LT you the only source..dont give audience to Uncle Tom Charles Mwewa…a coon

  2. As a race that has abandoned its spirituality, Africans fail to see that most acts of our erstwhile colonial masters was firmly guided by their religious beliefs. That is why racism and a lot of other vices (slavery, any one?) were totally and socially acceptable. Trudeau simply articulated what his belief system held (and still holds to this day) as true and correct behavior. Welcome to the real world. I do hope he gets re-elected. We can only get a worse bloke there anyway.

    • In both the Koran and the Old Testament, there are passages that justify enslavement of Africans. That’s both Christians and Moslem Arabs partook in enslaving Africans.

    • Nemwine, please tell us the chapter and verse where Jehovah says it is okay to enslave Africans. Do not just heap nonsense on God. These europeans and Arabs were of Satans seed period. God had nothing to do with it.

    • Christ was a man of color, black if you like. He grew up in Africa, and Africans were with hime long before Europeans ever started stealing from the planet more and more. Stop trying to lie to us. Africans knew God long before witchcraft.

  3. You sick politically correct babies. Why is it ok for blacks to paint their faces white during Halloween or African ceremonies and yet white people classed racist? Black people are too emotional and need to get over the racism that their fore fathers suffererd. Trudeu is weak for apologising. Some of us don’t even think of racism. We are so advanced such that I am married to a white woman who I love and she sees me for who I am. Of course I love her white silky skin and blue eyes aw I love her

  4. You sick politically correct babies. Why is it ok for blacks to paint their faces white during Halloween or African ceremonies and yet white people classed racist?

  5. You sick politically correct babies. Why is it ok for blacks to paint their faces white during Halloween or African ceremonies and yet white people classed racist? Black people are too emotional and need to get over the racism that their fore fathers suffererd. Trudeu is weak for apologising. Some of us don’t even think of racism. We are so advanced such that I am married to a white woman who I love and she sees me for who I am. Of course I love her white silky skin and blue eyes aw I love her x

  6. @N.ee.eZ you are a complete moron! Context , if you can’t understand why black face is wrong it’s because you don’t know history. Black people didn’t enslave white people for 400+ years and black people didn’t wear white face as a form of mockery art of white people, did they? Being married to some1 from another race doesn’t you are advanced it just means you love that person and they happen to be another race, that’s it . Proves nothing more, not in this day and age. Trudeau is one of the progressive leaders of our time and messed , that’s for sure but he apologized and that’s the 1st step acknowledging he was wrong. That takes strength!

    • Were you enslaved ? It was 400 years ago. I think the oldest person in world is not even above 110 years old. Get over yourself and remove that chip in your shoulder. X

  7. No comment, except to confirm that in Zambia even today, a politician says one thing, and when it does not work or he discovers his folly, he says something to the contrary without even withdrawing his earlier statement or apologising.
    You see it among our national leaders. HH has the most baggage in this area, when he was anointed leader of UPND in 2006 his handlers said it openly that upnd could only be headed by one of their own whatever that means. Year after year we remind him to make good but he has never apologised, hoping that we forget but we can never forget such a blot in Zambia’s politics.
    Another one tells us there is nothing wrong in borrowing as if anyone denied that everyone borrows, but we all must borrow responsibly. Next we hear austerity measures arising from…

  8. Yesterday I was listening to BBC Radio. There was a story about erosion of freedoms and democracy and intolerance for opposing views in Tanzania, and Zambia heading the same direction. The story said quote “it will take a very long time to restore the institutions that have been destroyed” and are being destroyed.
    Now, I thought to myself, that would be sad for Zambia if it was true.
    Please politicians, including HH, do not similarly destroy our beautiful and democratic Zambia for your selfish egos.

  9. A leader who acknowledges his wrongs is a great leader. If Canadians want to move forward as a nation, the current Prime Minister is the one they should choose. He is a rare jewel in the world among leaders of nations. Even without apologising his action during his tenure as prime minister demonstrates that he is not a racist. He has in his cabinet who of african origin. Africans must stop crying victim but become excellent in our way of life. Excellence is the cure for racism. I have passed exams caucasians have failed so I don’t feel inferior to anyone on a
    earth because of their skin colour. Africans must stop corruption and tribalism and develop the continent to match the development in the western world and no one will be talking about racism.

    • White people will always be racist. Even when Africa develops. Why do you think the destroyed the noses on the Sphinxes in Egypt. African civilization has always moved forward. We just need to rid ourselves of the leaders we have in opposition and government.

  10. People, please give a definition of race because the skin pigment foes not define race
    Then define what is racism?
    Then grow up and get a life, Justin Traudeu. You went to a fancy dress party dressed as Aladdin, a fictitious character in a story. Aladdin isn’t offended, so why should you?

    • There is no race actually. Just people who have been united by their oppression and people who have been united by their oppressing

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