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President Lungu visits drough hit areas in Southern Province and donates Mealie Meal

Headlines President Lungu visits drough hit areas in Southern Province and donates Mealie...

President Lungu dinating a Melalie meal bag to a draght viction
President Lungu donating a Mealie Meal bag to a draught victims in SOuthern Province

Zambia’s President Edgard Lungu has visited Simukombo and Simoonga villages in Kazungula District of Southern Province both areas hard hit by drought.

According to a statement released to the media by by his special Assistant for Press and Public Relations Isaac Chipampe, the President received praise from the people of Simukombo Village in Kazungula District, for being the first Head of State to visit the area.

Last week, President Lungu themed his speech around climate change when he opened Parliament and today visited two areas affected by the adverse climatic conditions.

Boswell Mutafela Sianga, Headman of Simukombo was delighted to meet the President.

“We are not going to die, President Lungu is here,” Mr Sianga said amid ululation from hundreds of people who had come to receive relief food from the Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit (DMMU).

The food has been donated by cooperating partners through the DMMU which falls under the Office of the Vice-President.

The Headman said water is scarce in the area and apart from people, animals have also been left with no water.

President Lungu assured that no one will die from hunger because Government will provide food.

The President said officers are on the ground and will continue assessing the situation.

“I can assure you, we will not abandon you. We shall continue bringing food until the situation normalises,” the President said.

The President later handed some bags of maize from a truck and trailer to the residents.

The President later visited Simoonga where Headman Makwaza said Government needs to provide seed and fertiliser.

The President promised the residents inputs.

“It is our responsibility to support you,” the President said and told the residents that the food was not for sale.
Later, the President participated in the hand over of food to the residents.

President Lungu donating a Mealie Meal bag to a draught victims in SOuthern Province
President Lungu donating a Mealie Meal bag to a draught victims in Southern Province

President Lungu donating a Mealie Meal bag to a draught victims in Southern Province
President Lungu donating a Mealie Meal bag to a draught victims in Southern Province

President Lungu donating a Mealie Meal bag to a draught victims in Southern Province
President Lungu donating a Mealie Meal bag to a draught victims in Southern Province


    • Lungu id struggling to lift a 12.5kg PF party branded bag of mealie meal. Bravo HH for your efforts donating 25kgs n=bags to residents of Bauleni. Lungu is distributing maize bought by tax payers money at DMMU. Who is politicizing the hunger situation?

    • Why write campaign message on bags of maize meal from the office of Vice President? Why in green color, PF colors? Why drought and donations turned into campaign?
      The other HH was donating in Chawama and Bauleni, how can Chawama and Bauleni experience drought, how????
      Now Ba Edgar going to win some votes in South Province, because HH was in Chawama…
      Seriously Lesa akaya mikanda.
      I quit to be Zambian, no more.

    • Mr President ! Are now admitting that there is a crisis in the nation. PF your Egos, Pride have misguided you on this issue.

      HH has gotten the upper hand on this matter. Frankly he has out performed you on this endeavour.

      Unless otherwise for the sake of genuineness! The biggest problem is that both you – “LUNGU & HICHILIMA are doing all this to get votes

    • Deputy Parliamentary Chief Whip Tutwa Ngulube: “Let him take the food to people who voted for him and are keeping him in the opposition. Leave the Bauleni people alone”. In reference to HH.
      Now, do you understand why we say Zambia is cursed with empty heads as our LEADERS?
      Can Tutwa today say the same to ECL who is donating in Southern Province, which this is understood to be HH stronghold hence, it’s assumed these people never voted for ECL. So should they say ECL go back, and leave the people Kazungula District alone?
      WHO was screaming there was no CRISIS? If there was no crisis, why is ECL donating? Who was screaming about Politicking, is this not politicking?

    • Thank you Mr. President. Sometimes it is good to say thank you. It transforms both sides for the better. I hope HH can say this. But his head has the wrong psychology.

    • We should be working on this issue quietly but it seems some characters want to be seen championing this issue. This is the right target not bauleni. LT is also a culprit in advancing this rather unfortunate situation.
      Give the needy quietly not on camera and rolling pictures.
      Is PF playing to the deads gallery.
      We can accept publishing empowerment donation not food to the needy. Don’t play dirty like h².
      Come on Zambians

    • As a black African, I can safely say that our people should not feel as if President Lungu is doing them a favour for delivering relief food. In fact, it is obligatory for the head of state to ensure that each and every Zambian has enough food to eat about three times a day. Every Zambian citizen has a constitutional right to good health and, my reading in terms of this specific right is that it includes the receipt of edible foods, clean fresh water and non-poisonous medicines. Additionally, and notably, the current Zambian government merely received donated food on behalf of the targeted vulnerable recipients (affected indigent citizens). Therefore, President Lungu must not act as if he purchased the donated food. President Lungu’s presence is designed to convey a communique that he…

    • With all due respect for office of the presidency, President Lungu’s presence is designed to convey a communique that he should be retained as a republican president post 2021. That being so, I still retain my right to be critical at all times within a narrow and constructive trajectory, which does not amount to travesty of justice and, distortion of narrative(s) tendered by the party(ies) under scrutiny. In this instance, PF’s actions have to be reviewed consistently before the 2021 elections. The frequency of PF’s food distribution is not known, thus, it is not cited how President and his colleagues will sustain such a distribution of food to the indigent masses. A 12.5 kg of maize meal per month is insufficient for one person or more. The state should assist citizens with beans,…

  1. Bwana Lungu your misguided GRZ could’ve avoided all this with better agricultural policies ,incentives and proper tools.Israel is a desert nation but never has food shortages.

    • This is problem with UPND cadres, you want to grand stand and politicise everything. The drought and the lack of water in Kariba dam has nothing to do with the ECL and his government. The drought in the 2018/2019 coupled with the effects of cyclone IDAI was the worst in the last 40 years within the SADC. The poor wheather conditions affected the most western and southern provinces of Zambia. In 2017, 1.5 million people experienced destitution in the UK, meaning they had less than £10 a day after housing costs, or they had to go without at least two essentials such as shelter, food, heat, light, clothing or toiletries during a one-month period. If you look at the recent UN report on poverty, it puts as 14 million people living in poverty in the UK. Has the government declared a…

    • Tough but true, sometimes its better to shut your gob. You honest want to compare poverty in Zambia with that of the UK! Honestly!

    • @John…..I have not made comparisons of poverty between the UK and Zambia. I have stated the facts from the the UN report on poverty; you are free to make to your own conclusions. Secondly, drought of of 2018/2019 which is directly responsible for current crisis coupled with cyclone IDAI was the worst in the last 40 years – again you are free to do your own research on this matter. What you are forbidden to do is to lie that the lack of water in Kariba dam for electicity generation is a PF problem.

    • How can drought in one season cause food shortages. Edgar Lungu and PF have no plan, we have enough land to produce food enough to feed ourselves for 5 years in one farming season. And if nature favors us the next season, we can always export to Congo, What we are lacking is brains and leadership. Everything is being blamed on climate change. Pathetic!!

    • @John, poverty in the UK is actually worse than in Zambia. UK poverty is stage managed whilst in Zambia reporting is free for all. Zambians go in poverty mode when the maize season fail. We are so reliant on maize to the point where large GMO companies are investing heavily in replacing our organic maize seed to that which will wipe us out clean. We are so focused on politicising everything in our country to the point where we have actually stopped thinking things through. We are the architects of our own downfall.

    • Tough but true

      Plezzzz……..no one in the UK is at risk of starvation……

      The UK has a robust social security system…….

      Some people talk from their back sides….

    • Mr man who compared poverty in zambia and UK, instead of wasting time on those comparisons you should have taken time to analyze why a country like zambia can fail to setup strategic food reserve depots that can stockpile grain to last a minimum of three years, one season has brought hunger, do u know why? we have leadership that does not have a long term plan.., today you eat like a king tomorrow u are begging like a kolwe

    • You don’t help double h grow you chaps. He is the same or even worse since he took over UPND and turned it to UPNDEAD, an evil occult.
      Be honest with you poor soul, being opposition doesn’t mean being whitewashing, isolationist, oppressionist and being divisive. Being opposition doesn’t ask for frustration of Government programs and storming out’a parliament. Being opposition doesn’t mean no to(opposing) everything. Being opposition doesn’t mean making people not to meet Government transparently. Being opposition doesn’t mean falsehood and treachery. The sinister nature of double got me calling him evil.

  2. Would you rather have mealie meal dropped from Helicopters? There is a calamity that has befallen the people in the areas mentioned and I am sure that none of the Govt or opposition officials would want to see people suffer like that.

    • We must retire the evil spirit that befallen SP once and for all.
      Plentiness of [food, milk and honey] + h²[Promotion of laziness by spirits + stopping Government programs by frustration method] = untold suffering plus drought.
      Ohhhhhhhh! Doesn’t he victimize his politically inclined individuals from working with Government? Isn’t that evil?

  3. “We are not going to die,President Lungu is here,” Mr. Sianga said amid ululation from hundreds of people who had come to receive relief foor from DMMU.

    Lol….Politics especially in Zambia never cease to amaze me.Wait for 2021 and see people and politicians alike ululate and dance.

    • Yes! Yes! That’s the way we by.
      Yes! Yes! That’s the way we by.
      Yes! Yes! That’s the way we by.

      Your kind’a Zambia is only in your thick skull, the one you have commented on is the – welcome to Zambian, the real Africa.

      Bufontini pa Zed is mind boggling.
      Jona Chakolwa & his Goon Party which includes in house Boxers like Kaizer, SHOULD HAVE BOUGHT SILO’S TO STORE GRAIN, instead of overinflated 42 Wheelbarrows, Flying Z.A.F Champagne Casinos, & 42 Mysterious houses.
      Jona should have had a robust system in place where Farmers inputs, & payment for produce are delivered on time, & we wouldn’t be taking of this current crisis.
      The Cash from Unprecedented P.F Plunder, is more than enough to sink boreholes in these drought stricken areas, BUT AIKONA P.F. They are only proactive in stealing & waste.
      Whatever happened to the OLD Fire Trucks ba Esther went to the U.S to collect, taking with her her whole village relations,…

    • Cont;
      taking with her, her whole village relations, + comrades from Chawama including Cooks, & Garden boys, praise singers, bar girls,to go & see the U.S @ great taxpayers expense exceeding the value of those invisible ancient Fire Trucks??

    • Monarchy and autocratic tendencies of always prostrating before African presidents and calling them father most high is what has landed African countries in the current economic, political and social quagmire.

    • I hear the political under5 evil spirit was busy suffocating DMMU officers in the region. Now he realizes that he can’t stop Grand guru for fear of risking another road rage that is equal to Mukobeko.

      This just canceled the Bauleni donation political stunt of a highly failed political element.
      Good job POTROZ.

  4. “The food has been donated by cooperating partners through the DMMU which falls under the Office of the Vice-President.”

    Tell HH that the cooperating partners did not have to wait to help until government declared a national disaster. This means that government is working quietly engaging them in offices rather than in the media before cameras.
    But you can forgive HH, he is perpetually an underfive and has no clue how government works. Now I agree that this boy should have started his political career as councillor or even ward chairman as Mazoka did. But no, his supporters thought that his trible and his wealth were both minimum and sufficient qualifications.
    Up to now I have not heard him renounce the trible criteria at the 2006 UPND “convention” in Choma.

  5. Reducing citizens to beggars is the worst form of dehumanizing people! And let no one mention climate change as an excuse! Israel thrives in Desert Conditions and we never hear it asking for food handouts! We don’t elect leaders into public office to become Father Christmases! What is even worse and shameful is putting party ligalia colors on relief food! Are we trying to gain political mileage? Nevertheless, thanks for answering the call to emulate!

    • Okay lets just say the h² laziness spirit and politics of the belly evils have ravaged SP because the last time I checked, SP was a Maizebelt.
      If not how do you explain a land once filled the plentifulness of rain, crops, milk and honey dropping to foot and mouth diseased cattle, lack of rain and shortage of food.
      Impeach chief’ee Mukuni for his involvement in politics and siding with the evil spirit of drought.
      Bring back SP, the land of the hard working farmers pilizi.

  6. …can’t wait to hear the announcent of next running mate for HH would be. Is it Patrick Mucheleka on the same criteria used for GBM?

  7. #7 Disaster upnd, “What is even worse and shameful is putting party ligalia colors on relief food!”

    No sir, there is no party regalia colour in the picture unless seen from trible eyes. What IS even worse is for you and upnd to think that the green colour of the mealie meal bags is PF promotion. What IS even worse is for you and your upnd to try and dictate what colour the cooperating partners put on the donated mealie meal. You guys in UPND are utterly an embarrassment to humanity.

    • Wasn’t Kuomboka ceremony put off kamba ka drought. Meaning no floods.
      What has h² done to the two provinces SP and WP?
      I smell a fishy scent.
      Instead of an opposition leader working with Government to promote drought resistant crops, he is busy discouraging them and grabbing land from poor farmers for his cattle and cattle herders.
      This evil gotta stop Baasa.
      #FreeSP&WPfromh²Evil imwe pilizi.

  8. No one is accusing PF for he drought and depletion of food, we all know that it has to do with climate change ,however we are concerned about the government’s reaction to this problem.Government should have reacted swiftly to prevent several people from being reduced to beggars. A true christian leader does not sit back and watch while a section of his citizens are starving due to no fault of their own. This so called president is happy now being photographed handing out bags of mealie meal and being praised for being a saviour!! I don’t condone kindness but I don’t feel comfortable with the double standards being exhibited here by PF who think it’s ok for them to display insensitivity of this kind!! Why is Lungu so happy to be photographed handing out a bag and being praised? Is this…

    • It seems like double h is at the centre of mishaps in SP.
      He needs to loosen SPians from the bondage of evil.

      I don’t understand a kwindi frustrating Government effort in SP by blocking DMMU officers relief food distribution and cutting Zesco polls.

      If it should take the entire president doing the job, so be it. The jet will rest but h² gotta grow.

  9. Is this food coming out of his pocket? I guess not!! Is this not politicising the situation? Is his agenda all about brainwashing poor people into getting them to vote for his nonsense PF. All along his party has been living in denial about his hunger issue while they stuff their big stomachs with alcohol and fatty food and suddenly when the international community give their opinion, PF come out of hiding with shame.
    Don’t get me wrong, am happy that at least some hungry people have a meal at last and I don’t care where the food comes from just as long as PF do not attack those that are trying to help!!

    • Let be remind you that nothing POTROZ can do in SP can change the political narrative and shape in SP.
      Instead of concentrating on free mealie meal, this very occasion should chart the route for drought resistant crops in SP.
      The rains have eluded the area since evil rained in SP. This evil is of course cursed double h.
      Open your eyes wide open.
      Withdraw your support for evil people.

    • 2 Chronicles 7:14 King James Version (KJV)
      14 If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.
      SP, once the food security symbol for Zambia needs to prick out the evil. It needs healing.

  10. This is a cheap PR stunt by the president. The government through disaster management should put politics aside and tackle this issue in a bipartisan way. This is dangerous territory when you seek to panish areas which did not vote for you using goverment and state machinery. Those bags should not have PF colours on them, even if the president was donating from his own pocket, his pocket is financed by the state. It is shameful that we always wait for outsiders to tell us what to do or give us aid which stops us from thinking. It’s clear Zambia has more than enough food to feed it’s people but dirty politics has taken over. Our politicians need to stop this scourge of immorality.

    • Extremely skewed narrative.
      Let me remind you that not so long ago SP was the breadbasket for the nation.
      2019 – 2006 = 13.
      For thirteen solid years, what has h² been telling the people of SP. SP is now the most politicised province in Zambia kamba ka h².
      ZAMBIA BEHOLD, you shall not eat politics and Government can only go so far in mitigating the hunger situation.
      If you 1d10ts think being spoiled is the way forward forward lwenu bangwele.
      H² is a curse.

  11. As a father of three, i refuse to sink this low. surely should i receive praises for me to fend and provide for my family. This is why in Japan, during the first three grades of school children are not taught anything apart from morals, values, integrity and honest.

  12. Don’t mind mutaware. The silly coon was high off his head from cocaine when doing this. He won’t remember doing this tomorrow. Cocaine president. You people I don’t understand this. I do not like fat women but when it comes to fat white women I tend to think they look more attractive than some a slim Zambian women . Why is this

  13. Tough but True – you r forget that during this worst drought the government allowed the export of Maize – hundreds of trucks left this country loaded with maize from FRA – maize that was meant to help the people of Zambia get through this crisis. The PF can’t help if there is drought but they can put policies in place to ensure that Zambians have enough mielie meal to see them through – not go and sell everything to neighbouring countries so YES IT IS THE PF’S FAULT !!!

  14. Tough but True – you r forget that during this worst drought the government allowed the export of Maize – hundreds of trucks left this country loaded with maize from FRA – maize that was meant to help the people of Zambia get through this crisis. The PF can’t help if there is drought but they can put policies in place to ensure that Zambians have enough mielie meal to see them through – not go and sell everything to neighbouring countries so YES IT IS THE PF’S FAULT !!!

    • Pure nonsense and evil.

      Historically SP has been the food basket for the entire country. Whilst you were still in the gonads, we used to call it the Maizebelt.

      You can’t gain political mirage on the poor.
      This is the new evil from h². SP gotta stop being swindled by the filthness of h² and reconsider other economic frontiers through the recently held economic EXPO.

      Reallllllllly sick.

  15. The only reason P.F goons, are SO ANGRY with H.H, especially that deranged Cadre kaTutwa Ngulube to point they are screaming Treason & Tutwa is having sleepless nights, thereby missing out on his dirty W3t [email protected], is because H.H has dribbled them.
    President Chakolwa Jona was going to politicise this hunger situation for campaign purposes, & had in his diary apart from aimless flying with Valden, planned to criss cross the nation taking photos of himself handing over bunga to starving Zambians.
    H.H got info from contacts in State House, went ahead, & did this before Jona, thereby stealing Jona’s campaign thunder, & as a result these P F goons responsible for this chaos in the first place are LIVID IN ANGER, & CAN BARELY SLEEP, hence Lawyers of all people screaming Treason.

    • Every analytical person, will tend to say this is the high probability of the true situation. This is what is coming to my mind, chances are that this is exactly what happened.

    • @ 19.2
      It’s political “mileage” Thorn in the Butt, NOT mirage.
      Did you attend the same University as your fellow P.F goon “6 Points” Davis Mwila??

    • Correct, for once you stated correctly “Political Mileage not mirage.
      Thanks chaice, next time nkakuponwena pali correction.
      You think that I was born with it? Shaa! Chiputa bati!

  16. We are just watching. Sad that most of us don’t even have a feeling the pressure some of our people are going through. Taking chances.

  17. Declare a hunger crisis and let international aid come and give people 50kg bags and not the nonsense being distributed here by an entire clueless head of state. People need food, extra-medication, they are telling you water and extra health personnel. Where will that ka 12kg take a starving person? DECLARE THE DROUGHT A NATIONAL DISASTER & LET AID AGENCIES DO THERE JOB, not your campaign foolishness here.

  18. Both like photo opportunities. And both like to feel important which is why HH is peeved that Edgar is the HE and not himself. Basically there is no difference between the two except that one came on the scene in 2006 without an election but anointed because he was the correct culture. Now that is too much baggage for people to allow you into leadership as in ruling Zambia. HH does not want to take this advice, but 2021 will leave severely scarred when the votes are counted. If he is looking for a repeat of 2016 and go to Concourt, sorry that election was too much of an education about HH for voters. He will be lucky if he can get 25% but his MPs will largely continue at a much greater percentage.

  19. By the way, let me remind Sunday Chanda not to spoil our weekend with his annoying childish and silly praise songs. Try publishing on Monday when we are all too busy with our daily chores to notice him.

  20. The current political leaders in Zambia are either inept, corrupt and have no Love and passion for the country they call Zambia
    Leaders must be selfless, ready to sacrifice for the betterment of the nation, leaders that praise the Head of state even when he is wrong are not meant to serve our people.

    • The President originally sent his officers through his vice president’s DMMU.
      Haven’t you been getting that double h and his henchmen have been standing in the way acting as SP’s gatekeepers. Have you wondered why he chose to donate in Bauleni yet the needy are in SP and surrounding areas?

      When you’re watching your news, try to tune to different stations to check and balance your assessment of the happenings in Zambia. Zambia, has gotten as politically charged as in the 1990 – 91 period. It’s crazy.

  21. Comment: you are saying there’s hunger in Zambia, go to South Africa in Capetown white people they pick good in the dust bin, here in our country there’s no hunger in South Africa there’s hunger am telling you, that’s why they’re killing forgreiners

  22. Damage control after seeing how HH was proactive on the issue. This is clearly a reaction, rather than a plan. Ba ECL kuwawafye.

    Waiting for his next trip to the UN next week. What will he say about climate change, food security and planning?

  23. De.mons from under5….if the didnt donate the de.mons in upnd would have been saying a lot of rubbish on the President, The President does a donation still these idi.ots in the de.mon sa.tanic party upnd are still talking rubbish….dem.ons.


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