The competition was intended for aspiring and established songwriters and musicians to produce a song that is memorable, entertaining, educational and informative.

Chisenga’s (Formally known as C.R.I.S.I.S) song, titled ‘SADC – Throw Your Hands Up’, triumphed against 27 entries by artists from nine SADC countries who took part in the competition. The Australia-based artist received $4000 and flew to Dar es Salaam, Tanzania to perform the song at the SADC Summit official opening ceremony in August.

“We’d like to say a big thanks to everyone who participated in the competition,” a post reads on the SADC Facebook page. “It has been a great pleasure receiving your songs, they were all amazing. And now we’d like to congratulate Chisenga Katongo, a Zambian national who emerged the winner.”

“Music provides impactful formats of relaying information about an organisation or product, hence the SADC Secretariat decided to launch the public outreach song to educate and inform about SADC.”

Launched last year in October, the competition was open to citizens of the SADC region and the wordings of the song and content were aimed at promoting awareness and visibility of SADC’s Objectives and Common Agenda.

The competition was intended for artists in any of the following categories: reggae, rock, blues, Christian, comedy/novelty, country, dance, folk, comedy, jazz, pop and R&B/hiphop.

SOURCE: Music In Africa

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  1. Zambian music industry is poor. This guy has been in the industry for decades surely this prize should be beneath him. At this stage he should be winning the grammys. The only Zambian music music white wife enjoys is the likes of Paul ngozi. Not this noise by these new kids


    • The Alick Nkhata’s and KK would be shaking their heads at the filth we are seeing these days because we fail to keep our culture.


  2. This is good for the recognition of Zambian musicians and hopefully for Chisenga’s career. It’s been quiet for him lately.


  3. Zambian music is of low grade. I don’t even bother listening to it. Since Daddy zemus it’s been trash after trash.


  4. upnd srategist:

    Neez, I will not comment under a hidden name. I do not like to speak to people about them under a hidden name. What you see is what you get!

    My name is CHISENGA, the artist formerly known as C.R.I.$.I.$ or ‘Crisis Mr. Swagger.’
    I have recently re-branded as the old is in the past and I am too far from home to not be at home with myself.

    I appreciate your comment because it then allows me to elaborate the Rhyme & Reason behind this SADC song that I recorded.

    1. I saw the contest and decided to enter it because being in the diaspora also means that I may contribute to my continent through the knowledge that I acquire as we all do when we travel and see our world outside looking in.

    2. It was a piece of cake to write and, the producer is also…



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