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American billionaire meets Lungu, pledges investments

Headlines American billionaire meets Lungu, pledges investments

A renowned American billionaire has shown interest in setting up a world class private wildlife estate or game ranch around the Kafue National Park.

Paul Jones confirmed his investment pledge when he met with President Edgar Lungu on the sidelines of the United Nations General Assembly in New York last evening.

Mr. Jones informed President Lungu that he has done a detailed investment plan for the wildlife project in Zambia although the Department of National Parks and Wildlife has not yet cleared his proposal.

He said he has proposed to government for an equity partnership in the running of the game ranch to facilitate a win-win situation for both parties.
Mr. Jones has since appealed to President Lungu to intervene in the prolonged delay by the Department of National Parks and Wildlife to grant him the game ranching licence.

The American investor further said he has similar ranching ventures in other African countries such as South Africa, Tanzania and Zimbabwe and hopes to do the same in Zambia.

Mr. Jones, who is chairman of Tudor Investment Corporation, disclosed that he plans to re-stock white rhinos in the Game Ranch and Kafue National Park once granted the wildlife licence.

And in responding to Mr. Jones’ investment pledge, President Lungu assured the American investor that he will direct Tourism Minister Ronald Chitotela to urgently look into the matter.

The President however said he will not interfere in the operations of the State institutions regarding delays in the issuance of the game ranching licence to Mr Jones but instead allow the due process of law to be followed.

He advised the American investor to immediately engage with relevant authorities so that whatever challenges were being faced in relation to his proposed game ranching project were resolved expeditiously.

President Lungu further emphasised his government’s desire to attract tangible investment in various sectors of the economy.

President Lungu is part of other world leaders attending the United Nations General Assembly in New York.
The President is also holding bilateral meetings and engaging prospective foreign investors wishing to invest in Zambia as part of the side events to the UN General Assembly.


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    • Not this kind of investments please…these guys just want to mess with our wildlife and natural resources…we need investment in Energy and health

    • He is American, and these guyz are not at bribing, that’s why his project never moved by Jean Kapata. And Chitotela to offer certificate for free!!??? Kayaaa…

    • I agree with everyone on this topic….wildlife and Tourism should be managed by locals….don’t bring billionaires to come and build ranches for themselves and call them holiday homes….we need serious investment in Energy,Healthcare and Technology

    • “I wish it were the Privatisation Thief as our President being talking to and it would have been better,” UPND Tribal Union Musankwa Larry Mweetwa. Dept of HaJealous.

    • Well I live in Canada and all the Parks are either under the federal government or in the provincial governments. I am not sure handing a territory the size of Israel to an American is the right to do?

    • @Sharon you are just frustrated dull chape, everybody else is try to be constructive.move onto something progressive, lyonse ni HH.

    • Its good news in that we are tired of Chinese taking over everything and it’s very hard for local to benefit from a Chinese but it’s very easy and it shall be seen the benefits that this investment will bring. Trust me even our country will offered to America I can campaign for the idea. I cry every day why we got independent on paper. I wish we stayed under the British rule.

    • Dora the explorer if only you knew what we missing ,you couldn’t say that. In Africa we cant lead ourselves trust me. South Africa is what it is because of the white man. We need a white man to rule Zambia again not a black man.

  1. #KICKPFOUT!!!! Investment that just goes in pockets of crooks is futile investment. Mr President, you have attracted a lot of investment in your trips but there is nothing to write home about. Your ministers,who were very poor when your party came into power, are the ones who benefit from such investments. We need a nation that will attract investments that will pull its citizenry out of a pit of poverty. Most of the investments have just benefited a few individuals. No wonder,professionals,are leaving their jobs because of free money that comes with one being a politician. Whatever investment that is attracted,the only beneficiary is a crooked politician not a common man. Investments minus stringent regulations attached to them, are futile investment.

  2. Why could he not convince him in
    Solar farm investment? This is not
    Win win but win lose investment. These investors want to jusk kill
    These animals for fun and money.

  3. While this is welcome investment sometimes we need to carry out comprehensive due dilligence on some of these proposed investments.Why a game ranch near a National Park? Before this was not allowed as it could be a conduit for looting a national park to enrich the park!And then,these bazungus usually have more information about our natural resources than ourselves,he may know some precious minerals exist in the area he has proposed.SO,PLIZ DON’T GIVE YOUR LICENCE WITHOUT GUARD!THIS COULD BE GOOD INVESTMENT BUT IT IS BETTER TO CREATE MANUFACTURING JOBS WHCH ADD VALUE TO RAW MATERIAL,COULD PAY BETTER,GROW OUR TRADE WITH THE CONTINENT AND BEYOND!!

  4. If you go to Lower Zambezi National park in Chiawa chiefdom, the lodges there are out of reach for most Zambians. Mostly the visitors there are whites. So this billionaire will be coming to invest in wildlife only to be afforded by his fellow rich people and the profits will be going back to his other investments

  5. The most critical problem we are facing right now is power deficit. The President should be engaging potential investors in the energy sector that will forever solve the provision of adequate power to our country. Discussions on investments in wildlife can come later. Let’s set our priorities right please

  6. foolish investment proposal if you asked me. Why not solar power generation, tractor manufacturing for agriculture, wind energy etc

  7. This investment is all about getting land and the wild life not good for Zambians you don’t invest by taking away land and natural resources of the nation, if they are serious they should come up with what Zambia doesn’t have .

  8. Is he going to come with animals to put in the park from America or its our animals if he is not coming with animals then it’s not investment I guess that’s why the lience was not given.

  9. Can somebody explain why ZESCO has put PHI underloading from 05hrs this morning and upto now 19hrs, there is no power. Sell this company to this same billuionare. Terrible country this one

  10. No licence……..

    PRIVATE Game Ranch means locals shut out. A little employment as surfs if they are lucky.

    Our Game resources are to benefit citizens. We can’t externalise our game income like in our mines. Also, Western views on animals being more important than humans is not in keeping with our culture.

  11. Let’s be honest gentlemen here, where have we locals run something that we can all be proud of? Look at Munda Wanga, today that place looks like a museum.

    • I agree with you. Most of the bloggers on LT blame politicians. But let’s ask ourselves too. What have we ordinary bloggers done for ourselves. May be that’s why we have so much time blogging nonsense cause we do nothing.

  12. Why are all these people here complaining about foreign investors benefiting more from their business investment.
    Last I checked you all are free to invest as much as you want in Zambia.
    Stop complaining for once and make your own money.

  13. Nothing gets approved without payment of a bribe in Zambia and that is why it’s being flooded by cheap Asians because they good at it.


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