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President Lungu praises USA for assistance

Headlines President Lungu praises USA for assistance

President Edgar Lungu has praised the United States of America for providing over US$ 3 billion towards development assistance to Zambia since its Independence in 1964.

This came to light when President Lungu held a bilateral meeting with US Deputy Assistant Secretary for Africa under the State Department Matthew Harrington in New York last evening.

President Lungu said Zambia is grateful for the continued US government support to different sectors such as education, health, water and sanitation, energy infrastructure development and capacity building respectively.

He noted that the health sector has been major beneficiary of the resources from the US government particularly under the United States for International Development (USAID) and the United States President Emergency Plan for Aids Relief (PEPFAR).

President Lungu said Zambia is therefore determined to expand its bilateral relations with the United States of America for the benefit of people from the two countries.

He also commended the US government for successfully completing the US$35 million grant for the Lusaka water supply, sanitation and drainage project under the Millennium Challenge Account Zambia.

President Lungu said through this project government has managed to improve the lives of the local people as they were now able to access to clean supply and good sanitation within their locality.

The Head of State also expressed gratitude donor funds under the Millennium Challenge Account were put to good use.President Lungu assured the US government that his administration will ensure that remaining works on the Lusaka water supply, sanitation and drainage project were successfully completed.

He further thanked the US government for according him and his delegation to the United Nations General Assembly a warm reception since their arrival in New York.

And speaking earlier, US Deputy Assistant Secretary for Africa Matthew Harrington thanked President Lungu for allocating time at the UN General Assembly in New York to hold a bilateral meeting with the US State Department.

Meanwhile, President Lungu has expressed concern with negative reports about Zambia being spread through social media.The President said he is happy to meet officials from the US State Department so as to clarify on certain unverified media reports which were denting the image of country abroad.

President Lungu has since urged Zambians to be responsible in use of the social media and refrain from spreading misinformation about their country.

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  1. Who put the president’s picture on the window seal just behind him? It looks so stup!d. Does that make the President seem in control or what?

    • @Analyser, I was about to write the same thing over that depressed self portrait on window.
      That indeed looks so idyotic!!
      These PF lead by Freedom Sikazwe should be fired, makes Ba Edgar look some s…..

    • If people who have gone to New York have gone there to bootlick the president (by putting photos of him on every window seal they come across) and not to bring back substance as they see what the President might have missed out then the President himself is f00lish for keeping such people on his entourage and in his cabinet or government. If I was President I would re-look carefully on what the role of such people around me.

    • Zambian bootlicking mentality, that portrait on the window seal looks plain stup!dy. Matthew Harrington is well briefed of the grand corruption of Edgar and his PF gang

    • I am really troubled by the photo of the president on the window seal If I was one of the white men listening to the president talking, I would be thinking that this president likes only to be praised and he is not serious. That setting really speaks volumes that are very negative. It portrays the president as no being business-like and has no sense of agency, I am afraid.

    • President Lungu needs to overhaul his advisory structure to replace it with one that can help him to start reflecting his status as President of a country.

    • “This could have been right if it were our little boy who did it” UPND Tribal Leader and spokesman Larry Mweetwa.

    • It’s so they can know who he is – by reading the label and looking the photo – like an autocue 🙂 Since they don’t know our countries

    • African leaders traveling to the western world with a begging bowl….we have enough resources just stop stealing and wasting then you wont be praising bazungu for giving you handouts…we have Gold,Copper,diamonds, abundant wildlife which the same Americans wish they had….but its ok to just waste our resources and ask for handouts….Trump said all his friends go to Africa to get rich….

    • @Analyser. Is it the first time to see that PF guys are so naive. You speak as if they have been positive all along and yet this is the caliber of our so called leaders. They are always embarrassing in everything – speech, thinking, outlook and actions. PF don’t even realize the mistake you just noted because they are such low and base fellows. Anyway, glad that you have seen a bit of what others have been seeing all along.

    • @Daniel, I am aware of all the PF shenanigans but in the current environment of Trump, and Boris and Brexit, one wants to be a bit positive of their own. And just when you what to be positive this stup!dity happens? in New York? Lungu please, New York is not Chawama!

  2. The Millennium challenge account did an excellent job. Had it been a Chinese project it could have been probably a ng’ong’a with a lot of corruption. USA is zero tolerance against corruption and it’s real

  3. Trump was in the building and he sends the Assistant of the Assistant to the secretary of African affairs to speak to ba Lungu. That’s speaks volumes

    • @5 Steve Chalapa
      When we tell you that no one knows a country called Zambia here in the USA…..they know Victoria Falls better than Zambia

  4. Are All African countries looking for investment? Or is it just Zambia.
    What we read everyday today its one
    Country nextday another country.
    Zambia for Zambians so why look
    Elsewhere for investment.

  5. What assistance? We have no ZESCO power in PHI from 5 30 this morning and it is now going to 19hrs. Failure every where. What a government, don’t even bring in climate issues. Because even non climatic issues, there is total failure.

  6. Drugs baby. Trump knows that is small change to ensure the monkeys go crazy so that they destruct themselves. No one cares more about you in this life than yourself. You think that money is all in good taste ? It’s called implementing dependency syndrome like the chinese are doing..even my white white is laughing

  7. We thank the USA for it’s generosity over the decades. Please keep it coming!

    We are a developing country we need help.

    • Stupid begging mentality. When will we think of working ourselves out of poverty you fool. Look at countries like China, India, Vietnam, Taiwan, Malaysia and even Japan. Where were they about 50 years ago? Look at Rwanda? Living in the uk but still your mindset hasn’t changed.

    • Did he really say that???? What is going on. Am I alive or maybe I am not. Amazing. The USA has an Embassy in Zambia doesn’t Zambias President for that those that voted for him know this, amazing

  8. What misinformation?? Reporting that you have bought yourself a private jet for millions of dollars at the expense of poor Zambians is not misinformation. The plane is in Zambia and you are using it. So where is the misinformation. Police brutality in Zambia is real as evidenced by photos on website Lusaka times.com

    Facts have to be reported

  9. Blaming his incompetency on social media reporting? Zambians are not stupid, they say it as it is. So it’s misinformation when PF riot police intimidate citizens who are trying to feed the hungry? Zambia is full of foreign nationals, nearly every one in Zambia has a camera on their phone and video evidence is quick to spread out to foreign lands including the USA, so who is he kidding?
    Freedom of information is a human right in a democratic country but not in Zambia. Carry on embarrassing yourselves with begging 56 years on, and please don’t even talk about independence because it’s laughable!!

  10. Donate this ,assist in debt reduction ,give aid blah blah. You notice Lungu only makes Zambia worse with his culture of dependency ?

  11. Meeting Deputy Assistant Secretary! Awe ba states have some respect kuli bakateka babamenu. It is an insult to the Zambians to let our great humble leader to hold meet with a non entity US officials. Not only is he a deputy but also an to an assistant for Africa under the State Department. We understand you have an issue with Findley but awe.

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