Five private universities de-registered

University of Zambia Vice Chancellor, Professor Stephen Simukanga, makes a speech at the first graduation ceremony of diploma teachers of Chipata College of Education in Chipata
Professor Stephen Simukanga
University of Zambia Vice Chancellor, Professor Stephen Simukanga, makes a speech at the first graduation ceremony of diploma teachers of Chipata College of Education in Chipata
Professor Stephen Simukanga

Five private universities have been de-registered. This follows Higher Education Authority inspections conducted between January and July 2019 which revealed that the private institutions failed to comply to set standards.

Higher Education Authority Director General Stephen Simukanga confirmed this during a media briefing in Lusaka.

Professor Simukanga has named the institutions as Damelin University, John David University, Southern Acacia University, Sylvia University and Eastern University.
He said that the Universities are no longer operating as higher learning institutions.

Professor Simukanga said the deregistration of institutions shows that government is committed to ensuring that Higher Education Institutions meet the set standards.
Last week, the Higher Education Authority published a list of 12 institutions that were operating illegally.


    • Just from the names…they sound very fictitious….Damelin University???? trying to copy Damelin College…John David University???? Trying to sound very modern and western…Acacia??? Eastern University…is it owned by Lungu…

    • Just close the all fuuucking country, close it please. Close Zambia, close the thing man.
      Why Barotseland failed to get the hell out of that PF-toilet!? It could have been difficult for us to cross Zambia from Luapula to Barotseland, but worth it.

    • Danielle , some us have had substantial dealings with UNILUS as part – time lecturers there, sometime in our past. UNILUS is no more credible than the so-called universities that have been closed. The majority of the departments at UNILUS have no full-time staff, and rely almost exclusively on part-time staff from UNZA and CBU, or ill qualified staff, some of whom don’t even have the minimum qualifications of a master’s degree required of a lecturer at any credible university. Lecturers at UNILUS lecturers are not expected to fail any student which is why the university has become so popular especially with politicians.

  1. why do you like vima universities when they don’t mean nothing. 80 % of those graduating from unza or cbu are unemployed.
    so the focus should shift to trade schools, teach them how to earn a living, they’ll learn how to do plumbing instead of accounts receivables …
    there are a lot of educated Zambians from unza for instance, but it seems the govent still wants foreign ideas even for the simplest of things. they can even partner with unza for some projects, but they prefer importing knowledge /management….are you telling me that Zambian engineering schools if given the same funding given to foreign contractors can fail to construct a simple bridge in mpika on the great n road?
    empower your own people

  2. Unilus is fake. Just look at the so-called professor who owns Unilus. The chap is not a professor. He has never published a single paper but he calls himself a prof

  3. Do not deregister those universities, where are you going to take their students, all you can do is put them on hold until they meet the required standards then open them again.
    As functioning learning institutions they should be aware of the standards they should meet and it is not a joke, these students will have to compete at their places of work upon completion of their courses.

  4. But those students have been paying their tuition fees. Their parents sweated to find the money and you just close like that. It’s not not the students fault but the govt and the management of these universities. Better if their money will be reimburseed. Otherwise kuwayawaya fye

  5. I hope there are no emotions involved because this Authority also seems to operate on emotions. Inform the public what exactly has made these universities be found wanting and whether they were given time to fulfill the demands and they failed.

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