HH gay support story is fake-UPND


The UPND says the story doing rounds on social media quoting President Hakainde as supporting lesbians and gays is fake.

Party Spokesman Charles Kakoma said Mr Hichilema did not grant an interview to The Associated Press in Italy.

“In any case, Mr Hichilema is not outside the country attending an international conference where he is alleged to have issued a statement supporting gay rights. Mr Hichilema is at his home in Lusaka,” he said.

“Yesterday, he wanted to go to Kafue to interact with the people but was stopped by the police. So what time did he attend the international conference in Italy yesterday? This is a concocted story by PF Media Director Sunday Chanda who has issued a statement challenging President Hakainde Hichilema on the matter.”

He added, “As UPND, we urge members of the general public not to fall for it as it is a PF scheme to divert public attention from the ever escalating high mealie meal prices and annoying electricity black outs.”

Mr. Hichilema is an upright man who supports Christian values.

“He strongly believes it is immoral and unbiblical to allow same sex marriages or indeed gay and lesbian rights. As a political party, UPND is not receiving any funding from organisations promoting gay rights.”

Mr Kakoma said the UPND challenges Sunday Chanda to provide the evidence.

“The PF should be reminded that telling lies about President Hichilema will not reduce the mealie meal prices nor will it avert the hunger situation that has been exercebated by the inept and thieving PF government. Mr Chanda should know that the people of Zambia want to hear what his PF will do to reduce the cost of living.”

“We also wish to remind Sunday Chanda and his team that surely the day of reckoning is coming. The citizenry may wish to be reminded that it is Sunday Chanda who mounted the same propaganda on gay rights against President Michael Sata but failed.”

“unfortunately, he seems not to have learnt a lesson from what his colleague Chanda Chimba III went through after the change of government because of promoting fake propaganda.”


  1. Kakoma is a useless man trying to defind his paymaster, HH,s party is funded by the Brenthurst Foundation. which supports gayism

    • Did you know that if a useless man spoke the truth, it does not change the fact that what he has spoken is the truth? Why are you PF supporters so dull and childish ayi? Am actually really curious. It’s like all of you share the same defective brain. You can’t even spell your name correctly. Put down that tin of chibuku and try again.

    • “Gayism”?
      How foolish it is not to support the basic human rights of all citizens. What is shameful about how people are born or whom they love? If your Christian god created everyone then it created gay and transgender people as well as straight people. Perhaps your god is not perfect and some of its creations are flawed. Which of your friends and neighbours will you assault because your god makes mistakes, in your mind?
      Your comment is disgusting and foolish because you choose to hate people because of whom they love.
      Decency and morality demands that innate and immutable qualities should never be a reason to deny basic human rights.
      That is a lot to demand of immoral and amoral Christianity but something must be done to stop the ignorance, intolerance, and hate.

    • We know (HH) went abroad recently with Pussi Maimane to advocate for gay rights and seeking foreign funding from Brenthurst.
      His Under 5 political career is finished!

    • HH is SDA and perfectly married period.
      Sunday Chanda can been over to anyone just to get anything information about HH’s support of gays. Why Sunday knows so much about gays, if he don’t get fuccked by them?
      I on’t know anything about gays or homos or whatever you call yourselves, but I like watching girls kissing each other, it is so chilling.

    • As if being labelled tribal was NOT enough, HH will now have to deal with the burden of Homosexuality is a master piece and a shocker of a headline. The author happens to be the long serving number 2 member of the UPNDEAD. This Kakoma is a blank bullet.
      Damage control wildly missed but you can do better.
      Let double h answer for himself.

    • Gay rights aren’t an issue in Zambia and no one will make them an issue except those who want to run away from real issues: owner of 48 flats in Lusaka, overpriced fire engines, unsustainable public debt, rising corporate insolvency: if in doubt, check bailiff’s public notices of movsble property seized from people and companies unable to pay their debts and banks’ advertisements of real estate put up for sale. These are real families thrown out of their homes.

  2. Bo Kakoma mwata, please ask your former VP Banda where he got this gay story from. You too might be in darkness as to where your party finances come from. You might be supporting wrong things unknowingly. Mind you, Banda as VP was closer to HH than you…..!!!!

    • The former VP got the story from a m0r0n caled Sunday ‘!d!ot’ Chanda so don’t get excited mune. It’s your ka baldheaded media director running out of propaganda ideas.

    • The dudeloverboy sounds homosexually. What people are saying is that we learnt about this story from Canisius Banda and you’re busy pushing the Sunday Chanda narrative.
      Why are you misfiring?

    • Thorn in the @$$, I first read this story from Sunday Chanda. You learnt it from Banda because apparently you do not read widely. Kakoma is responding to Chanda you tw!t.

  3. wajimona – Sunday or is it Monday challenged the UPND directly about the allegation that is why they (UPND) are responding to his challenge. Please read and I’m sure this man is old enough to just dream and make the statement. Read the following from the story – “This is a concocted story by PF Media Director Sunday Chanda who has issued a statement challenging President Hakainde Hichilema on the matter.”
    In any case this is what was prevalent about Sata by Chanda Chimbwi by MMD who have now suffocated the PF party when Sata was in opposition about gays. It has started again. Lets talk about mealie meal, fuel, electricity etc. Gays or no gays we are starving tell us how we are going improve the economy.

    • If you are starving then that’s your problem, you are just lazy there’s no leader that will come to your home and deliver food. If you think HeHe in the unlikely event became POTROZ will ask for your Airtel Money number, wayilasha kwa zecco.Am happy to hear that you lazy bums are starving.I for once don’t know when I last entered a shop looking for mugayiwa. Muzanya polomya ba mambala.

  4. HH tweeted this morning, ‘The MMD when in power, peddled lies that Michael Sata’s PF would introduce gay rights if voted in. Now that the MMD have taken over PF, they are trying the same lie on us. MMD was booted out of power and they will be booted out again under Mr. Lungu’s PF.’ So we know Sunday Chanda and Dora fabricated this nonsense and this author has fallen for it.
    Dora was the architecture of it and I even touched her bums in petauke when she was demonistrating that Sata will bring gays. Now we have Lungu talking about it, Sunday Chanda and their hired gun Canisius Banda after serving under HH so many year why was he quiet. This is how stupid people like Canisius can become when faced with starvation.

    • You are missing the point. Don’t attack the messenger, homosexuality is unafrican, deal with the perpetrator of this filth.

      With this Canisius Banda is a patriot and is offering a WHISTLEBLOWER role. That’s why I Thorn in the Flesh thanked him for the story.

  5. Yaba! It is about politics as usual. UPND please forgive us for falling for stupid people who deceived us earlier. I used hash words without evidence. It is now clear that the PF thief has no calibre to compete with UPND and other parties on ideas but want to win by labelling HH all sorts of things they practice themselves.

  6. Ba PF ad it’s govt, issues of gayism or lesbianism is non African ad it’s not an issue to discuss, it’s a waste of time. We hv really real issues the nation is going through that need urgent attention – people are staving, unemployment, price hikes etc. Our leaders are running from these issues, they are silent, can’t address the nation abt how we gonna solve these problems bt we hear them accusing an opposition (UPND) of gayism or lesbianism. Are the discussions of such going to solve the problems the nation is facing, no!!
    But leaders in ruling why are we paying u? To discuss uselrss issues, it’s very shameful tht the people we elected don’t know wht they were elected for, why can’t they resign e.g. the president ad give that sit to one who can be serious. Awee, ba ECL you hv…

  7. These Sunday things are trying to divert the minds of starving Zambians to the irrelevant gay things.

    Sort out the mealie meal issue, electricity issue, fuel issues and sky rocketing inflation first. why this attitude????????

  8. Immorality and greed coupled with homophobia and hate are the only values christians show.
    When a politician is afraid to be seen defending the basic civil and human rights of all the citizens, that politician is a fool and not a good candidate for any office.
    Gay people exist and deserve the same rights and privileges as everyone else. Religious intolerance and hate should be a reason for jail, big time.
    Hating someone because of the way they are born or whom they love is sick, immoral and basically stupid.

  9. Yes it was tried before Sunday Chanda and Dora Siliya (“admire my bums” she said). That was a reaction when they started losing popularity… Will we next have headlines ati “terrrorist”?

    • You cannot “practise” GAYISM. You are either born gay or born straight. You have no choice in the matter. Ignorance of reality permits fools to declare that GAYISM is unnatural and unafrican. Those are the people who should talk to gay lions and tell them they are unnatural and unafrican. At least 1500 different species of animal, man included, has both gay and straight members. What could be more natural?
      Western countries know that GAYISM is not a choice, but is as natural and normal as other sexualities.
      Get over your ignorance.
      Denying gay and transgender people basic human rights is sick and immoral and does great harm to society.

  10. Hh came out with a very powerful alternative to the budget of the failure party and that sent shivers down pf spines. They had no response so they went down the old African political response of accusing opposition of being sympathetic to gay rights. Hh and upnd do not support gay rights but as an individual myself I have no problem with it. The reason brain washed Africans have a dislike for gay people is based on some supernatural belief that christianity does not allow such acts. However the same people that brought them christianity were found to be touching and sexually abusing both young girls and boys. Gay people have no impact on my life so why should it bother me. You are willing to accept Grant’s and aid from gay countries but say you hate gay people. Only small penis insecure…

  11. Don’t pretend a lot of UPND zealots hate people like me because for years I have preaching about HH being a slave boy of Anglo American,the Brenthurst family.The organizations that is responsible for regime changes in Africa since 1917.This agenda of GLS and promulgation wars on African countries has been their winning formulas.They are connected to other powerful world organizations around the global in order to achieve their wickedness.
    History is there try to go way back how the late mazoka formed UPND,his revelation before his death,ascending of HH as UPND furer and most importantly the relationship between Anglo American and Mazoka to HH.
    This is news unless someone is a toddler in diaper.
    So kakoma this not witch-hunt for your mighty god called HH

  12. you know pf has become a disease like ibola or chorrela without due respect once it attacks will not give you chance unless with strong drugs like upnd. now they want to divert the peoples attention from starvation people want food, medicine, water, electricity, education and all essential commodities . stop earning stolen money by bringing lies attend to peoples problems asap.

  13. Even after the passage of his presidential ambition as candidate, the title he will end up with,h² must not do political underhand fights in the country. Let him relocate to Panama were he can enjoy male dude loves.

  14. For your own information those of you saying that he supported that HH is the elder in SDA church he can not support that nonsense if have nothing to accuse him of just close your mouths cause whether you like it or not 2021 he will become the Zambia Republican president.BELIEVE THAT.

  15. ***********

    This tweet posted on Tuesday 24th September 2019 shows that hh attended the conference. This means that kakuma is telling lies and it means these upnds can not be trusted they are not honest

  16. Hypocrisy at its best from some so called xtian nation, we chew donor funds from western countries that have regalised gayism, donor funds that come from western countries tax payers some of whom are gays.

  17. Why has it taken you so long to respond? If Sunday Chanda published a fake story then sue him for defamation of character. Would have loved to hear HH himself dispute the story.

  18. let gays be gays with each other. they will answer before God on their own
    What about thieves, prostitutes, robbers… in Zambia every week old men are sleeping with children as young as 3 years. it’s just a nation of hypocrites

  19. But no one should be victimised by the law if they say that they don’t like it.
    There are so many sins in this world you don’t have to shout to everyone to respect your sin and accept it.

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