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Kabwe High Court blocks NDC de-registration


The Kabwe High Court has granted the National Democratic Congress party (NDC) a stay of execution pending judicial review.

This is in a matter was the NDC Secretary General Mrs. Bridget Atanga is seeking a judicial review against the deregistration of the party.

The party was deregistered by the Registrar of societies about a month ago.

However, the party appealed to the Minister of Home affairs who a week ago upheld the deregistration.

With the status quo, the party shall continue to carry out it is countrywide mobilization activities pending the High Court hearing.

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  1. I am vendicted!!!
    I told you, I told mother-f
    I told you Lusaka has no courts left, all those are PF-branch offices.
    I even told LAZ not file in that defacto Lusaka, take LAZ cases to Mongu!!
    I told you…. Let’s wait for Tutwa Nkumba.
    God bless Kabwe!!!

  2. This country has gone to dogs. In 2019 we have a party in power bent on getting rid of opposition and one party state. Things that occurred in kaunda days.how sad. I will never Iive in zambia until upnd win. How can I put my white wife through the hell she experienced before we moved to the UK.

  3. The Zambian courts have always functioned. It is the crazy politicians we have that use emotions that cannot see this. Always study law and use prudent lawyers. Kikikikikikiki.

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