UN appoints Monica Musonda, Dangote, Adesina to battle global malnutrition

Monica Musonda
Monica Musonda

The United Nations has appointed leading business executive Monica Musonda, Dangote Group President Aliko Dangote and African Development Bank President Akinwunmi Adesina as part of 27 global leaders to combat malnutrition across the world.

The appointment was made by António Guterres, the secretary-general of the United Nations, as part of the Scaling Up Nutrition (SUN) Movement committed to fighting malnutrition in all its forms.

According to a statement released by SUN to this effect, the leaders will meet on September 24 to take a decision on the continuation of the SUN Movement into its third phase (2021-2025).

The leaders will also make commitments to achieve their objectives – looking toward the 2020 Tokyo Nutrition for Growth Summit.

One in three people suffer from malnutrition the world over and 149 million girls and boys are stunted, a trend the group is set up to stop and reverse.


    • Wow for what naimwe… there is nothing in that except duty free of cement. Cement in half truck, other half is bags of beans, and declare as UN nutrition.
      Dakote and Monica are in romantic affairs. Somehow I don’t mind if their kiss after shipping trucks of food starting from Kafue to Beira port in Mozambique.

    • @Nostradamus
      ….i need 800 bags of mphmvu cement for my project in Kazungula…..i said wow so maybe I can get a better deal….

    • Dangote just recommended Monica so he can have close proximity to his old girlfriend again … he misses her a lot.

      Anyhow, on another note and besides the romance keep up the good work. You, Monica, are a great example of a great protégées who learned from the best and stood on her own.

      Congratulations … now, go make the smart people of the Zambian Enterprise even prouder.

      You’re the best!!! Epo mpelele …


  1. UN should have appointed leaders who donates food, like HH, Biswell Mutale and Bowman (kkkk Bowman ku UN? Kekekeke). Not those leaders abakaso. When did you ever see Dakote and her “friend” Monica donates a truck of rice?? Not even cheap milie meal, never!!
    I will be chasing out of Zambia such business men abakaso, who never give.

  2. Being a rich business man does not translate into ability to resolve such complex issues. The problem in Africa is that we only respect those with more money than us. My white wife on her own has done alot more work to help Africa than those billionaires. Money does not solve a problem

  3. Most Zambian are underachievers because of the toxic “pull him/her down” syndrome. Why not celebrate someone’s global recognition. Vimfwiti. Mxxxxm

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