Dora Siliya says she is shocked over reports linking HH to support for same sex marriages

Chief Government spokesperson Dora Siliya
Chief Government spokesperson Dora Siliya
Chief Government spokesperson Dora Siliya
Chief Government spokesperson Dora Siliya

Chief Government Spokesperson Dora Siliya has said that the government is shocked over reports alleging that opposition (UPND) leader Hakainde Hichilema with other political leaders in the Southern African attended a meeting to discuss issues among them gays rights and same sex marriage.

Ms. Siliya, who also Information and Broadcasting Services Minister, said that the people of Zambia have always refused gay rights and same sex marriages.

In a statement made available to the media, Ms Siliya stated that government will continue to stand with Zambians who have consistently denied change to the constitution to include gay rights and same sex marriages.

And the ruling Patriotic Front (PF) has challenged UPND Spokesperson Charles Kaoma to deny that the UPND is not a member of the Africa Liberal Network an organisation of 44 liberal political parties in 30 countries in Africa.

PF Media Director Sunday Chanda said that liberal political parties in Africa such as the Democratic Alliance of South Africa and UPND of Zambia are part of the ALN.

Mr. Chanda challenged Mr. Kakoma to deny that the UPND was not represented by himself and Mr. Muzungu in Ghana in 2018 at the meeting for ALN where more than 30 countries met.

He said that the UPND must come out clean on its connections with the ALN, gayism and same sex marriages as opposed to dragging innocent names.

Mr Chanda in a statement to ZNBC News said that Zambians want to directly hear from the UPND leader on the matter.
He said the Church and other political parties raised serious concern by what appears to be UPND’s desperation that they can champion gay rights and same sex marriages in Zambia in the hope of gaining power.

However, the UPND President yesterday posted the twitter message below on his twitter account and he is also now being accused to have pulled down his pictures of his Italy visit from his facebook page.



  1. Finally the troubled Government has found a Decoy. And UPND’s response to the issue has just made the decoy even stronger. It is Politics. Why did UPND act so dumb and for the Spokesperson to not even know where their president was

    • Canicius Banda says: “As if caught in an embarrassing unnatural sexual act, the UPND now has egg on its face.”

      These politicians use party funds to travel the world from member contributions! There goes Homosexual Hakainde (HH) on 24th September with Pussi Maimane to beg for campaign funds from the homosexual Brenthurst Foundation! Africa Liberal network. Akainde has brought shame to Zambia and now his oxtail has been exposed between his legs red handed.

      Why advocate for gay nonsense in Zambia? Kainde was actually lying that he never attended the gay meeting. He’s a liar. Katuka and Kakoma surely don’t know about Kainde’s Free Masson meetings.
      (HH) Lucifer. (HH) Prince of Darkness

    • There no good looking women in PF, imagine if Dora was kissing; Mumbi Phiri, no Jean Kapata, nooo Nkanu Luo… yaaa now I understand why there no lesbians in PF. UGLY, disgusting PF.

    • It is important to be objective in every matter. I believe as A Christian nation we should love unconditionally regardless of one’s sexual orientation. Gay and lesbian people are people with a beating heart just like the rest of us. Jesus embraced a prostitute, a prostitite! It is not in our place to judge who shall inherit the Kingdom of heaven, only God will judge us all. Live your life straight or gay or lesbian and care only for your own soul because at the end of the day, that is what matters. Yes, gay, lesbian, straight, queer we are all Zambians. Let us focus on development. Life is beautiful. Sincerely yours, non-partisan.

    • I will add here that even if UPND did indeed support homosexuality, the gay/lesbian vote is very negligent in Zambia meaning that it would not benefit them in anyway. So this is a diversion by PF to take people’s minds off real issues like the 2020 budget and make us focus on matters of triviality. Why do you accept grants from USA, Britain, Germany etc who’s politicians some of whom are LGBTQ? Isn’t this in itself a show of a bankruptcy of integrity on the part of this PF regime? Cut all ties with these Countries if you are serious about cubbing homosexuality in Zambia. Manipulating Zambian’s emotional buttons with such stories it won’t work. You PF belong to the political dust bin. Enemies of economic progress we don’t want you!!!

    • Caught pants down.

      1. Indeed if in doubt check h² passport.
      2. The story is not from Sunday Chanda, we all can see that Canisius Banda is being equivocal.
      3. H² has sold his life to the LGBTQ group.
      4. Apart from siding with sodomites, h² could as well confirmationally be three mansion.
      5. H² is unruly, he influenced his supporters to shoot down the human rights referendum bill in 2016.
      6. H² is still doing the same to bill no. 10.
      7. H²’s spirit has hijacked the entire upndead grouping.
      8. H² is a disgrace to Zambian politics.
      9. H² must answer why he attended that conference.
      10. Double h must not rule over us, he is possessed by many dark spirits.

    • who is sinful between an adulterer and a homosexual person? Who then has rights under Constitution of Zambia? they both have same rights as sinners.
      I, therefore, state here that Gay Rights are there in our constitution by affording the court process.
      By not criminalising it as is the case of murders and thieves ( like Katotela) adulterers (Dora Included) does not make Zambia a country without Adulterers Rights.
      How many thieves have been jailed or fined in Zambia?
      How many Gays have been jailed or fined for the act in Zambia?
      How may rapists have been jailed (including TAYALI)?

    • Homos debate and innuendos will not end power cuts, reduce mealie meal prices, stop corruption, remove uncouth cadre violence from markets bus stations and even high offices whose officers fire guns at the very people the swore to serve. Me and my household will vote HH. Fellow Zambians forgive me for campaign I ng for PF PDE 2011 elections. I had no idea it would end up like this!

    • He wants to win by crook or by looted money. You cannot be surprised if someone has Three Mansions he can do that! He wants validation from his people.

  2. We are also shocked tmby the news that chisha folotiya left u due to a habit of peeing in bed during sleep
    This explains why you remain single.

  3. Nkhani yalula!! Kainde has started believing his lies, he thinks he is the king cobra reincarnated. He’s forgetting that Sata pulled Lusaka and C/Belt right under Levy’s feet to prove his popularity in 2006 and eventually win elections. I really wonder what this will do to the grassroots.

    • Iyi yeve yavuta bululu. Zambians don’t like homosexuality.
      Clearly h² is afraid of coming out in the open. He fears denying his masters LGBTQ in public.
      H² is being haunted by Six major evils now:
      1. Invovement in the sale of our mines.
      2. Tribalism.
      3. Panama papers.
      4. Three mansion – this brought down Kambela.
      5. Homosexuality
      6. Arson and sabotage
      The list keep growing.

      2021 izamuchita kuipa uyu musankwa. Chioneka azafenta. Chifundo ine mwe.

  4. Quote ‘with other political leaders in the Southern African attended a meeting to discuss issues among them gays rights and same sex marriage.’ The issue was on the agenda period. Dull Dora the explorer

  5. So Dora and Sunday have regrouped to use the same failed strategy they tried to use on the disaster late Sata and think it will work this time? How dull.

    • Dora Slit peddled lies that Michael Sata would bring poofters again she has joined the likes of Sondo Chanda who survives on telling lies and insulting elders. May God forgive madam slit for accusing Mr Sata.( MHSRIP).

    • Six summed up Evils trailing h².

      1. Privatization chief thief.
      2. Tribalism instigater by top entry and operation.
      3. Panama and paradise papers – tax evasion.
      4. Three mansion – this brought down Kambela.
      5. Homosexuality and the ALN.
      6. Arson and sabotage.

      Going into 2021. Iyi iliko bad for the upndead sole candidate. Watch this space.


    23 March 2011 The Times of Zambia (Ndola)
    MMD spokesperson Dora Siliya has described as shameful and disgusting the support rendered by Patriotic Front (PF) president Michael Sata to homosexuality and urged Zambians to reject his denial because the information is already in the public domain.
    Meanwhile, Ms Siliya said Catholic priest Frank Bwalya and Citizens Forum executive secretary Simon Kabanda’s move to launch a campaign in favour of the 50 per cent plus one threshold to be put in the draft constitution is aimed at diverting attention from Mr Sata’s support for homosexuality.”

    • Unnecessary evils for a 6th time prospective candidate
      1. Privatization chief thief.
      2. Tribalism instigater by top entry and operation.
      3. Panama and paradise papers – tax evasion.
      4. Three mansion – this brought down Kambela.
      5. Homosexuality and the ALN.
      6. Arson and sabotage.

    23 March 2011 The Times of Zambia (Ndola)
    MMD spokesperson Dora Siliya has described as shameful and disgusting the support rendered by Patriotic Front (PF) president Michael Sata to homosexuality and urged Zambians to reject his denial because the information is already in the public domain.
    Meanwhile, Ms Siliya said Catholic priest Frank Bwalya and Citizens Forum executive secretary Simon Kabanda’s move to launch a campaign in favour of the 50 per cent plus one threshold to be put in the draft constitution is aimed at diverting attention from Mr Sata’s support for homosexuality.”

    • Two extremely important questions

      1) Did he or did he no attend the sodomite’s council?
      2) Does he or does he not affiliate to ALN?

      Kwasila! Kwamana! Chapwa!

  9. That’s a childish way of running away from real issues.Why can’t she talk about the allegations made by CK on Findlay and the president?

  10. This is just a feeble attempt by lungu and his gang to divert public attention from the fuel price hike.

    Can Dora siliti advice GRZ not to accept donner aid from openly homosexual governments and countries in the west ???
    This is hypocrisy at its highest.

    The UPND dies not support gay lifestyles but st the same time understands that some people are born gay.
    A attetude of keep what ever you do in your house private is more in tune with the modern world….

    • Liswaniso disagrees.

      Can you sodomize dudeloverboy Spaka?

      Be honest with me.

      When you see jay gay, do you fell like 0rgasmating?
      So one called a leader should embrace acts like this.
      Don’t be sick. Homosexuality is an abnormality face it. Zambia can’t cope with double h’s daydreaming antics of this nature.

  11. Who are the largest advocates for HIV prevention and treatment? Gay rights movements and mostly the western countries. Who are the largest beneficiaries of subsidised medicines? It’s countries with the largest population of HIV/AIDS sufferers and Zambia being one of them. Most of these Zambian leaders are receivers of these drugs and they travel abroad for treatment and they are such hypocrites.
    Doria please stop accepting handouts from these countries that tolerate gay rights and please progress. Homosexuality is just as a big sin in the bible as cheating on your partners and stealing tax payers’ money. Concentrate on big issues such as putting in constructive contengency plans for food shortages, electricity shortages, poor sanitation etc. Homosexuality is not an issue in Zambia!!

  12. As a christian, i have been marginalizing the gays by condemning them. This time i think finding a solution for them to come out of that is the way to go. Does anyone know what was being discussed there? If not, then we are a christian nation that is just being judgmental. Let us love the gay and lesbians but hate the act and never legalize it. I would rather i have such people come out to be helped but again with this hate that would be asking too much.

  13. Nkumbulu and his political ideology left “mabvuto ku southern province “ no matter how far they go with education still genome depicts their original ,no wonder why they find it very difficult to challenge ideological thinking of Northerners especially in National development.
    Just comments above “ they thinks like robots amongst themselves others are PHD holders” on various faculties .

  14. You’re sick. What muscle do you have to change LGBTQs. You think because in Zambia you have managed not to entertain them you can yap that you have the means of stopping or changing them?
    Just go and drink yogurt your mama bought for you.

  15. Let HH go on radio,like he does always at any flag, and deny these allegations. Simple. Instead of behaving like lungu who doesn’t hold press conferences for unknown reasons.
    Let him go on platforms like Oxygen on democracy or grevazio’s Sunday interview, The hot seat and all.
    This is time he can really sale himself to the electorate.
    We don’t want twiter or facebook posts.

  16. Using the subject of homosexuality to gain political mileage, is despicable. Brainwashing the Zambian masses about the ‘evils’ of being gay and claiming the opposition is in support of gayism in order to alienate them.

    This is also a diversionary tactic – away from the more serious pressing social economic matters and the daily breaches of the rule of law.

    The propagandist minister is as usual exhibiting her ignorance and shameless diatribes.

  17. Dora Siliya hasn’t stopped this. They say once beaten twice shy. Dora in Petauke was very busy demonstrating and showing the Zambian people her bums because Sata was going to bring gays. Did that work. Chimba was greatly used on ZNBC over the same agaist Sata. Did it work?
    Please tell us how you are going to reduce electricity costs. How you are going to reduce fuel costs not this rubbish. PF kuya bebele this formular under MMD with the same Dora Siliya failed. Please find something else. These chaps have sensed danger. Exactly the same desperation displayed by Dora under MMD has resurfaced. kikikikikikik HH or no HH we will find a replacement for PF we are tired.

  18. Dora Siliya should concentrate on speaking about real issues affecting zambians now rather than yapping about gay issues.
    After all countries with gay rights are more progressive than poverty stricken hypocrites countries.

  19. LGBT people are not a disease! They need love and not rejection! If PF focussed just half of the wasted energy directed towards decampaigning UPND on solving Zambia’s economic problems, we would not be in this mess where a pocket of Cement is now K100, something we were buying at K45 only a month ago! Should rentals remain the same? If the same Dora Siliti had not killed Agriculture, we shouldn’t be talking of hunger half way before the next harvest! The greatest thing about Zambians is they don’t fall for diversion tactics when the economy is biting! They want answers to their self-inflicted problems thanks to the backfired Donchi Kubeba! It’s PF leaders now doing a Donchi Kubeba on the citizens! Brace for hyperinflation where your kwacha increasingly becomes worthless!

  20. Laura Miti writes
    Kwena ba Lung. I am honestly perplexed at how the President found himself talking about gay rights in New York! Gay right.! How are they even on a list of issues that should concern the President right now ? Look – 1. We are having 14 hour power cuts. 2. The informal sector that employs majority poor Zambians is bleeding due to those power cuts. 3. We have a desperate hunger crisis in parts of the country. 4. Mealiemeal and fuel prices are through the roof. 5. Vodacom has closed taking down many jobs. 6. We have a frightening constitutional ammendment bill going through Parliament 7.Government is broke because of shocking wastage and stealing of recklessly borrowed money. 8. Hospitals have no medicine. 9.There is an explosion of youth unemployment and desperation. 10…

  21. This is back PR at its best!!There is no need for such propaganda.Zambia has a lot of problems to solve currently,so such nonsense must be avoided!!HH cannot sink that low.

  22. A Gay may even be more honest person than these thieves. Dora slit is not SHOCKED for her government’s failure to locate the owner of the 48 houses. She is not shocked that mealie meal is now costing K140, she is not shocked that Zambians are having 14 hours load shedding, she is not shocked that a million of Zambians are unemployed. In short she is not shocked about all the ill things affecting Zambians. Hypocrites – We want solutions – How come the entire PF starting from the President, the entire PF media house could not rise and tell us the owner of the 48 houses the way they are doing now. Don’t tell me by your acts Dora and colleagues in PF you are holier than gays. kikikikikikikikikikiki

  23. The country is facing many government created problems and you are busy yapping about HH and homosexuality. Why divert issues from what is really causing people a lot of suffering now. Is homosexuality accusations going to put food on anyone’s table. Is homosexuality going to drive down costs in this country. Homosexuals have their own personal problems and we as a country have a massive problem of hunger, starvation, corruption, theft and so on. All day all this useless government is good at is yapping about HH never about tangible problem solving. A seating president stole money from a poor person when he was a lawyer, he mingles with drug dealers, sides with the corrupt yet all this is ok because he is not Tonga. Let’s be fair and apply things fairly.

  24. these are the same words you uttered to Sata about gays fimo fimo. we are also still shocked that you were urinating on bed at that age.

  25. I am also shocked that you are a Minister and Chief spokesperson in the very party and Government founded by late MCS whom you continuously belittled, disrespected and humiliated when you were with MMD. Shocking behaviour.

  26. Such propaganda will never work because such never prevented a black man taking possession of the White House for two terms. You can call him, tribal, you can call him satanist, you can call him homosexual but does not change his destiny, your hate of the man will simply drive you insane.

  27. ZOZI-A-ZOZI – You should be shocked that Dora is a Minister in the government run by the party of gays PF. That is what Dora slit told us about Michael Sata we have all the information.

  28. It seems like the homosexuality subject is the buzz slogan for PF now. I heard about it not so long ago when they were alleging that Mmembe is gay. Anyone on the opposition is supposedly gay, according to desperate PF.
    Christianity and the bible were used not so long ago by those who’s motive was to suppress and colonize dark skinned people in their own lands. Guns followed on and colonization and slavery was born!! PF are doing the same thing by frightening ignorant people with bible quotes about homosexuality and they forget about their own corruption and tribalism. These acts are all sinful acts in the eyes of God – homosexuality = tribalism = thieving=corruption!! We want progress , not retro slogans please!!

  29. Yes we remember this line from Dora, “Michael Sata and Gay Scott are bringing gayism”. 2005. MMD cadre Dora.”admire my bums” Siliya. Maybe MMD Die Hard Chairman can also speak again to say “we will beat you”

  30. This is a fun and fair turn round in these past weeks. UPND and Kambwili both face consequences of habitually defaming PF and the President using Fake news and false allegations.

    Mr Anthony Bwalya, is struggling to calmly deal with a proper refute.

    Typically, UPND have refuted what they call a Fake story by publishing a Fake allegation against PF; which is a bit two faced and self defeating if your purpose is to quash fake news altogether. The only good thing about this matter is that UPND, (Masters of Fake News in Zambia has had a taste of their own game). As a word of caution, UPND might not want to use Gay Hate language to Western sources as it is a crime there and they are sort of defeating their purpose of appealing to Western countries to cry against Zambia! JUST DESSERTS!!…

  31. African political leaders consider supporting gay rights is best way of raising funds for their political parties. Phenomenon of GAY RIGHTS is a western culture – very un-African concept. UPND and HH can take note of the following: even animals like DOGS, CATTLE, GOATS, CATS and CHICKENS have demonstrated the golden rule of God’s creation to the effect that MALE animals will only MATE with FEMALE partners. It is impossible to find male animals mating among themselves. Why on Earth would politicians sink morally so low to embrace GAY RIGHTS for pieces of silver. African women must fight this evil that despises the natural design by God.

  32. Government should also be amazed that Dora’s case and her son has died off from the courts of law because she is enjoying protection from Kamwendo Jonathan.

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