President Lungu satisfied with his engagement at the UN general assembly


President Edgar Lungu has described his engagement at the 74th Session of the United nations general assembly as successful.

President Lungu said he is happy that World Leaders tackled pressing issues affecting the globe.

Speaking to ZANIS in New York, President Lungu says he is coming back home satisfied that he ably represented the country at the UN General Assembly.

The Head of State observed that it is important for him to attend global engagements as it gives Zambia an opportunity to highlight its development agenda.

And President Lungu says he is pleased that the United States of America has a clear view of Zambia following his bilateral meetings with officials from the US State Department.

He expressed concern that some Zambians including politicians are trying to dent the image of the country by spreading fake news about the country.


    • I see PF Cadres in attendance…what happened to everyone….Lungu was addressing Mumbi and Kaizer Zulu…and meanwhile HH is busy **** in italy

    • Why he even go there, count how many people listening to him, sad indeed.
      He used take those Zambian musicians to force us to dance, but not this year. Worst of time.
      He is leading a boring life.

    • Of course he is satisfied. this is a man who gets satisfied with the little. No wonder re stole a client’s money and got disbarred by LAZ

    • Dept of HaJealous HAGAIN! Well done Mr. President! Let’s develop this thing. We know he is still a CHILD and is UNELECTABLE.

  1. Comment: That picture tells me the opposite of Success. Please give me another picture otherwise I am getting worried of the money put in to facility his and his entourage travel to these meetings.

    • What a waste of space, Jona meno meno ichi chena, worst president in the world… All the way to new York to talk to chairs ubupuba

    • Show me a picture of a Third World country President addressing the General Assembly and the Hall is better than what you can see here. The level of ignorance by Zambians is alarming. Instead of telling the developed world leaders to treat everybody equally, you are busy bashing your own – good for nothing scoundrels. Even using the US President as a basis for comparison, my foot.

  2. This is depressing,the assembly is almost empty.What message does that send?I saw the same arrangement when some other African leaders were on stage like the Zimbabwean guy

  3. But that empty stadium!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! mwndini……………………You call that world…..Next time do not go there because when US president is addressing everyone is there??????????????? They take us for granted…You are our president just like their US president.

    Problem when you go there you start Kupempempe……………….

  4. “He expressed concern that some Zambians including politicians are trying to dent the image of the country by spreading fake news about the country.”

    Artificial intelligence making it difficult to get off the hook.

  5. There’s no sane person or leader of the World who would want to listen to a Dictator. For what? We have police brutality in Zambia and you expect leaders from Democratic Nations to sit and listen to someone everyone perceives to be a Dictator. No ways. Just imagine with those numbers of empty seats the man proudly says he is satisfied Waooooooo

    • Is Mr Lungu sober? Facts are there for everybody to see that he is leading a very corrupt and dysfunctional regime.How can he justify spending K65000 blocking somebody from donating food in Kafue

  6. Yes , spreading fake news like the 48 mysterious houses that built them selves …….even science fiction can not come up with a story like that….

    Or is it the fake news of your association with characters of questionable repute ??

    Or is it the fake news of you and your gang intending to sell up national parks and the wild life ????

  7. Oh my God , look at that crowd listening attentively to his exciting and innovative speech!!
    “Happy that the world leaders tackled pressing issues affecting the globe.” What is Lungu and his PF going to do to tackle Zambia’s pressing issues? Has he learnt something at all from this important assembly or did he just go there for a geography lesson about climate change which he will use as n excuse for his incompetent ways?
    He is pleased that he went there to highlight his country’s development agenda. Does he mean to highlight his thieving and corrupt agenda? He is worried about others denting the image of the country!! The evidence is there sir!!

  8. Apparently, the audience suddenly ducked underneath the chairs as soon as it was announced that an African dictator was about to sing a lullaby and send them off to sleep!! Cringe cringe !! Some are hiding because they’ve had enough of that begging bowl 56 years on!!

  9. Ba ECL stop Playing games and concentrate on sorting out REAL issues affecting the people on the ground.
    Just making up appearances wasting tax payers money globe trotting.

  10. If I were ECL I would have just stepped down and go back home. Why will I waste my time with people who do not want to here from my speech when I have been in attendance of all the other colleagues addresses?
    Too sad

  11. During such conferences, you have so many streams,even iover 50 diffent sesssions going on at the same time. So it depends on who the speakers sre in your same stream. If,for instance, Trump is in your stream, then you expect your call to be packed.

    • Millimo MM
      What nonsense, did you ever see Mugabe address an empty UNGA even if he was despised and rightly so?Edgar is inempt and inspires nobody apart from PF goons even when he leaves office nobody will consult or follow him,worse still when he deservedly gets incarcerated

  12. People, Don’t get bitter, but get better. I want to salute the only sixth president of the Republic of Zambia for a well delivered speech. This meeting was for soldiers in leadership strategies, tried and tested proven wealthy not civilian(Italy meeting). President Dr Edigar. C. Lungu. The world stood still at your speech. Thank you for representing mother Zambia well. Just after finishing the so many businessman and women wants to invest in Zambia, including American billionaire.

  13. Any one who is patriotic about our mother land Zambia will give a hand of to our hardworking president Dr EDGAR CHAGWA LUNGU

  14. You have all missed the point here, the reason the hall was empty was because ECL was actioning drugs he brought via diplomatic bags for Valden Findlay

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