UPND’s Panicking over HH and his alleged support for Homosexuals further Exposes the Party’s Duplicity

President Hakainde Hichilema in a group photo with other eminent and distinguished personalities attending a meeting organised by the Brenhurst Foundation at Lake Como, Italy to discuss Africa's economic trajectory under a theme, “Can Africa be the Next Asia?”
President Hakainde Hichilema in a group photo with other eminent and distinguished personalities attending a meeting organised by the Brenhurst Foundation at Lake Como, Italy to discuss Africa's economic trajectory under a theme, “Can Africa be the Next Asia?”
President Hakainde Hichilema in a group photo with other eminent and distinguished personalities attending a meeting organised by the Brenhurst Foundation at Lake Como, Italy to discuss Africa's economic trajectory under a theme, “Can Africa be the Next Asia?”
President Hakainde Hichilema in a group photo with other eminent and distinguished personalities attending a meeting organised by the Brenhurst Foundation at Lake Como, Italy to discuss Africa’s economic trajectory under a theme, “Can Africa be the Next Asia?”

By Canisius BANDA Development Activist

As if caught in an embarrassing unnatural sexual act, the UPND now has egg on its face.

It is ashamed.

Aware that a most terrible political mistake, faux pas, has been made by its life leader Hakainde HICHILEMA, the UPND now is at great pains to correct this calamity which has, per adventure, befallen the party.

Seeing its likelihood of seizing State power now wane following its exposed support for sodomy and other homosexual acts, extreme panic has now gripped this political party.

And like anyone in panic often behaves, this party is now making more mistakes.

Here is a list of some of the new mistakes this party has now made.

As if a show of utter contempt for Jesus CHRIST and our own Republican Constitution, which declares the Zambian nation Christain, here is what one Gilbert LISWANISO, a youth activist in UPND [National Youth Spokesman] and distant confidant of HICHILEMA’s, in a statement, in part, is said to have said:

‘We as UPND youths we wish to state that despite President HH FULLY supporting gay rights, he remains an elder at the Seventh Day Adventist (SDA) and therefore a Christian.

President Hichilema is of the view that gays and lesbians are part of us and must be allowed to do what they want.

Zambia does not belong to Christians only. We have Muslims, Hindus and many other religions so we should seek to respect people’s choices of what they want to be.

As youths of the UPND we endorse President HICHILEMA”s stance and ask well meaning Zambians to fully respect rights of gays and lesbians people.

We stand UNITED for gays and lesbians.’

Now, ladies and gentlemen, what sane politician would make such a statement? This is akin to putting out a fire using petrol, a most foolish thing indeed.

Tell me, which SDA member, anywhere in the world, supports same-sex marriages?

This utterance is as if Gilbert LISWANISO has taken complete leave of his mind.

But then I hear this is all fake news. I really do hope and pray that indeed that is the case.

Nonetheless, there is nothing fake with what follows below. Read on.

Trying to cleanse his boss, Charles KAKOMA, the spokesperson of the UPND, in a statement entitled ‘Stop Your Lies; Clean Up Your Mess’, clearly aimed at the PF, he did the opposite, he further soiled his boss.

In this statement, Charles KAKOMA wants Zambians to believe that Hakainde HICHILEMA did NOT leave Zambia and go to Italy [and mix with people who support the rights of homosexuals].

Here is what he wrote:

‘…In any case, Mr HICHILEMA is not outside the country attending an international conference where he is alleged to have issued a statement supporting gay rights. Mr HICHILEMA is at his home in Lusaka. Yesterday, he wanted to go to Kafue to interact with the people but was stopped by the police. So what time did he attend the international conference in Italy yesterday?’

Yes, it is true that Mr Hakainde HICHILEMA is at his home in Lusaka.

But this is because he has returned from Lake Como, Italy.

In case Charles KAKOMA is not aware, his boss Mr Hakainde HICHILEMA at about 19:00 hours on 23 September 2019 was in the company of like-minded Africans Morghalu KINGSLEY, a Nigerian, Zito KABWE of Alliance for Change of Tanzania and Nelson CHAMISA, a Zimbabwean belonging to the political party MDC in Italy.

Yes, Charles KAKOMA, Hakainde HICHILEMA attended the conference dubbed ‘Can Africa Be The Next Asia’, at Lake Como in Italy.

Charles KAKOMA, in case your boss lied to you that he wasn’t in Italy, ask for, and check his passport.

Further, a short while ago on Prime TV, in another show of emotional drama, drama devoid of research and reason, at about 20:05 hours to be exact, Cornelius MWEETWA, deputy to Charles KAKOMA, seemingly addressing the press, said the following:

‘HH is NOT an advocate of gay rights. HH and the UPND do NOT advocate gay rights in Zambia or globally.’

To say that Cornelius MWEETWA lied would be unfair to the man.

What is fair is to say to this graduate of UNZA is that Cornelius MWEETWA is an ignorant man.

Cornelius MWEETWA clearly does NOT know the whole truth about his boss, Hakainde HICHILEMA and the UPND.

The truth is that Hakainde HICHILEMA, by being President of the UPND, a party that belongs to ALN [Africa Liberal Network], a collection of 44 political parties in 30 countries in Africa, is an advocate of the rights of homosexuals both in Zambia and globally. This is the truth.

The ALN supports the rights of LBGTQ communities all over Africa.

Further, liberal parties all over the world support the rights of LGBTQ communities. It is part of their main mission.

May his soul rest in peace, the then deputy secretary-general of the UPNS Kuchunga SINUSAMBA, explaining UPND liberalism, made this truth clear to me as the then UPND Vice President for Politics, and I, vehemently, was of the view that this must be dropped.

The meeting Hakainde HICHILEMA attended a few days ago at Lake Como in Italy included like-minded political organisations in Africa that constitute ALN. All of these organisations are in support of liberalism – gay rights and all.

And by affiliation, all members of ALN, to which the UPND belongs, support same-sex marriages, and gay rights in general if you like.

You see, as the UPND now tries to cover its exposed ass, it is inadvertently exposing other offensive private parts, adding insult to injury.

This is what panic does. This is what happens when one is caught cheating.

Sober up, balombwana! Stop being emotional as if muli ba mbulamano! Get your act together. You still have time. Just be careful now. The Christians will now come heavily on you. The teaching of the adulterous woman will NOT matter to them, they might just stone you to death. Be warned.

In life you see, we must always be truthful in our dealings, and the need to cover up will never arise.

And in a quick and timely manner, the Republican President, His Excellency Dr Edgar Chagwa LUNGU, whilst in New York, United States of AMERICA, inspired by the seriousness of the matter, sounded a dire warning shot to anyone intending to promote this culture which remains at variance with Zambia’s, he warned Zambians and their political parties to desist from any sexual behaviour which at present remains criminal in our country.

Gayism is illegal in Zambia. That is what Lungu echoed. Take heed.

If I were Hakainde HICHILEMA I would tremble at this warning, and offer a quick explanation by way of apology. Asking too much perhaps.

President LUNGU is NOT alone on this matter as a most venerated court of justice in Europe recently also ruled that the DEFINITION OF MARRIAGE REMAINS THE UNION OF MAN AND WOMAN.

It follows then that the West also behave. The West must never tie their aid to gay rights as their own courts of law do NOT sanction homosexuality as a legality requiring international enforcement but as a practice to be tolerated by individual and willing State parties.

This here ain’t fake news, my bululu. It is the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

In this so declared Christian nation, the UPND is now on the ropes!

You see now, mapenzi yabola! Kwamana, balombwana!


  1. Akainde’s Under 5 political career is finished!
    Kakoma and Katuka didnt know the boss was out of Zambia partying with homosexual sponsors!

    • Canicius Banda will go down like my LT friend @Jay Jay.
      when one talks too much about things like homo—, they convict themselves.
      Canicius lost wife, and he s at pain to remarry, he may end *** Sunday Chanda, I think they are already doing it.
      Canicius respect you late wife, she is not resting in peace.

    • Is Canicius Banda now a homo, how can he do that to his late wife? Why he keeps disuccing these homo things?? Seriously discuss something more clean, like hunger..

    • It is important to be objective in every matter. I believe as A Christian nation we should love unconditionally regardless of one’s sexual orientation. Gay and lesbian people are people with a beating heart just like the rest of us. Jesus embraced a prostitute, a prostitite! It is not in our place to judge who shall inherit the Kingdom of heaven, only God will judge us all. Live your life straight or gay or lesbian and care only for your own soul because at the end of the day, that is what matters. Yes, gay, lesbian, straight, queer we are all Zambians. Let us focus on development. Life is beautiful. Sincerely yours, non-partisan.

    • I will add here that even if UPND did indeed support homosexuality, the gay/lesbian vote is very negligent in Zambia meaning that it would not benefit them in anyway. So this is a diversion by PF to take people’s minds off real issues like the 2020 budget and make us focus on matters of triviality. Why do you accept grants from USA, Britain, Germany etc who’s politicians some of whom are LGBTQ? Isn’t this in itself a show of a bankruptcy of integrity on the part of this PF regime? Cut all ties with these Countries if you are serious about cubbing homosexuality in Zambia. Manipulating Zambian’s emotional buttons with such stories it won’t work. You PF belong to the political dust bin. Enemies of economic progress we don’t want you!!!

    • To say the least, I am quite disappointed in this Canisius Banda who as a professor i’m sure has read books written by gay/lesbian authors e.g Michel Foucault, enriching himself while at the same time writting junk about those people. Hakainde has shown integrity. Why should one fear or hate something that one has never experienced? Homo-phobia is just that a ‘phobia’ fear of the unknown. I am not homosexual but I do have homosexual colleagues should I hate them and tomorrow call myself a Christian? Didn’t the Bible instruct us to love our neighbour as ourselves? It is no wonder I keep saying that Zambia should cease from calling herself a Christian nation, true Christianity means justice for all yes that includes the LGBTQ community. Search your concious mother Zambia.

    • This write-up is breath-taking. Didn’t know physics had time for such good writing, complete with metaphors, similes, hyperbole etc. I can sit in his literature class

    • Caught pants down.

      1. Indeed if in doubt check h² passport.
      2. The story is not from Sunday Chanda, we all can see that Canisius Banda is being equivocal.
      3. H² has sold his life to the LGBTQ group.
      4. Apart from siding with sodomites, h² could as well confirmationally be three mansion.
      5. H² is unruly, he influenced his supporters to shoot down the human rights referendum bill in 2016.
      6. H² is still doing the same to bill no. 10.
      7. H²’s spirit has hijacked the entire upndead grouping.
      8. H² is a disgrace to Zambian politics.
      9. H² must answer why he attended that conference.
      10. Double h must not rule over us, he is possessed by many dark spirits.

    • HH fully supports { Homosexuality and Same Sex Marriage}. Its as simple as that.

      We have enquired!! +++

      The fact is that, joining the Africa Liberal Network [ AFL} requires one to sign up and agreeing to the TERMS, CHARTER, ARTICLES of membership.

      Among the secretive listed terms, charter or articles in their DOCTRINE PAPERS; says that members who represent Political Parties must supports LBTG and Same Sex Marriage.

      So by the nature of that statement from their DOCTRINE PAPER, HH supports LBTG and speaks and represent for his political party [ UPND ]. Why because he SIGNED UP, using his Signature.

      Now, HH believes he owns UPND and that’s why he has often made decisions without consulting his party or advisers if he has any.

    • cont..

      From the look of things, HH went to Italy without consulting or updating his party on what was discussed in the meeting in Como. So he is not being truthful to UPND and Zambia as a whole.

      ALN is heavily funded by Billionaires Gay Mafioso’s Club and European Governments who want to change the face of Africa. These guys are funding political parties in Africa to promote Homosexuality and Same Sex Marriage.

      These are the same people, who will call African leaders who oppose to Homosexuality to be corrupt. They did this to President Uhuru Kenyatta of Kenya to destabilise the results of general elections in Kenya. And loans were held back because President Kenyatta opposed Homosexuality Practice in Kenya.

      The worst part is that these are the same people…

    • cont..

      The worst part is that these are the same people who have heavily invested in the {1} World Bank and {2} IMF / International Monetary fund. And don’t like China giving loans to Africa.

      So when African Nations go looking for loans in the Western Financial Houses, they get attachments such as Go and Promote Homosexuality.

      Lastly, HH needs to come clean. Sending his surrogates such as Kakoma to protect and shield him will just expose more lies. Because (he) is not being truthful to UPND as well.

    • Africans…..we love being ruled and told how to live our lives by Bazungu….these bazungu are not as intelligent as we perceive them to be…when it comes to politics they tell us what to do and yet take a look at the political situations in the USA and UK….all corruption….and HH and his clown friend Chamisa think they are gods..they tell you to bend over so another man can shaft you..just for loose change

    • Definition of hypocricy in LGBTQ terms: demanding anal sex from your wife while calling gay people sodomists. Guys, just like in music there are many genres, in human affairs there is equally diversity. It a sign of an uneducated mind not to be tolerant. One day your son or daughter will come to you and say dad, I like people of the same sex, what will you do then? Let us create an environment for all human beings to live happily regardless of their sexual preference. Honestly the LGBTQ people will not go away tomorrow by making their existence miserable, some of these people are the most literate members of society. Let us focus on nation building calling upon all to contribute productively and leave matters of the bedroom in the bedroom. God will judge all when the time comes. Come on…

    • Imwe fi UPND just tell it into the face of your small god hh that what he is doing is wrong. Some of us who were thinking of casting our votes on him…mmmm no I have to think twice. Your small god hh cant be trusted now.

  2. This is rubbish we are tired of your belly politics. Have mercy on the poor minds that feed on the rubish ur party publishes in ur attempt to stay in power. Take our money but be kind enough to not feed us hate. What happens after portraying ur opposition as pro gay? are u hoping the REAL Christians will judge them it’s all very contradictory, aimed at dividing people. my understanding is Christianity is about unconditional love not this hate.

    • Leakygutt, it is not about most Zambians being Christians, its about being morally upright. A Christian Nation can not embrace sin in the name of inclusiveness. Examples of sin am talking about are: corruption, stealing, gaysim, fonication, adultery etc. That is why when one is found guilty of the above is punished by the law. Remember, the Christian’s bible says that marriage is between man and woman anything outside this is transgression against the law. If other people are happy or are supporters of gay rights they need not refuse when they are confronted at. What are they afraid of or is it that they know that it is a wrong thing to align themselves with? All transgressors need rehabilitation not embracing so that they stop their bad ways. This is how I think and what the bible say…

    • @GSM i dnt yet understand that sex is in a moral category. I can see how it can put people in situations like phonication, adultery, manipulation, rape e.t.c where moral considerations apply. If sin means missing the mark as human beings we are born in sin missing the mark is normal. emphasis should be on getting people back on track not shutting them behind bars or using such matters for political spectacles. Why do we collect aid from countries that are pro gay Christian countries? Why is this even news ? I think it’s news coz a opposition is involved. Yes homosexuality is a sin but so is the selective Christianity. I also dnt understand where the line is between the government and the church? Some topics just feel like distractions.

  3. PF has taken the Zambian vote so for granted that they keep playing the same game. ’When caught in our many lies and incompetencies, scare the homophobic Zambian out of voting for the one candidate more popular than ours.’ If it weren’t so tragic it would be funny. But businesses are failing, for lack of reliable/affordable electricity. Children and adults remain illiterate. Universities are closed more often than open. Debt burden is insurmountable, with little for show for it save for PF members whose accounts are so fat they think of the average Zambian as a Like they do every year, they play the childish game, of pretending to protect some “Christian Values”, ones never upheld when it comes to truth, transparency, greed and promiscuity. SAD.

    • We will go tell it on the mountain.
      These same s3x swag shaggerers are without shame.
      An SDA elder attending the sodomite’s conference.
      Wonders shall never end.

    • We will go tell it on the mountain.
      These same s3x swag s.h.a.g.g.e.r.e.r.s are without shame.
      An SDA elder attending the sodomite’s conference.
      Wonders shall never end

  4. Canisious Banda go almost mad after being disappointed by HH. He has a motive to see him fail. Initially I believed what he said but now question.

    • Did he or did he not attend the conference?

      We will go tell it on the mountain.
      These same s3x swag s.h.a.g.g.e.r.e.r.s are without shame.
      An SDA elder attending the sodomite’s conference.
      Wonders shall never end.

    • HAZALUZA HAGAIN. This explains why he can’t attend prayers for the nation, independency celebrations but can only go to lodges to see friends with Three Mansions.

  5. Is this man supposed to be a doctor or a rabbied dog? He seems to harbour so much hate against hh. It appears he has just been paid by pf to issue these remarks. This chap could not even afford to pay rent so it does not surprise us that he is cheap enough to be bought. Even my youngest son earns more than him which means he can be comtrolled by him . These are the people cheapening politics in Zambia. What a shameful doctor. I begin to question the authenticity of his doctorate.

    • It doesn’t matter if Canicius Banda is a doctor or whatever, or whether he is okay or struggling financially. What matters is whether what he has written is correct or not.

    • Dr. Banda is an intelligent doctor bwana! When I was sweeping toilets at UTH he was one smart cookie bwana! Ask the other Dr. from Namwala who was telling me about Hatribes Utd Football Club to which you belong. He will NEVER be ELECTABLE. In 2021, it will be hot, very hot HAGAINST him and he must choose MUTINTA as a running mate now.

  6. Insala Kapondo Dr Banda.Have you built a house now or you are soliciting for money to do so?This is rubbish,homosexuals have been and will always be among us whether HH supports them or not.What this country requires at the moment is good leadership and development not this nonsense.Are we going to eat gays or cheap politicking?
    We should somehow ask why was ECL addressing an empty UNGA ?

  7. Oh shiit! Thank you Canissius. HH always shoots himself in e foot at critical times.

    But you mean that Kampyongo wasted a whopping K80,000 chasing an HH that wasnt in Kafue but far away in Como, Italy?

  8. Canicious is not the villain here, ladies and gentlemen. He is a messanger. The one who is supporting fyabu satana ni hh, and the pictures clearly show that. The discussion and comments should be about upnd’s stand on homosexuality. Ya bija makani!!!

    • “..and the picture clearly shows that..”
      Really? You can tell what those people are discussing just by looking at the picture? Interesting!

    • @KD-Charles Kakoma denied hh travelled. The pictures clearly show he was present. The agenda of the meeting is very well known from various European media outlets. Save us your nonsense, mulumbwana….

  9. Canissius: “In life you see, we must always be truthful in our dealings, and the need to cover up will never arise.”

    Please spread the message to all politicians in Zambia, from top to bottom, ALL of them. Lies have short legs. Wages of sin is death by fire, which includes living in courts rest of your life.

  10. To the contrary Dr CB is not rabid he is speaking about a man he believed in was close to and knows him well. Just because you part company doesn’t mean you cannot tell who a person really is. When late Chimba 3rd warned people about MCS people ignored him they called him names he was dragged before the court and punished for telling everyone what we now see. Hh has one agenda and one only go to plot one recover the loot he has spent campaigning for 20 years, jail ECL for locking him up change the constitution to run as number one for 21 years and then leave. So before you condemn CB think yes ECL is leading us no were we need change but that change is NOT hh

    • In times like these, we need a Savior… Zambia is a daughter of God… These are days Jesus Christ spoke about.. we are yet to witness more wickedness from both PF and UPND and Others including The so called Church…2timothy chapter 3… Check your moral values and be honest with your self… See a peck in friend’s eye leaving a plunk in your own eye,,,(HYPOCRITES),,, Rightiousness makes a nation great, sin is a disgrace to any people..

    • Dr. BANDA is very clear, on point and categorical. He make reference of his rejection of a confused s3x oriented individuals entry into the deads.
      He states, ALN supports the rights of LBGTQ communities all over Africa and UPNDEADs are currently affiliates to this cursed ALN.
      As Panama papers story pend a little, this seller of our Mines has no moral standing to be on our ballots with this story.

  11. Zambians grow up and think properly as a Christian country please stop getting aid from countries which support gays and lesbians and break all diplomatic ties if you are serious with your values

    • #13, You don’t know what you have been supporting? You ain’t seen nothing yet. Put him in power and Zambia will know no peace as God’s wrath will befell the country.
      Aside from that overzealous cadres will try to take over all sectors and that will trigger despondency in the country. Corruption and Nepotism will cling in the first week of his Presidency. Read Mumpashya Commission of Inquiry on Zambia Railways.

    • There goes a staunch h² vuvuzela. Where is you pal dudelverboy. Have you been stuffing each other with gay filth? Where is that young nigga gay gay?

      Any independent spectator will say Dr. BANDA is being truthful and measured here.

      Only blind h² supporters will yap solidarity praises to a sodomite caught pants down.
      GVBM must add a voice to this. He must have surely witnessed h² moves on him homosexually.

    • Iwe Thorn in the flesh…are you insinuating that GBM ran away from HH because HH was homosexually advancing on him??? Kikiki kikiki taumfwa mambala iwe.

  12. Yeah right……..

    For a doctor this CB is very du.ll…..

    Who told you attending a meeting with people who support gay existence means you support gays ????

    • Birds of the same furthers flock together.
      It is written:
      1). Exodus 34:12
      “Watch yourself that you make no covenant with the inhabitants of the land into which you are going, or it will become a snare in your midst.
      2). Psalm 1:1
      How blessed is the man who does not walk in the counsel of the wicked, Nor stand in the path of sinners, Nor sit in the seat of scoffers!
      3)1 Corinthians 5:11
      But actually, I wrote to you not to associate with any so-called brother if he is an immoral person, or covetous, or an idolater, or a reviler, or a drunkard, or a swindler–not even to eat with such a one.

  13. I have seen a poster potraying hh as the richest man in Zambia, but why solicit for support from such organizations?
    I can imagine elder hh like Gilbert L will put it, witnessing a gay marriage in his church…lol

    • He is either stingy or his riches are conditional or his nature is that of a selfish rich kid.
      You know if your money is ill gotten, spending is a problem.

      He wanted to finish GVBM’S money. Chaisa chamutamba umwaice h², no much.

    • On the contrary, campaigns are a hectic venture and no one individual is able to foot it. That’s why even Trump who is rich has donors for his campaigns.
      So, much as hh is wealthy (which by the way has contributed to UPND being intact for a long while), he can’t sustain all those campaigns from his pocket. That’s rational reasoning.

  14. “…..his boss Mr Hakainde HICHILEMA at about 19:00 hours on 23 September 2019 was in the company of like-minded Africans Morghalu KINGSLEY, a Nigerian, Zito KABWE of Alliance for Change of Tanzania and Nelson CHAMISA, a Zimbabwean belonging to the political party MDC in Italy…..”

    Hehehehe ……the mental patient Dr CB now works for OP and the Zambia intelligence wings…..

    • No no no ask LISWANISO, he seems to understand h² better than you.

      LISWANISO and H² seem to be moving in tandem, not you tuma spaka fyakuti fyakuti.

      Sorry no room for open gay and lesbian relations in Zambia.

      We will go tell it on the mountain.

  15. We have been hearing such propaganda before.These are just statements to try to take people’s attention from real issues affecting them over failure by authorities to address critical issues like hunger and load shedding. The same was said about the late president Sata (mhsrip), but alas when enough is enough, it is really enough.

    • Sometimes, you don’t necessarily need to belong to some party.
      In case you’re mind, the preamble of the article starts with By Canisius BANDA Development Activist.

      Are you dumb? Damn it!

  16. SAYS THIS “CARNIVOROUS BANDA” WHO WAS POSING NAKED IN A SELFIE LIKE A TEENAGER. That selfie was more L.G.B.T, & I’m wondering why the preoccupation, & knowledge on this subject by Carnivorous.
    Ngwere ya muntu, striving to be a Cadre, & eat crumbs from ba Jona’s table, instead of using his Medical profession to eat.

  17. Canisius Banda,being a Dr i thought you would be an honest man who would work for the good of Zambia, but your poverty has hit you badly pf is no longer value your services learn to work hard don’t solicit money through lies….


  19. Many Zambians strongly believe that not all members of the BANTU-BOTATWE are so dull to be led by money-mongering business leader such as HH. This business man is exploiting members of UPND for forge links with the western interests to re-introduce imperialist forces who have No regard for the poor masses of Africa – especially the most vulnerable peoples of Southern Central, North-western and Western province.
    Imagine the cluster of HH, Maimane & Chamisa associating with Western Institutions geared to destroy peace in Africa. It is high time Governments in East Africa and SADC region banned General Obasanjo in our peaceful regions.

    • Destroy peace where naimwee ???

      Just try and give logical explanations for the rampant corruption and hard life zbisns are facing under lungu…..

  20. What a misguided article, written by a nicopomp, sentimental charlatan.
    The pf is so desperate, they have run out of ideas. When their is a hunger crisis which you dismissed as a staged crisis, when there is loadshedding of up to 16hrs, when corruption is breeding in every direction you look, when the currency continues losing value at a rapid rate, when fuel and electricity costs continue to rise, this government has become so confused.
    But, they were warned. HH always expressed concern at the huge debts the government was accruing. They dismissed him as a bitter and unpatriotic person. Now, it’s catching up with them.

  21. In times like these, we need a Savior… Zambia is a daughter of God… These are days Jesus Christ spoke about.. we are yet to witness more wickedness from both PF and UPND and Others including The so called Church…2timothy chapter 3… Check your moral values and be honest with your self… See a peck in friend’s eye leaving a plunk in your own eye,,,(HYPOCRITES),,, Rightiousness makes a nation great, sin is a disgrace to any people..

    Lusaka times March 15, 2011
    THE church has vowed to campaign against Patriotic Front (PF) president Michael Sata for advocating gay rights.And Chief Government spokesperson Lieutenant-General Ronnie Shikapwasha said what Mr Sata is advocating is an abomination and the church must rise against such leaders.
    “Churches that believe in Jesus Christ should condemn Mr Sata’s statement because the bible condemns it as an abomination,” he said.
    But the Law Association of Zambia (LAZ) says there are no legal provisions in the Zambian laws which provide for gay rights.LAZ president Stephen Lungu said he has never come across any law that supports the rights of lesbians and homosexuals.He said this on ZNBC news last night.
    LAZ president Stephen Lungu said he…

    • has never come across any law that supports the rights of lesbians and homosexuals.
      Commenting on reports that Mr Sata supports gay rights, Evangelical Fellowship of Zambia (EFZ) executive director PukutaMwanza said the church will campaign against political parties and their leaders engaged in advocating unChristian activities such as homosexuality and abortion.“We are disappointed with news that the PF is supporting same sex marriages. This is alien to Zambia’s traditional values. This is a Christian nation, so it is unthinkable that any leader can promote such things,” he said.
      Rev Mwanza said the fact that homosexuality is being promoted and practised elsewhere does not mean it should be permitted in Zambia. He said the church will ensure that gay rights are not enshrined in the…

    • Then comes Liswaniso and unashamedly endorses double h’s double timing stunt,
      Mutinta should get more worried when double h goes on “business trips” especially to Panama.
      Makani yabija basankwa.

  23. This is sad reading indeed. It is such topics we need to bring in our homes and tell the truth so that our children are not lost. Running away is not the solution. We need to help such people with the Word. How can you help by condemning them? Please tell them so that they begin getting convicted by the Holy Spirit. Personally such a group would do well if it is there to reprove and not to allow such lawlessness. Gays need help and not condemnation….

    • I need many guys like you to go to Afghanistan to preach the gospel on the streets of Karachi and on buses, when you succeed there, sit double h down and teach him the word.

  24. I have a question for Canicius Banda. If a known gay person was involved in an accident, can Canicius Banda as a medical doctor attend to that patient? He seems to obsessed with homosexuality. He is a medical doctor not a bishop!

    • You’re missing the point.
      Understand the motive of LGBTQ in society. You won’t be comfortable to when you hear that your siblings or children are sha.g.g.i.n.g their s3x mates now will you? Homosexuality is a skewed moral issue.
      The agenda of LGBTQs for Governments to legislate and legitimize homosexuality is an issue here. Anyone consorting with immoral characters like those is equally immoral especially if he eats their dollar. Let it remain in the bazungu countries iwe munyama suntwe.

    • Look at this thorn…..

      Ati especially if he eats their dollar ??

      Zambia can not survive without donner aid from countries pushing for equal rights of gays in societies …..

      Let’s see you tell lungu to return and not accept any more aid from those countries

    • Yes it can.

      And it such prospecting aimless parties we don’t need near the corridors of power.
      You’re planless and inept.

      We don’t need UPNDEAD with those sentiments.

    • How can PF survive without donner aid , when it is donner aid filling holes in the budget and donner aid keeping people alive in hospitals, it is donner aid making people drink clean water in Lusaka , it is donner aid keeping most schools working ?????

  25. Can grz return and not accept any donner aid money from western governments who are openly pro gay and even have gay ministers ?????


  26. Schizophrenic and victims of multiple personality disorders and other class II mental dysfunctions such as that exhibited by Canicius Banda, truly make those who shunned school to curse schooling. Bob Marley was right when he said that he was inspired and not schooled lest he would have been a f0ol. Going forward, the UPND needs to develop a mechanism to veto potential vice presidents. There are plenty of computer algorithms to detect schizophrenia or multiple personality disorders as displayed by Canicius. Just imagine what might have happened if a scumbag like this had become a vice president.

  27. When there is a precondition to legitimize sodomy attached to international AID, we will, must and should refuse such AID.
    Secondly and most importantly I am on record on this platform debanking Donor AID and donations in whatever form. Donation which h² wanted when he cited the international community to come to our aid following hunger declaration, he meant LGBTQ donation.
    And this is the way h² has continued eating other peoples money. Is he devious?

    • There are already pre conditions for such aid which Zambia follows …..like outlawing and jailing anyone who is gay or a trans sexual ….

      There are many known gays in Zambia…..and they are not arrested as long as they do things in private.

    • Our law in its current state incarcerates same sex s.h.a.g.g.e.r.e.r.s iwe chi Spaka.

      Dare Government and do it openly if you will not go down for it.

      Our laws are unequivocal you lawless creature.

  28. Is it not strange that Zambia does not condone homosexuality but condones corruption? These are double standards that we normally talk about. Homosexuality and corruption are vices that are abominations to the nation. Corruption has pushed this nation in an abys of poverty. Most of the people have not accessed better standard of living because of politicians who have continued stealing national assets with impunity. We have hugged corruption,which is the worst vice than homosexuality. We are a hypocritical nation hiding under the canopy of Christianity. It is pointless talking ill of one bad vice,rightly so, and accepting another equally worst vice.

  29. never have i seen a male lion mounting another male, or frogs of the same sex or monkeys, birds, dogs.hyenas, warthogs or whatever specie you can think of, that’s nature, that’s how God intended things to be, so when a man with a position in church chooses to support gayyism, is this man a true Christian or a tree mashion

    I’m breaker and I approve this message

    • You are so judgemental, behaving like you are so perfect, I don’t like gays but let them be judged by God not you… Making statements without substance, stupid moron

  30. we know that pf has run dry on what to do with upnd and its leader hh. this happened to mr m c sata when mmd run dry of what to do with pf at that time. now the same thing is happening to the incoming president of the republic of zambia. well you may sing, dance but you see when GOD says yes no one can say no. zambians have got one hope and that is the man you are scandalizing . it happened to sata and he became the president. all these lies will come back to you. men of GOD have already confirmed his coming. thank the almighty GOD come 2021.meanwhile zambians are starving, have got no money, no medicine, no electricity, no basaries, poor education just to mention but a few.. watch out.

  31. This story has been going round like bees… The people commenting and the so called authors of these lies have no shame nor balls, they speak of lies trying to tarnish someone’s image, just to get a vote how stupid is that??? Zambians are full of negativity, backward fools with no self esteem

  32. Upnd is finished. No sane Zambian can support such a party promoting homosexuality. Kwamana……..Dr Banda i like your excellent writing skills. Keep it up !

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