Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Chief Mukuni accuse PF Government of coordinated theft of wildlife from National Parks


Chief Mukuni

Senior Chief Mukuni of Kazungula, Livingstone and Zimba Districts in Southern Province, has condemned what he has termed as the coordinated theft of wildlife in the North Luangwa, South Luangwa and the Kafue National Parks by the PF government.

The Traditional Leader has called on fellow traditional leaders in the affected areas, to galvanize their Chiefdoms to stop the wanton robbery of their heritage, by ensuring that the looters are removed from office in the 2021 election.

Senior Chief Mukuni who was speaking at his Palace in Livingstone, called on Chiefs to be inspired by the plunder of the national resources by the PF, into galvanizing their subjects on the importance of voting them out.

“I would like to add my unchained voice to the lamentation of the traditional authorities surrounding North Luangwa, South Luangwa and the Kafue National Parks, over the government-sponsored abduction and plunder of wild animals, by greed and shameless PF regime looters. These people know very well that they do not have the named National Parks’ host communities’ support, in the ongoing conversion from wildlife public good to wildlife private good. This is criminally for the exclusive benefit of Zambia’s version of the South African Guptas, who have by corrupt means monopolized the wildlife hunting business in Zambia”, said Senior Chief Mukuni.

He expressed shock at what he described as PF’s cavalier attitude towards national resources which is troubling, disheartening and beyond the pale, and that it needs to be immediately checked before Zambians lose their heritage.

Senior Chief Mukuni said the PF has supplied enough straw to the hayloft in all areas of public interest in Zambia and have subsequently squandered goodwill of the citizens.

“We know the truth, we see the truth and we therefore refuse to believe the lies that the exercise is carried out to beef up the stocks for non existent Government owned Game Ranches”, added the traditional Leader.

He said this desperation comes from the realization that time is fast running out for their unwelcome continued stay in office, and they are prepared to stand their grounds using the infamous constitutional (amendment) Bill number 10 of 2019.

The Senior Chief regretted that President Edgar Lungu wasted valuable time to redeem himself into a unifying leader when he rejected the Church Mother Bodies’ led dialogue.

“The President’s lack of foresight exposed him as a greedy person with no interest of moving Zambia forward. He instead opted to deal with one man parties with no roots in the democratic will of the Zambian people. To fellow Chiefs, the arrogant theft of our people’s heritage should be a clarion call for them to realise that it is their responsibility to galvanize their Chiefdoms to remove the PF from office through an emphatic no confidence vote in 2021”, said Senior Chief Mukuni.


  1. Mwebantu tamumfwa fye…
    We told you that Chitotela can’t be in charge Kudus, he will be poaching neven on Sunday.
    Even the animals at State house they put them on braai.
    Go to state house, not even those monkeys which used to pee on RB, they sold them. It’s not a joke.

    • Normally I refrain commenting on chief’s articles.
      There is definitely a clear difference between Chiefs Chitimukulu and Mukuni.

      However, this is breathtakingly political from the Bungie chief’ee Mukuni. One needed a level headed write up, hehehe, but this one is politically charged.
      It is chiefs like Mukuni that alienates more and more votes from the chief’s stooge.
      The chiefee appears and sounds like he is not happy not on the game issue, rather on the sodomites story of his son.
      Don’t worry though, we will retire his favourite and I hope the chiefee will got go hypertensive and fail to recover.
      Short live chiefee, abash!

  2. Senior Chieftainness Mukuni, what position is that in UPND hierarchy?

    By the way, the topical issue is still currently on LGBT and the role of HH, you are not even defending him so how will he stand in 2021?

    • We saw the south african trucks being chased away by the people of mfuwe…….

      Don’t try to divert attention from the looting of game parks by lungu and his gang….

  3. And didn’t he insult Chiefs from other regions not tol long ago? Today he is addressing the same Chiefs? I dont remember his apology.

    Oh yes change of government is welcome in 2021, but HH is NO OPTION. He still owes us an apology from 2006 remember? Which shows his disdain for the Zambian people that he wants to lead.

    • Mukuni how are you? How is the sleeping on the grave going on? Do animals show up at the grave site? If they show up, what do you do with them? Do you bewitch them?

  4. You sound to be more of a politician than a chief. Am wondering in what capacity you’re saying this because none of the mentioned places lie in your chiefdom. It is difficult to take advice from a bitter man like you. You ought to mark your lane.

  5. What the chief has said is the plain truth but just look at how some Zambians on this blog are reacting? Honestly, is it the bakoswe or baboon meat they are eating that’s causing such excessive degree of stupidity or what? Awe sure, kupusa muleke baf.ikala imwe, Alan!

  6. PF sees an opening to steal any where. Mr. Jona’s defence that ubomba mwibala alya mwibala has only made things worse. Chitotela is now looting the parks.

  7. Firstly, Mr njangwamuloty your insulting statements on this excellent platform must be condemned, we are here to exchange ideas. Stop your vulgar stupidity. Please don’t insult. Or maybe xenophobia has confused your brain.

  8. No chief mukuni, please your bitterness must come to an end. How do you
    demean the head of state each time you open that useless, rotten and foul mouth of yours. If your wamuyaya Upnd president fails to perform better, it is not the fault of the Zambians, nor is it the fault of the other chieves across the country. Advise your candidate to change his method of conducting his politics. HH believes he can assend to power with only 3 provinces, teti ba guy mukuni. Mukuni must respect the will of the Zambians and other well meaning Zambian chieves that respect national leadership. Mukuni look, it’s what the Zambians see in HH, that they fail to unanimously vote him into state house. Mukuni you must avoid vulger language, as a chief you must not sink so low as to stupify yourself into…

    • Badala , we all the trucks from South Africa being chased away by the community in mfuwe…..trucks sent by PF and exported by paramilitary to go and loot animals.

  9. We told you , the last valuable thing left for lungu to sell for qwick money is the game parks.

    This was a very calculated move by lungu to put chitotela incharge of the game parks.

    From reserve forests to mukula trees to animals in game parks , everything is being looted.

    Your children will find nothing but hudge debts at this rate.

  10. Chief mukuni stop deceiving yourself, into believing that your voice is much bigger than that of the Zambian people. You won’t force us to vote for a failure each time. And why does chief mukuni look so malnourished, is it due to the usual business of spending nights in the graveyards. The guy is not human, but a beast.

  11. The chief sounds partisan but lets put that aside for a minute and hope that what hes saying isn’t true. I read somewhere that our wild dog population in a certain park has been decimated after the boma decided to sell off the hounds in a private heist. The new super corruptly rich are now plundering wild animals for their own private game reserves. Gosh! what else can be looted? A terrible question to ask in these times because something probably can.

  12. UPND Sang’oma at it again. This evil man needs to be term. I appeal to president HH to call this chief to order or distance himself from him. He is one of the people lessening his political space and most people from other tribes believe that he is the father and center of tribalism after he banned pf from attending his traditional ceremonies and opted for His tribes man in upnd as Guest of Honour of which they happily agreed without thinking of the consequences. I need a serious rulling from President HH on this chief. Mr HH should not make the same mistakes he has made in the past by blessing those who promotes tribe talk in his name of party like MUKOMBWE, chief Mukuni, Nkombo, Charles Mulipi Ackson Sejani and other hard core tribalists. HH is not tribal and loves this country but…

  13. Its a great shame that people can have the audacity to steal animals from the national parks in broad daylight. This is the last straw. Karma will fetch Chitotela. What kind of a heartless thief is he? And he claims to pray to God? Which God? Satan? Surely may he be remembered for his evil deeds someday.

    • He once claimed “our time had come” but it never did.
      He is tribally charged too.

      Instead of inviting the head of state to a traditional ceremony, he invited his son sometime back.

      The chiefee is divisive too.

  14. The only miss by Chief Mukuni is that he supports a wrong candidate. Political connotations have diluted his message. This problem has always been there, when Siamunene deployed soldiers in the game parks you fought him. Siamunene curbed the air-lifting of animals by criminals. Given Lubinda was fired because of animals. So I request Davies Chama to do what Richard Siamunene did. Siamunene was a honest man who was sacrificed because of the UPND tribal politics. He was almost killed because UPND and Mukuni thought it was an abomination for a Tonga to support a non Tonga. But what have they gained? They only managed to destroy the vibrant young-man’s political career

  15. Burn the trucks then we shall know the owners!! The trucks are even packed at the police station!! It can only at politically exposed persons involved in the operation. Why cant the authorities investigate and bring the culprits to book? Chitotela at Tourism is appointing a fox to guard lambs and expect the fox not to eat the lambs. Why is Lungu keeping this thieve in the cabinet? Birds of a feather flocking together?

  16. Justice Don@9,
    I initially wanted to let your comments pass but alas I thought it might be wise to pump some sense in your dead head. You see, I am not asking for the most nefarious or egregious or atrocious form of bigotry. Or neither I’m I asking for a hierarchy of bigots or a rank of the rankest forms of intolerance and moral depravity. I’m not asking how certain forms of prejudice affect certain individuals more than others or have done so historically. I’m simply asking what is the most pervasive form of bigotry in Zambia today? What force in Zambia most drives people to be uncharitable and duplicitous towards one another’s diverse views? What Zambian ritual drives people to call each other *****s without hesitation simply for slightly disagreeing? What Zambian pastime most makes…

  17. ………….. enemies out of people who won’t conform to the same news accounts, let alone fundamental ideals? It is TRIBAL BIGOTRY, that would make Easterners and Northerners vote for a stinking thieving fool for president leaving HH just because he is Tonga and you do not like Tongas! You see what happened at the UN two days ago, Lungu was addressing empty chairs, nobody had time to listen to stinking verbature of an alcoholic thieving stupid *****. Surely, what you want is underdevelopement so Lungu is your man!

  18. I think some Zambians on this blog are proving the ages old adage true: “Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I’m not sure about the universe.”

    Honestly, what’s there to argue about in what Chief Mukuni has correctly pointed out above? Lungu is an intellectually bankrupt alcoholic that even other delegates at the UN two days ago shunned. He was busy addressing empty chairs, as he was being introduced you could see other delegates reaching out for the exits. I think they know this man’s stupidity is infectious, just look at the people around him. Kambwili was right.

  19. The Game animals are not for the Chiefs and their chiefdoms.


    So if poachers finish the animals in the parks, it’s Government’s duty to replenish. If however there too much animals in the parks, again it’s Government’s duty to crop.

    It’s no task for a mere chief to begin to get confused over Government program.

    Having said this, we elect responsible Governments capable of taking responsibility of and caring for our Game Areas. Is the chiefee overreacting or just politicking?

  20. Forget these cadres they’re paid our money to come and just talk HH on here and they have no shame that people are going unpaid, even hunger as money is diverted to them. I couldn’t believe the story in ZWD until l saw people taking it upon themselves to protect their animals. Let’s all fight these evil thugs selling off our animals like the only courageousness Chief has stated. The power is in our hand not these crooked politicians

  21. Chief Mukuny.a has a problem and need an evaluation. That Bungy jump didn’t do the chief’s brain very well. He always forgets that he is a traditional leader and not a UPND cadres

  22. mukuni is differ from other chiefs around zambia ,he sound to be upnd and hh human hanter. zambia is not mukuni or hh or ecl and pf. zambia is people and people is zambia so if you what people to vote for you, use people to vote for you. do n’t win through opinion pol,becouse those are not votes
    the only way for you to win is on balot paper ,

  23. Ba Chief Mukuni please just declare your interest it as been long over due, just come out open chief we are tired of your sentiments.

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