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Zambians are now ready for the leadership of Hakainde Hichilema and the UPND


UPND Leader Hakainde Hichilema
UPND Leader Hakainde Hichilema

By Anthony Bwalya

Let us be very clear: The Patriotic Front (PF) were elected on an illusion – an illusion that was energized by what had become a natural hatred for RB’s MMD regime which had become a collective autocraticy, epitomized by excessive state control using money as bait against a population that was becoming increasingly impoverished.

The long suffering citizens of Zambia had practically been compelled to erode every requirement for us to objectively interrogate the PF’s agenda for mass public sector reforms. The PF, while in opposition, made a lot of fantom promises whose realisation was never backed up by any sound rationalization of what the long term objective was ever going to be.

Yet, in all this, one Michael Chilufya Sata was the only innocent dreamer, whose dream for his people was later to be hijacked and stolen by a pack of hungry wolves who interpreted the collective loyalty of Zambians as an unimpeded license to launder our country, it’s people and resources for private profit.

The nostalgia for Michael’s dream was evident in 2015 and 2016, when a candidate in Edgar C. Lungu, who not only admitted to having NO PERSONAL VISION for our country, but had also failed an INTEGRITY TEST in the private legal practice when he got entangled into financial impropriety involving a client and was disbarred from the bench and legal practice by the Law Association of Zambia – but was elected TWICE to serve as head of state.

This is how much Zambians loved Michael, that we were prepared to trust a rogue with our collective fortunes.

But after 8 long years of consented introspection, as individuals, families, communities and as a nation, Zambians have finally come to an agreement: that in order to clarify and recapture Michael’s dream, we have to put it into the hands of those who can interpret it for the benefit of ALL Zambians, irrespective of our political affiliations.

Michael SATA always knew how sound the UPND’s agenda was. This is why he was more inclined to collaborating with Hakainde Hichilema and the UPND in realigning his dream with what the UPND had consistently preached.
In his heart of hearts, Sata loathed corruption as much as he loathed social and economic inequalities. He also despised how the MMD abused the rule of law to prevent him from exercising his constitutional rights to meet and greet with ordinary people.

These were the things Michael Sata knew the UPND were deeply passionate about resolving, and that was the basis of his association with Hakainde Hichilema.

Specifically, Michael Sata dreamed of the following:

1. More money in our pockets and lower taxes

Under the post Sata PF regime, Zambians are now close to K600 worse off per month at the point of sale thanks to wages being overtaken by inflation. Also, Zambians are now another K600 out of pocket in taxes per month, both direct and indirect taxes, as the PF of Edgar Lungu have prioritized over – taxation as tool of centralized power and control.

Therefore, this has effectively driven the national food basket for a family of 6 to the brink of K7,000. The result is poverty, hunger and destitution at household level. But it is not only the access to food that is under threat, is it also the finished ability for households nto afford a decent roof over their heads, water and sanitation, energy services, education and quality health services.

This is why today, more than 62% of Zambians live on less than $1.25 per day, with another 40% classed as extremely poor, and close to 500,000 having no access to a secure food source everyday.


The UPND has committed to giving economic power and choice back to individuals, households and small businesses. Our proposal is to reform the PAYE taxation model towards a MEANS TESTED model, so that through tax reallocations, we can transfer more resources towards the micro economy.

This is why we have proposed for an increase in the PAYE tax exempt threshold from the current K3,300 to K4,000; as well as revising downwards the upper tax bracket from the current 37.5% to 22.5% as a way of delivering actual, guaranteed resources into the hands of individuals and households, and further as a means to catalyse micro economic activity for rapid growth and job creation.

2. Less Corruption

After what had become rampant, unhindered corruption by and under the MMD regime, the PF had campaigned on the premise that they will fight grand and political corruption, so that public resources can only be applied to and for the benefit of Zambians as a whole.

However, both grand and political corruption have not only spiked, but these are now being perpetrated under the umbrella of state capture – where elected officials and public institutions have remotely been taken over by power private business interests and big money lobbyists who are diverting over 60% of all public revenue and debt money away from projects of vital public utility, and instead into the pockets of these private actors and their conniving political accomplices.

Since 2011, Corruption under the PF has cost Zambians in excess of $10 billion, with less than 40% of all debt money having actually been committed to public projects; and public project procurement being the primary conduit.

The result is a mountain of public debt which the PF government can never dismantle.


Our approach and commitment towards corruption is 100% zero tolerance. This means a UPND adminstration is committed to upholding only the highest standard of integrity when it comes to the management of public resources.

The UPND is on the record, as having committed to the review and reform of the public procurement act to deliver value for money procurement, as well as committing to establishing a public project procurement appraisal unit under then AG’s office, to ensure that all projects are independently scrutinized for value for money opportunities.

The UPND has also committed to instituting Unexplained Wealth Orders (UWOs) as a means to expedite the process of recovering property suspected of having been illegally acquired.

And the foregoing are merely a snippet of the lies and broken promises of and by the PF, but with he UPND presenting and offering a credible, clearly rationalized agenda for change and reform.

Under the PF regime, we have watched expanses of land and Forest reserves have been abused and shared by government Ministers and CADRES, and in the process compromising the integrity of our environment and several water sources.

It is also under this regime, under President Edgar Lungu, that over $3 million in social cash transfer money was stolen by agents of the PF, depriving several thousands of our people of the much needed welfare support. The UPND is prepared to devolve the functioning of this system, so that the process of identifying beneficiaries is done at community level and without the undue interference of political actors.

Zambians must also never forget how $400,000 worth of test kits were stolen from the MoH, as well as $4m worth of expired drugs having been bought. The result was that many thousands of lives were put at risk, with hundreds lost owing to the appetite for profiteering by PF actors.

We also know how many billions of dollars have been stolen in public contracts to build roads and other infrastructure projects, whose return on investment is just far below the cost of the debt money procured to fund these projects. The consequences are that many of these projects will never be able to pay for themselves, and that several generations of Zambians will have to pay for this in higher taxes.

But even then, the UPND are saying there is another way around all this.

With new leadership, we can restore trust in public leadership and energize new discussions around our collective problems and map out new solutions – together.

What we cannot do, what Zambians must never do is allow a breed of failed politicians mascarading as leaders, to stay another day longer than is necessary in office.

We have already lost at least 20 years worth of development under the PF.

It’s time to start reversing the damage.

It’s time to trust the UPND under President Hakainde Hichilema to do the job.


    • Anthony Bwalya…keep on hallucinating and dreaming…2021 will come and go and its been happening since 2006….losing wont be new…you are free to dream anyway….

    • HH is the right person to grow this economy, create jobs and improve the lives of Zambians. On the other hand, the job of president is too big for Edgar Lungu. Running a country is like running a business and not a Kachasu kantemba.

    • Plus they need to grow up and mature; their under five card Checked right on the middle line. Very healthy toddlers, but naive and speaking out of turn when adults do amazing leadership maneuvers. As seen when president Lungu ( who I only ever partially agree with; because his flaw is traveling way too much ) ate a puff adder deliciously cooked by the air force special forces and the attached that to hunger in Zambia. Forgetting that the allegiances of their three maison in Europe not only perform duties with same sex partners, but are reported to sacrifice under fives, imagine?

    • @ Obatala your little god hh sold with Chiluba and other traitors, Zambian mines for dirt cheap; pocketed millions and left the country with a mere grasp on its foremost ( second ) physical resource. UPND and their homosexual agenda can try Northern Ireland to govern. Zambia is just to big and to blessed to be given to sa.tans under five agents.

    • HH is an intolerant man who will endanger the lives of anyone who is not Tonga as well as Gay people.

    • I wish you could debate the substance of the argument, otherwise I will have to ask what guides your decision when you enter the sanctity of that voting booth…..That vote is not just yours, it is also for your children (if you have any), the children of your children too. So, do not make this just about yourself and how you feel.

    • Extremely useless article.

      Looks like it was written by a eighth grader, Zambian standard.

      It fine to dream but this one can be categorized as a downs syndrome dream.

      Responsible for the loss of the country’s lucrative assets. Ain’t taking any chances.

    • “If HH were the captain of the Zambia National Team instead of Kalu, Zambia could have won at least 10 AFCONS. If HH becomes President of Zambia, Zambia will be as developed as the U.S., we will go to the moon and we will begin to make planes and every child will drink MABISI daily and will have a COW from NAMWALA,” UPND INCOMPOS.

    • HH is the right man to drive the economic agenda at this point. He is not the best Zambian but the best among those offering themselves.

      And this man Antony Bwalya is very good. He should be in the top 5 in leadership of upnd. He articulates issues soundly and deeply. Keep it up!

    • This article is by a foolish tribalist trying to polish his thieving tribesman Sata. Chiluba revealed how Sata, as minister, had banked ministry money in his personal account to enjoy the interest. Recent revelations have told us how euro bonds for 200 million meant for Zambia railways was stolen by Sata. We all remember how Dr Chirwa was made a scape goat with corruption allegations without taking him to court. Sata took roads contracts to State house & shared tenders with his tribesmen. That corruption foundation his purpets continued to date.

    • The PANAMA money will die when the boy dies but he has no CLUE because he is a boy. When Mobutu died and his money died HAZALUZA HAGAIN was breastfeeding. Sadly, he is still.

    • The problem with PF is that they don’t have people who articulate issues.. Most of them just make statements.. PF has done quiet a lot… I have never seen such massive development in infrastructure for the past 40 years of my existence… But the fact is development is costly.. you have choose development or cheap mealie meal and fuel etc… To develop infrastructure massively like that, the other sectors will suffer… So PF has chosen to development over subsidizes which zambians are used to. I still think PF under Edgar are on the right track but they luck proper interaction and communication to the citizen.

    • @1.13 Bongo bongo …just your name, i can tell you have a slow punctured brain. what has Ba SATA done to some of you demons that you hate him so much.

    • This is a well articulated article with points and the road map clearly outlined. I can just say that if someone reads this piece and then comes here to comment junk, he/she is immature and should not be given the priviledge to vote. Most of us educated Zambians are not into the PF dununa reverse kind of chipante pante bush politics. Yesterday I watched the Chinese national day parade, I was envious of the Chinese. What an able sober leadership they have. Guys leadership makes a difference and between HH and ECL, HH has a proven track record. We ain’t demonising ECL and PF all we are saying is they should not be given another chance to lead the nation, they are inept. I wish to live to see the day when Zambia will live to her true potential under able enlightened leadership not the…

  1. I think 2021 whoever will solve load shedding and water problem in Zambia should be President. isn’t Zambia tired of the good promises that brings recycled leadership???

    • Of course trust is broken in politics. But you cannot blame the lies the PF and PRESIDENT Lungu have told on the UPND and HH. We have to be objective and look at things broadly. Loadshedding is a culmination of a lot of things, all bordering around the institutional inefficiencies of ZESCO, made worse by bad politics. And if you want more of the same as we have witnessed under the PF, then sure, go on and keep them in power. But if you want a chance at something different, then vote for the UPND.

    • Zambians have NEVER been ready and will NEVER be ready for a TRIBAL leader and Money laundering thief who wants to sell Zambia HAGAIN to be President. He will be sent in retirement in 2021. MUTINTA will run in 2026 and she too will lose HAGAIN.

    • Zambians have been on this story for a long time.
      Zambians know many stories about their leaders. Zambians know that Kambela stole fat cattle and exchanged them for leaner ones on the train en route to Congo DR years back.
      The narrative about on h² is extremely true.
      UPNDEAD is never a choice, it’s a suicide mission agenda.

      The entire upndead leadership machinery needs a new start.
      Go to a Convention, remove Katuka, Kakoma and most of all H²; and all cliques that usurped power on tribal lines must be scrapped. Upndead needs a corporate rebrand, a business process reengineering, a serious restructuring effort. Put on a national face. Hummgh! 3 provinces ati now we’re ready? Those are jokes comrades.
      You will see; heads will turn.
      A fresh start will begin.

    • Zambians Ha ready to see HAZALUZA HAGAIN retire in 2021 see new blood MUTINTA on the helm of UPND, the tribal party.

  2. Zambians are not ready for a three Maison gay supporting privatization thief. Who is only a dictator of UPND because of Sejani. Zambians might not have financial resources, but they have intellectual thinking minds. Stop with your delusions. You lost two of your stronghold seats i.e Kafue when you floated a jezebel home dozer remember? Plus the PF has grabbed more local seats from UPND, than any other time in your history. In fact if you continue like this they might grab seats in the southern province from UPND in 2021. FDD is the only way to go as opposition.

    • Kaizer Zulu 5.1 – If you have read my posts on this forumn in all its years, I have always spoken against clowns like your name sake Kaizer Zulu, Jean kapata, unprofessor Luo etc. Don’t forget useless smiling minister of jolly nonsense sikazwe. UPND and it’s clown MPs are equally as useless as the above mentioned. I stay consistent. Praise when it’s due, but’s most condemn both the ridiculous PF and the equally useless miserable UPND.

    • Zambians have intellectual thinking minds… But they dont do anything. Thats why the country has been spiralling down for years. Zambians bicker about tribalism and quietly agree with the wrongs being done.
      The country is undergoing hunger, corruption, excessive taxes, etc…
      Come 2021, it will take a miracle for the country to vote for change where the current gvt has failed.

    • No change.

      It’s not time yet.

      When Zambians desire change, every animal with a heartbeat and breathe knows. It’s on everybody’s lips.

      It happens almost automatically. Without violence and force.
      If you’ve been voting for one party since 1991 or 2001 or 2006, then you’re a sick man, uprogressive and most probably TRIBAL.
      1991, I voted FTJ’s MMD; 1996, I voted Dean Mungomba’s ZADECO; 2001, Anderson Mazoka’s UPND; 2006, MCS’s PF; 2008-2016 MCS’s and ECL’s PF.
      Never UPNDEAD. I will never give H²’s UPNDEAD my valuable vote come sunshine, come rain. Why? Because Sejani and Chiefee’ Mukuni clogged my path. I am capable of changing but never for tribalists.

    • So in 2001 I felt (personal conviction) that FTJ’s ECZ stole votes from Andy and lavished them on LPM.
      I never saw LPM the same. I was at loggerheads with his policies good or bad because I hate thieves. I had a sympathetic paradigm shift on him when Mmembe hailed unprintables on him though through that Post Newspaper. He died a hero to many nevertheless.
      That time I didn’t know how hard working ECZ works. Today, I have come to appreciate their work and have great respect for them. Maybe Andy just lost that one just like H² always misses.
      Some people are just not meant to lead this country. H² risks a third time cruel beating at the polls. No offense.

    • I think all you f*ckers should just shut the f*ck up so that we develop our Country, damn if I become supreme leader say goodbye to freedom of speech. Atase bafikala you don’t even have a grade twelve certificate and you want to have political opinions? Anthony has told you that Lungu was dibarred what more evidence do you need to prove that he is an incompetent knucklehead? Just coz you hate tongas m******mwe so you will do anything to reject Hichilema. Tribalist f*ckers.

  3. Stop dreaming about plot 1,clean up ur party first coz it’s too much personalized,HH hs been president for 14 years but he lamentably failed to hold any elections,hw many vice presidents has he hd,if this is not DICTATORSHIP than I don’t know what is

  4. The reason PF will continue in power after 2021 is not because they are popular or worthy.Far from it.It is because UPND is unattractive to majority of Zambians and not worthy to be in power. UPND has failed to change it`s poor public image and public perception about itself.Apart from HH and perhaps Gary Nkombo, the UPND leadership with the likes of Kakoma,Katuka,Nalumango,Mwiimbu lacks charisma and militancy necessary for an opposition political party to attract overwhelming public support to decisively win an election .Why has the UPND, having lost elections many times, continued with the same unimpressive people at the top?Politics anywhere has no absolute morality and sometimes you need more scoundrels like Sata,Lusambo,Kambwili,Mwaliteta,Mumbi Phiri,Nsanda etc just for the simple…

  5. ….reason that they are scoundrels.The likes of Musokotwane,Prof. Lungwagwa,Mwiimbu are good for governing and not for winning elections.

  6. These are statements which deceive UPND followers. Which Zambians are you talking about? Things are bad, that’s indisputable but am better off in a frying pan than jumping into the fire.

  7. Why voting for HH and his UPND….?

    HH is not option for Zambia.He is too bitter,he is a hardcore tribalist and worse more his political ambitions is generally known to satisfy Anglo American’s interest .He is a slave of Anglo American. This is a known fact.

  8. The author is being used like toilet tissue…Only UPND sycophants and zealots and enemies of progress like the author can vote for a sadist and privatisation crook who has hidden the loot in the paradise papers because of his greedy and bitterness…

    • Corruption scandals: 48 Houses Social Security Cash Luxury Presidential Jet Ambulances Fire Trucks Mukula Trees Ndola-Lusaka Rd Malawi Maizegate Fuelgate Swaziland landgate Zesco Loans Corruption scandals: 48 Houses Social Security Cash Luxury Presidential Jet Ambulances Fire Trucks Mukula Trees Ndola-Lusaka Rd Malawi Maizegate Fuelgate Swaziland landgate Zesco Loans

      And Mr Lungu is the angel who cares and brings prosperity to Zambia? You must be Lungu’s lapdog cousin yourself.

      Mate I just visited that country you call Zambia and not a day that passed didn’t I shake my head both in anger and surprise at the level of poverty and non progressiveness of it. We were told roads were all paced nicely and there was massive development. Not quite… I drove to the Copperbelt and I encountered long patches of gravel dusty roads and potholes with dangerous narrow (one lane each direction) roads and yet I paid toll like 5 times on the same road with no explanation from those collecting it except to say it was ‘law’. Then I drove to Western province and the potholes there were like trenches with tolls too.

      Yes shopping malls everywhere in Lusaka but…

    • Corruption scandals: 48 Houses Social Security Cash Luxury Presidential Jet Ambulances Fire Trucks Mukula Trees Ndola-Lusaka Rd Malawi Maizegate Fuelgate Swaziland landgate Zesco Loans Corruption scandals: 48 Houses Social Security Cash Luxury Presidential Jet Ambulances Fire Trucks Mukula Trees Ndola-Lusaka Rd Malawi Maizegate Fuelgate Swaziland landgate Zesco Loans

      …Yes shopping malls everywhere in Lusaka but only frequented by few tourists and 10% rich locals. All the shanty ghettos like Ngombe township are worse than they were 20 years ago. Mate get real!

    • Group think mentality typical of the UPND lapdogs who worship their Supreme leader HH of the UPND who has hidden the privatisation loot in the paradise papers…

    • Comment: the problem in Zambia is we have too many chikopo..just like the one above. So we are doomed. If it was a case of you stay with the party you vote for behind a fence. I am sure we would be very happy with mmd who we voted for. on the other side of the fence all the people who were duped by more money in your pockets..looking at them would be a sorry sight. darkness, hunger, no money, bad economy…high dollar rate. shame suffering. would feel sorry for them.

  9. Political articles attracts a lot of attentions because bloggers want to insult others. There was an article on ZCCM holding, and other articles on business, it attracted less bloggers despite being educative articles. This is how low we have become. Politics divide the nation owing to the fact that people find it a platform of insulting others. It is a big shame that the nation has been clustered into political groups. All these clusters want to flex their muscles on who is better and who is worst. They have formed political groups of degrading one another.

    • The insult here is by Anthony Bwalya, he penned nonsense, but got a rude awakening. He found out that Zambians are not as “dwanzy” as he anticipated. They countered his LBGTQ sponsored rubbish with valid arguments.

  10. Corruption scandals: 48 Houses Social Security Cash Luxury Presidential Jet Ambulances Fire Trucks Mukula Trees Ndola-Lusaka Rd Malawi Maizegate Fuelgate Swaziland landgate Zesco Loans Corruption scandals: 48 Houses Social Security Cash Luxury Presidential Jet Ambulances Fire Trucks Mukula Trees Ndola-Lusaka Rd Malawi Maizegate Fuelgate Swaziland landgate Zesco Loans

    What a failed, rotten country this is… a country where even those that are supposedly enlightened with access to computers and the Internet are still numskulls who are highly ignorant with small brains. With all the load shedding; hunger and poverty; huge taxes about everything including boreholes and road tolls on dusty and potholed roads; massive corruption, incompetence and pretty much an entire country being a sh*thole ghetto, they are still in denial and thinking this is normal. Is it low IQ or some kind of voodoo curse?

    For once here is someone being articulate and providing policy material and instead of debating constructively and debunking the policies, they are busy insulting and yapping H this and H that tribal nonsense. You can’t have a progressive country where it’s…

    • Corruption scandals: 48 Houses Social Security Cash Luxury Presidential Jet Ambulances Fire Trucks Mukula Trees Ndola-Lusaka Rd Malawi Maizegate Fuelgate Swaziland landgate Zesco Loans Corruption scandals: 48 Houses Social Security Cash Luxury Presidential Jet Ambulances Fire Trucks Mukula Trees Ndola-Lusaka Rd Malawi Maizegate Fuelgate Swaziland landgate Zesco Loans

      …You can’t have a progressive country where it’s citizenry is incapable of engaging in constructive debate over the direction of the country. This great platform is being abused day in and day out. How sad.

      To be fair, it is easier to see that all these hiding behind firewalls under different aliases and pseudonyms are all the PF sycophants and Lungu’s minions who are benefiting from all this corruption and chaos. But surely how can you be proud of your riches when the majority of your fellow citizens are all wallowing in perpetual poverty? ‘Axe’ yourself?

    • Relax!
      That’s why your god loses elections.
      Your opponents views are extremely valid.
      Voting for double in this moment is like jumping from a fying pan into fire.
      1. Thievery is bad. We currently have no control over our mines.
      2. Tax evasion is bad. Stolen money from Zambia is busy employing millions in places where it is stashed e.g Panama.
      3. Tribalism is corruption much like nepotism. That’s why he can’t effectively compaign in other provinces.
      4. Evil is bad. He has not addressed Chomba and Tayali’s tree mansion claims. Zambians relate Masonic Temples to satanist’s den.
      5. Same s3x s.h.a.g.g.e.r.s are considered immoral in Zambia. His association with LGBTQ remains an uphill battle of a challenge right now.

  11. Most of the comments here are out bitterness without Any proof or evidence for any accusations. If one has failed provide evidence, and if another has stolen, provide evidence as well rather than joining in singing a song because someone is singing.

    • Most of the bitter comments are contributed by one or two people as you see by repetitions by Thorn in the Fresh. They are few people making a lot of noise and they are PF cadres.

  12. Dear author it is good to write an article about a politics but get facts right. Upnd pulled out of the coalition with PF because hh wanted to lead. Therefore they did not share the vision of pf. MCS was not an ‘innocent dreamer’ he was a man on a mission. Recall a Min without portfolio who received government monies and deposited it in to his private account earned interest in his ‘innocence’. He appointed half the rogues superintending over affairs of this nation. If that’s the vision your hh is seeking to bring to the table then perhaps you had better have a rethink. We need change but your man just doesn’t have the change we need. Sorry mbuya.

  13. Some people have serious phobia for HH! No need to reduce yourselves to hurtful haters! If you don’t want HH to be president, just mark an X against him in 2021! Problem solved!

  14. Sounds like some people have a phobia for change and for a nice peaceful environment. This country is continuing to sink lower in every way imaginable. What strategy do you use when you’re deciding on whom to vote for? Is it the usual failed leader or do you try something new?

  15. Ba Anthony you’re a huge disappointment, to your family, friends, your children, your former classmates, your neighbours, to the district, the province and to Zambia at large. Don’t confuse us with the PF history. If the so called Upnd was formed on a solid foundation with clear objectives, then why haven’t they changed their losing streek into their favour. Upnd & HH are simply called Perennial losers. What other strategies will they use. OK 2021 is almost here. But I know you’re looking for a job. Forget bro it won’t work.

  16. Aspiring honourable Anthony Bwalya, now tell us also the bad side of HH so that we can make informed decisions for 2021 rather than this mumble jambo which sounds like a feeble attempt at political campaign.

    As we stand today, Edgar may have his weaknesses but his strengths are far far far greater than his weaknesses. On the other hand for trible HH his weaknesses are far far far greater than his strengths.

    Integrity? Anti corruption? Wasnt corrupt GBM the running mate for HH in 2016?

  17. Also to me, Edgar 2021 is the only sure way to avoid a disaster in state house in the name of a far far far by far more corrupt HH.

  18. Now Anthony Bwalya, you have dropped the tag “aspiring UPND candidate for Ndola”. Have they dropped you in preference for Elisha Matambo? Or are you the new running mate?

  19. Its good to read jobless’, brainwashed unza drop-outs wasting their energy on this forum. Always talking about tribe, gay issues. Instead of talking about solutions like job creation for those in the streets who can’t afford even a ka pamela. How much are you paid for all these years for your work.

  20. ANTONTY BWALYA a well articulated article shockingly there are so many tribalsts and people who seem to have a hand in the plunder of this countrys economy. most of those bitter comentaters are those who lost their case, who have been told to pay what they stole day broad light in 2016. CAN THESE THIEVES START PAYING INSTEAD OF BLINDFOLDING THE PEOPLE WHO ARE NOW STARVING BECAUSE OF THEIR DIS HONESTNESS . YOU GIVE A MONKEY MONEY AND BANANAS THE MONKEY WILL GO FOR BANANAS. WE ARE READY FOR HH THE MAN WHO HAVE MADE THESE THIEVES HAVE SLEEPLESS NIGHTS THANK YOU.YOU CAN TELL FROM THE BITTERNESS .

  21. Those who speak loudest about corruption are usually the most corrupt. Here is someone who is stinking rich and he doesn’t want to be questioned how he got rich or to share with fellow Zambians how to create wealth. You consider a guy like that honest? He even consciously chooses a running mate from among the most corrupt citizens!

  22. I hate it when UPND try to use dull bembas such this so called Anthony Bwalya without any political record about himself!!Tribal party shall always remain UPND under HH.Get it from me Bwalya,yes you need a job but you are fighting a losing battle.Your Kainde can never be voted by majority bemba speaking people and Easterners who are the majority voters in Zambia!!!Come 20/08/2021 you guys in UPND will be singing the rigging chorues-mark my words!!!UPND as a party could have ruled Zambia after Mr Sata’s death,but many people in Zambia have nothing to do with HH.My vote and that of clan can never be for HH even if mealie meal reaches K1000 per 25KG,$1 equals K500,one litre of petro reaches K100,etc-NEVER!!!Hence,if you’re basing your confidence on current bad economic situation in…

  23. Continue….
    Hence if you are basing your confidence on current economic situation in Zambia,then DREAM ON because our economy has been bad since 2012 but PF still wins elections!!UPND must take note that majority voters in Zambia who are villagers do not buy fuel,mealie meal,know nothing about exchange rate,etc.Even those in urban areas,many vote on tribal lines!!!ONCE JK,CHESTER,DANDY CRAZY AND THE CO BEAT THE DRUMS(MUSIC)-HH WONT KNOW WHAT WILL HIT HIM IN 2021!!Thus for now UPND can dream.Believe you me,the time ECL will kick off the campaigns from Heroes stadium in 2021,Kainde will appear in political arena as if its a game between Liverpool (ECL) vs Monze Swallows(HH)!!!Politics teyabana iyo and nobody wins elections by dreaming via the media!!ZAMBIANS CANT WAIT FOR 2021 TO LAUGH…

  24. Zambia is not ready for a Tonga President. Tonga’s are a very greedy people only want things to themselves. Given an opportunity, they can just be promoting themselves in the civil service aswell as private sector.

    Umu Tonga temunombe.

  25. UPND is compromised by outside sponsors who will look to capture our country through its leader. Stop imposing HH on the Zambian people. We have had enough of reckless leaders whose interest is only to better themselves and those around them. Just like we feared for our country when PF was ushered in, this HH will be worse than all of them because he has had time to plan how he will sell the country to his so-called international friends. We need a leader who will unite Zambia and make this country great again but unfortunately, that leader is NOT HH.

  26. @civilised the problem with kariba damn isn’t the rains…. it’s that other than rains we have no alternative sources for water to fill the kariba. KARIBA DOESN’T NEED RAINS TO PRODUCE ELECTRICITY IT ONLY NEEDS WATER. waiting for rains is a lack of imagination solution.

  27. No room for gayism and lesbians in Zambia. Forget about people voting for you no matter what flowery language you use.

  28. Its true this time we need change not someone who fears to face pipo who voted him answer querries only uses airport tarmarks to talk knowing no one will ask. Valden Findlay, 48 houses, kenya trip alone, no payment for retirees, failed duo carriage from lusaka – ndola, where money for toll-gates goes, failing to fire the boxer political adviser and maney corrupt ministers, from his mouth I HAVE NO VISSION FOR Z, etc etc. Advise to ecl best thing to do now is to follow what your friend did in botswana, you will have respect. when God says its over, its over wether you usher in 50 pipo in the strong room this time it wont work.

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