Pilato tours UK, impressed by how the UK government handles its communication systems

Pilato with other participants in the International Leadership Programme (ILP)
Pilato with other participants in the International Leadership Programme (ILP)
Pilato with other participants in the International Leadership Programme (ILP)
Pilato with other participants in the International Leadership Programme (ILP)

Popular recording artist Pilato recently toured the United Kingdom as part of the British Government’s International Leadership Programme (ILP).

Launched in 2013, the ILP is the Foreign and Commonwealth Office’s flagship visit programme designed to create, and develop lasting relationships with future influencers who may have an impact on the UK’s global interest.

Pilato’s tour was facilitated by the British High Commission in Lusaka.

According to the High Commission, the ILP programme showcases many positives about the UK, but also allows the participant to see the honest challenges the UK face.

Pilato visited a number of places during his programme, such as touring Buckingham Palace, with the Yeoman Usher of the Black Rod who was born in Luanshya on the Copperbelt.

He also toured the Cardiff Blues rugby stadium, meet the first Minister of Wales, 10 Downing Street, The Africa Centre, BBC offices and many more.

In his remarks, Pilato said he was happy with the opportunity to visit places of significance in the UK.

“Among other things I tried to understand the challenges, the trends and the potential of Brexit. The effect of a NO DEAL brexit on the global geo political climate. Special thanks to the British Government through the Commonwealth and Foreign Office for this opportunity.”

“Yesterday was a great day. I had an opportunity to meet and chat with the Director of Government Communication services at the Lancaster House especially on how the British Government manages its communication systems. I was so interested in knowing to what extent the government influences the state owned media institutions,” Pilato said.

“Then later I visited the BBC to have a clearer understanding of their mandate and how much of government interference they experience. I also visited the number 10 on Downing Street and proceeded to visit the Metropolitan Police service,” he said.

“It was interesting to see how the officers achieve so much with less force in the execution of their work. Today I joined the Foreign and Commonwealth office staff for lunch with other International leaders and took a tour of the house.”

“One highlight for the day was a session on the world runs and discussions on systems and how interconnected the systems are.”


    • He was on BBC, and his analysis of “Koswe mu Mpoto” and new “Thiefdom” was simply the best. Very intelligent chap.
      Don’t arrest him at KK Airport.

    • International leadership program yakuti? That’s just the British imperialist’s never ending efforts at Brainwashing the African

    • Good for Pilato a musician and activist! The program by the British government seems to identify potential leaders whom they are sponsoring to get acquainted with the British systems and help exposure to open up minds to understanding. Other than be critical of Pilato for qualifying for this sponsorship we should be looking into the qualities he possesses in being a voice in our society! May the visit strengthen his resolve to be a voice of positive change in the Zambian politics.

  1. What credentials can this Black mamba give the world for him to be considered as future influencers who may have an impact on the UK’s global interest? Any way what do you expect from masons and new recruits? Also what do you expect from imperialist who have continued to paint Africa Black? Useless trio with no impact

  2. Imperialist recruit. The British pick their people who they think should be in Zambian leadership not the people the electorate choose.

  3. It’s unusual for the British High Commission to directly sponsor a very politically charged artist, they usually do it through institutions like the British Council or Westminster Foundation. Anyway I wish Pilato all the best. I hope his tour will help shape his activism

  4. Let us organise a tour for Elton jones being a person zambia might consider he might have an influence on climate change. He can visit our new airport, the mausoleum where FTJ and others lie, a taste of Gabon viper, a visit to dried Vic falls and meet kk then interview of muvi tv to share his thoughts on Cameroon and May

    • Elton Jones? He’s gay and I don’t think they can allow him on Zambian soil. They did not allow that South African gay artist to come to Zambia

  5. Bib Up Pilato! This is very good for his education and awareness. I am sure as an activist, this is will help your cause. I salute the British government.

  6. What’s that the divided kingdom seeks from such a confused character? Their plans won’t work. Zambia unlike SA people are learned and don’t fall for cheap propaganda.

  7. On this tour he was suppose to travel with Laura Miti but I don’t know what transpired .Furgus Cochran as British High Commission to Zambia proposed the move on Pilato and Laura Miti to travel to UK in 2017 after
    Pirato resurfaced from exile.

  8. Been stationary wouldn’t help for you may be blinded by the only one thing you hear and see… Nevertheless exploring to witness and experience other nation’s policies of the same subject matter aids your developmental capacity as an individual and/or a country as whole… Good move pilato my man and keep it up for this will aid your career in all angles!

  9. This is a very good move. Political conciousness is a global phenomenon and for the British government to have invited a trend setter like Pilato was the right thing to do. To Pilato please continue being the Advocate and Activist that you are. You are a true musician and political commentator. I like the way you use Satire. Keep it up.

  10. Excellent! I commend the Commonwealth and Foreign Office for initiating this program, and the British High Commission for facilitating the tour, but also for choosing music artist Pilato – as he certainly is a great influencer. I hope more such tours will follow in the future. Perhaps, the current mayor of Lusaka could also be accorded this valuable opportunity…to see how a city should look.

  11. Its very clear what the agenda for the British Foreign office is. All the do in all African Countries is promoting decent. Anyone opposing any current Government is a darling of the British. Even that Musician from Uganda insulting Museveni day in day out is being sponsored by the British Foreign Office through the Embassies. Its ok to support Opposition parties but the support should be seen to promote all including supporters of the ruling parties. If its an agenda for propping influencers, then even those influencer youths from the ruling Party should be invited in the same group with opposition elements. The British are up to no good in Africa.

  12. So, all this nonsense, falsehood, corruption allegations and the yellow card campaign was sponsored to by the British just in exchange with a mere silly trip to UK? This is truly sad that this Fumpa boy (Pilato) has a Mental Slavery. Bob Marley sang this in “Redemption Song” many years ago and today we have creatures like Pilato and Laura who can be bought with minimal silver. Remember, this was crafted by the former disgraced British High Commissioner who talked nosense and trash on his exit.
    African countries will only liberate themselves once they start accepting that only Africans themselves will make good of what God has given them, anything else is chaff. No wonder planes loaded with hundreds of Millions of Dollars meant for sellouts like known opposition political parties are…

  13. The evidence is Hong Kong.
    The British just want confusion in its former colonies with agenda to recolonize.
    Its very simple, There are no more resources now in England. They have only remained with IT and commerce which are not sustainable. They want to continue looting where they left off. Its the same with Middle east. That place as long as it has oil reserves shall not see peace.

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