When Citizens only think of the Collective National Good; 1964 – 1991 – 2011 – 2021

President Michael Sata receives instruments of power from outgoing President Rupiah Banda as Chief Justice Ernest Sakala looks on at the inauguration ceremony at the Supreme Court in Lusaka
FILE: President Michael Sata receives instruments of power from outgoing President Rupiah Banda as Chief Justice Ernest Sakala looks on at the inauguration ceremony at the Supreme Court in Lusaka
President Michael Sata receives instruments of power from outgoing President Rupiah Banda as Chief Justice Ernest Sakala looks on at the inauguration ceremony at the Supreme Court in Lusaka
FILE: President Michael Sata receives instruments of power from outgoing President Rupiah Banda as Chief Justice Ernest Sakala looks on at the inauguration ceremony at the Supreme Court in Lusaka

By: Anthony Bwalya – UPND Member

There always comes a day when people must rise up and collectively say Enough is Enough.

And when this day comes, citizens must lay partisan sentiment and nostalgia aside and only think of the collective national good.

The government of Her Majesty The Queen of England knew in 1964, while they had the tools and resources to resist KK and his civilian army of pro independence enthusiasts, they opted to make way for change because they fully understood that what had largely began and had for the most part been a bloodless call for political and social change, could very easily have deteriorated into a blood soaked revolution for change.

There was nothing that was going to impede the resolve of a united indigenous change movement – not money, not guns.

Even during the time of colonial rule, there were members of the indigenous population who, because of the creature comforts they used to enjoy at the hands of their white masters, had opted to either oppose the independence change movement, or simply adopted an indifferent attitude towards it.

Fast forward to 1991, the sentimental attachment to the 1964 independence dream, KK and the UNIP that had branded themselves as the architects and guardians of our nationhood, was still fresh in the hearts and minds of many Zambians. But even when it had become apparent that the economy had died under the leadership of KK and UNIP, and that the enjoyment of both civic and political rights had come under such serious threat, there were still pockets of nationalist loyalists who believed that only KK and UNIP were qualified to provide this nation with leadership.

They were wrong.

FTJ and the MMD, riding on such a strong and an unexpected underground support from the masses, toppled the 1964 independence movement.

And again, I am sure KK and UNIP had been very much aware of what could have been the consequences to them and the country, had they actively sought to remain in power post 1991.

The calls for change and resistance to their failed rule would have only gotten louder, if not to a very bloody and violent end. This is usually what happens when change is delayed and the process of change unduly interfered with.

Then came another monumental year – 2011.

After 20 years of branding and presenting themselves as the restorers and original guardians of democracy and multipartism, the MMD regime had grown extremely powerful but had also become synonymous with grand and political corruption, as well as pure theft of state resources by a handful of individuals.

It is this narrative of a regime that had grown increasingly pompous, oppressive and corrupt, which gave Michael C. SATA and an emerging PF the impetus to take power in 2011.

Again, RB and the MMD knew when the right time to exit the stage. They tried to push impose themselves onto the people using all manner of material enticements, with the latter part of their rule punctuated by huge infrastructure development announcements and commitments. Typical of a regime that had become extremely unpopular in the eyes of ordinary, hardworking citizens.

And had the MMD pushed their luck and stretched the patience of Zambians, their fall from grace could have become harder and at such a huge cost to our long treasured peace and security.

Today, we are starring in the face of a PF regime that has become extremely self absorbed with itself. This regime has now presided over the mother of all corruption scandals this country and it’s people has ever witnessed since the year 1964, with individual government MINISTERS and the President sitting on tonnes upon tonnes of wealth, whose accumulation they will never be able to explain.

The most striking thing about this regime is that they are utterly oblivious to the long term damage they have caused this country and it’s people to suffer.

The cost of government sponsored corruption under the PF will continue to cost Zambians dearly for at least the next 30 years, as the impact of the cost of the debt they have accumulated, with over 63% of this, actually stolen in a combination of such savage and pure theft and corruption; will be felt by even the children of a child being born today.

In 2021, Zambians will have another opportunity to rise above partisan loyalty and save their own country from what is now definite economic ruin and collapse.

In 2021, Zambians will yet again have an opportunity to summon our collective national spirit and unite in saying no to a regime that has now turned into a monster and threatening the life of our public institutions and those who serve in these.

The UPND have patiently been building the trust and confidence of Zambians for close to 20 years now.

The party and it’s leadership has not relented or given up on our collective national dream for economic emancipation.

Let us all do the right thing in 2021.

Let us choose the UPND and save our country from what is now the eminent collapse of our economy, national pride and livelihoods


  1. Good article as usual. I wish the following discussion were good. But we have people whose preoccupation is insulting, copying and pasting things which they make up and throwing them all over the place here. You can see that these are either paid cadres or rabid “dogs”.

    • My people, please accept my apologies for insulting you on Wednesday over snake eating. You deserved the insults, but please forgive me.
      2021 remember to write “Nostradamus” on each ballot paper !!I
      Again I say sorry, you will not be insulted until next payday.

    • Read error!
      Article is boring and corrupt.

      Processing failed permanently.
      …..writer’s filled with a complicated upndead Trojan Horse.
      …..writer possessed with biased sentiments.
      ….. writer failed to state the FTJ/H² collusion on Zambian assets.
      ….Reader protected from repeat narratives.
      Article moved to quarantine (Vault).
      Press > to delete; < to ignore.
      Sorry you only have 2 options.

    • UPND will “not” come to power using (past) Statistical Analysis Trends. UPND will only come to power when its leader qualifies before the eyes of Zambian Voters. So far HH has failed to win the hearts of Zambia.

      Times have changed as more Zambians have gotten educated and can analyse who is a leader or not. KK got away because it was easy for him to dictate a flock of uneducated people, especially in ruler areas.

      Let me remind the author. There is NOTHING WRONG with UPND as a party, though to some extent due to “Only A Tonga can lead UPND.”

      The people of Zambia DON’T just trust HH. This is desperation coming from the (UPND Essayist).

    • cont..

      HH wants to be president of the whole Zambia, yet he has time and time just concentrated on just 3 provinces. The Sum-Total to State House will keep falling short. Really what kind of a joke is that?

      HH was left with a big chunk of MP’s by The Late Mazoka [ MHSRP]. But he has squandered his flock in parliament. Having lost so many MP’s through , Defections, By-Elections and General Elections, HH still believes he is the most popular political leader in Zambia.

      ++ Contrast that, Lungu has kept PF growing…….. !!

    • cont…

      UPND wants only to be led by a Tonga. However, they can go round the nation expecting other tribes to give them votes. HH has failed to denounce this mantra – “Only A Tonga Can Lead UPND”, which is a cancer to say the least.

    • @ Nostra…until the next payday… Kikiki… That’s when there’ll be another recharge I guess… Kkkkk…mulibapondo bakaamba…there could just be no better way to age graciously you know…kikiki

  2. In 2021 indeed we will raise above “partisan” politics. Change s coming except hh is not that change. People are fed up with belly politics and just as you rightly say every regime that fell had grown into a fallacy. Upnd is a mirror of what we shouldn’t have going forward a leader ruling by decree. Change is coming

  3. @Wisdomgreat, I agree with you and I admit unapologetically that I’m biased.
    The author has reminded us of what people power can do. We who were old enough to experience the political watersheds chronicled by the author will agree 100% that the current regime is not any different from the UNIP of 1990 and the MMD of 2010. But wait, you will see when the vultures and hyenas come out to take swoops and swipes at the author. Just give it one hour and you will hear from the apologists and hardcore supporters of corruption ignoring all the facts in the article as they take turns to maul the author.

    • Kikikikikikijukija
      The deads have been around 2001, 2006, 2008, 2011, 2015, 2016 and the Elite Zambians ~ TITF a.k.a the Smart People of the Zambian Enterprise ~ Br Mumba JR have repeatedly resoundingly resorted to refuse and debunk the upndead spooky spirit. This is the only meaning fact.
      I have said it.
      Any other party but the death trap aka upndead.

  4. Confusion in UPND where anyone, even an ordinary member, like the above shallow, old thinking author of this article can just wake up from his/her hang over and start making tantrums. Bwana, the politics you are referring to are long dead and buried. PF members will always be PF and the new ones shall be recruited. We are like the Democrats and the Republicans of the US, once a member so shall it be. If UPND was attractive and people had alternatives as you imagine it, why has your party been losing elections in succession? Who in his right mind would join a club where only one voice is the alpha and omega and the rest are just puppets? Think again otherwise 2021 is going to make go into extinction. UPND under HH is DEAD and of no value believe you me.

  5. “Let us all do the right thing in 2021.
    Let us choose the UPND and save our country from what is now the eminent collapse of our economy, national pride and livelihoods”

    You are a dreamer and a wankar!

  6. I Know I may be going through difficulties but to jus think of HH as an alternative is out of question. The man is a typical crook.

  7. “Let us choose the UPND and save our country from what is now the eminent collapse of our economy, national pride and livelihoods”
    Upnd have created a reality where the economy has collapsed, there is a brutal dictatorship that forced itself on the people, and only they can fix this problem – AND THEY BELIEVE IN THIS REALITY. What they forget that in a democracy, not everyone will agree with you. Zambians are aware that the current economic situation is not unique to us but is a global situation that has hit our main export earner, copper. Imagine Angola or Nigeria which has seen oil prices cut in half??

    • Upnd believe a simple change in the executive and Zambia will start hitting 7% economic growth, debts will be under control and donors and multilateral partners will pour billions into our coffers-making them the most amazing GRZ to ever rule and should rule forever… sounds like a fantasy, doesn’t it???

    • Let them sell baggage laden h² to us and we will continue giving it to them raw and ugly at the ballots.

      UPNDEAD gotta disband.

  8. Sensing danger as change approaches (whether in 2021 or 3031), all theives will have rebranded themselves and crossed over to the potential victor. They are good at this and it happens all the time.

    Excited with this new-found comradeship, the potential victor will gladly embrace the turn coats in the spirit of “there are no permanent enemies in politics and politics is a game of numbers.” This again happens all the time.

    Their safe passage guaranteed, the crossovers will again be in the new govt bringing with them the baggage of corruption, plunder, pomposity and violence. Markets and bus stations will go to party cadres again. It happens always.

    Again we gonna be back where we came from. What we end up having is not a new govt per excellence, but thieves in different colors…

  9. Cont./

    History has taught me not be excited about change in so far as Zambian politics are conducted. And we have such a rich history having tried different political parties since independence, unlike most of our neighbors who have only known one party since independence.

  10. The comparison is drastic. The shoppers have enough goods to last beyond 2021. The motorists have enough fuel to last beyond 2021. University students have enough university choices to grow beyond 2021. The political party in office by definition enjoys comparative advantage. Journalists are free to report corruption. ACC or DEC and FIC are free to investigate corruption, money laundering and tax evasion. Let us wait and see.

  11. The analysis about citizens being bogged down with economic hardship is accurate but the prescription is wrong and far fetched. The UPND member should not forget the Armageddon issue that might have led to HH’s loss of election in 2016. Zambians don’t like violence and thus UNIP remained in power for 27 years. This is because UNIP always told us that if we changed government other people would cause war in the country. So stop talking about blood shed if change doesn’t occur in 2021.

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