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DEC’s decision to withdraw the summoning of Findlay in connection with drug trafficking allegations raises concern

General News DEC's decision to withdraw the summoning of Findlay in connection...

PRESIDENT Edgar Lungu puts a Rolex wrist watch on Valden Findlay’s wrist after he pledged to but it at Fifty thousand Kwacha during a fundraising dinners for the ruling Patriotic Front held at Protea Hotel
File 2016: President Edgar Lungu puts a Rolex wrist watch on Valden Findlay’s wrist after he pledged to buy it at K50 000 during a fundraising dinners for the ruling Patriotic Front held at Protea Hotel

Transparency International Zambia has condemned the decision by the Drug Enforcement Commission to withdraw the summoning of Lusaka Businessman Valden Findlay in connection with drug trafficking allegations.

TIZ Chapter President Reuben Lifuka has described the decision by the DEC as puzzling and one that fuels further speculation.

Mr Lifuka says the issue of Mr Findlay has attracted a lot of public interest and that it is important that all activities and decisions of the Commission are seen and considered by all interested stakeholders to be above board.

He has told QTV News that it is difficult to comprehend how the DEC on one hand, promptly summoned Mr. Chishimba Kambwili, who in this instance was acting as a whistleblower, and yet on the other hand elected not to speak to the person who is the subject of the allegations.

Mr. Lifuka adds that the DEC should also to talk to Mr Kaweche Kaunda who has shared an important perspective on Mr. Findlay.

He states that this story will not easily go away and the general public will be left to draw its own conclusions as to the reasons why the DEC has gone against its earlier intentions to summon Mr. Findlay.

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    • Thats why Kambwili should be careful what he wishes for the court route is a disater for him wait and see

    • God is a tormentor, he gave us so many chances, we refused to elect decent humans.
      Let’s us pay for it, Edgar and friends enjoy urinating on Zambians, they deserve it.

    • He is protected by Lungu. Just like all the other distasteful characters Zambia has to offer.

      Untouchable for now. Just like Chitotela, Kaizer, Kampyongo etc. etc.

    • They think we hatin’ on them coz they are presidents.
      But really we just sympathizing with them coz the ain’t fit for the times.
      They want to go beyond 2021, but we gon take them down one by one.
      They say we tribals, but that’s cool coz that’s how people treat their rivals.
      See i’m a poet, but also a prophet. This regime will finally burn down and I will be the reason for it.

    • How about WTF he accumulated vealth without paying taxes?
      Or even better, what he is doing in the ZAF-001?

    • @#2 Most of you based in Lusaka shouldn’t be commenting on issues related to us original Zambians. Muli mbwaa fye shamu Lusaka. You buy expensive internet bundles and you ask such question? You should have used that money to buy a snake for lunch.
      Someone will close down that Lusaka crime city.

    • Spot on, Voice. Zambia’s anti-corruption is a joke, it is tackled in the media and spearheaded by the same characters and organisations since 2002….

    • In any case this case is in court. CK has been sued by VF. There no need for DEC to come in. CK will spill the beans in court.

    • Chishimba Kambwili’s statement should have formed the basis for subsequent interviews with Findlay. Now that he declined to cooperate, it would be a sheer waste of time. Further, the case has now been taken to court. As for Kaweche, I find him to be dull. He is basically saying “we used to deal (him and Findlay) in illicit transactions. Let the long arm of the law reach him too!

  1. Even Lungu knows Goswami. Lungu intervened for Goswami at one point when he required presidential intervention.

    That’s why the plug has been pulled on Findlay.

  2. The only people to pay the price of the law are lungus opponents…….or collage students who talk to the opposition,

    Everyone else is left Scott free……high level drug dealers, owners of mysterious 48 mansions, KZ left terrorizing Zambians………

  3. We who diggs drug dealers, probably hides the drug he delivers for his friend in between the scattered teeth…worst president in the world… what a tosser

  4. Jona Kawalala flies Valden to Kenya in an expensive Jet, whist hospitals lack mushonga, & Civil servants, nurses, teachers are not paid on time, coz getting Valdens associates out of Jail is more important to Jona than developing Zambia.
    Enjoy Zambians LOVE YOU, despite whatever you do, whoever you protect from justice, & never sack, even when some go around Boxing, & maiming innocent youths.
    However remember, every Dog has its day!

  5. I believe VF has gone to court to seek remedy from CK. Anti-corruption commission invited CK to get more information on the items allegedly transported through the Executive Jet flown by the Head of State by VF. He declined in effect he initially feigned illness because he thought they would arrest him…when DEC assured him they just wanted to talk he refused to give information he says he has including legal files (which only he knows how they were obtained) So to court they have gone…best to see how this unfolds and as CK said “someone will cry’ when he unleashes the papers he has in court

  6. Stop attacking the great leadership God has given us icifukushi tachisova ifilifwonse, Fellow Zambians we should appreciate these great men who have brought and influenced investments through there hard work, why attacking the great man Mr Valden Findlay, this is cheap politics, That is why the same human kind never appreciated Jesus it took him to the cross because of Jalousy.

    The above story insinuiting that DEC has rescinded its decison to summon Lusaka businessman Valden Findlay is fake.
    Mr Findlay has never been summoned by DEC.
    The Drug Enforcement Commission does not work on speculations.
    When Chishimba Kambwili was summoned by DEC he declained to provide DEC with information regarding his Drug trafficking allegation against the President and Mr Findlay claiming they will not do anything in that regard.
    If truely there was any substance in his stories why did he not give that information to Dec?
    DEC is a proffessional institution that has procedures in the way it operates. They dont just pick any story and start pursuing it.
    Mr Findlay has no case warranting a summon by DEC. THOSE of you who say He should have been summoned by…

    • “DEC is a professional institution…”
      They can’t even find the owner of 48 houses!!
      You must be joking!

  8. Sure any one with five sense can vote for PF with all these nonsence going on. better taken to chainama. time to BOOT them out.

  9. Point of correction which nonsense ba ZPZabwino Palibe, do not be cheated as we are preparing for the national day of prayer will pray for you so that God should forgive you and make you open your eyes. PF is working unless your eyes are closed, that person you are support is not God who will provide there and then, it will take some years, i think you have been to school you need to plan and make it work and supported no shortcut in developing the nation.


    Out of desperation TO TRY TO WIN 2021 GENERAL ELECTION HH is ready to morgage his morality as revealed by his recent remarks and support for gay rights. it is sad that a man seeking for such an important office of our land would be in support of things that the bible is against. imagine him being the head of state and he starts introducing all kinds of evil practiceses such as gayism what kind of country do you think this will be having a leader who supports unchristian practiceses. His appetite for state House is a big concern to all well-meaning Zambians. It appears to us that HH will do just anything to win him support finacially and for votes.
    We call on the church if not all well meaning citizens to seriously pray…

    • Ba Guy @ Moral Clarity, when it shud be Moral Confusion! That is a debunked PF story! How can you lie so shamelessly! Is lying part of your “moral clarity”?
      Then on 18 October you go and pretend to pretend to be sanctimonius as you “pray”! God cannot be mocked.

  11. Condeming those who are believing in the truth can not hold water, the fact is that between you and me if we happen to work hard will stop commenting and condenming the government of the day, however Zambia is a Christian nation and the day of National Prayer and reconcilliation is important, Late President may Soul rest in internal peace Dr. Fredrick Titus Jacob Chiluba declared Zambia as a Christian Nation and inline with the declaration His Excellency Dr. Edgar Chagwa Lungu declared 18th October as a day of praying for peace, reconcile with one another which is very good, as you know we go to different churches and family but all should remember is that we come from one family in the body of Christ. God created us in His own image, it is a shame and as christians we need to be very…

  12. I like the Alangizi and the moral clarity the way you comment on these real issues kudos, Zambians are tired of people who are frustrated who blame, creating false hoods, thats being disorganised you see their leader HH out of his impatient of wanting to enter into State House he is supporting gayism Shame……..

  13. I support Alangizi and Moral Clarity, Zambia is much better than other neigbouring countries. The PF government through the able Leadership of President Edgar c. Lungu.

  14. As we are reflecting on the independence day and the day of national prayers and fasting, let us forgive one another and respect our leaders God gave us, name calling and bad comments will not take this country forward, the need to give respect to the current leadership. Politics of frustration will not attract a mature person to understand what you’re taking about. The people who vote are just quiet and never insult.

    Here on Earth it is very difficult for some people to appreaciate any good work you may do , they only do so when you die. We can not get supprise even Jesus the son of God was not appreciated at all still the man kind still not appreaciate the weather provides to us, when it is hot we complain, when it is cold, when its raining the same. It takes God to forgive…


    Following Chishimba Kambwili’s irresponsible, crude and irrational allegations against Mr Findlay we have observed with dismay a further misrepresentation of facts. From the running comments we have noted that most people have no idea of the truth except for a fact that some people enjoy peddling on baseless gossip.
    Recently, a court transcript detailing the prosecution of a purported drug trafficker called Goswami was posted on one social media platform from which a story was fabricated that Mr Findlay was a part too.
    We have seen and read the transcript. There is no part where Mr Findlay was mentioned. When you read it, you will notice that there is a Walden Finny who was also mentioned who we suspect some mistook for Mr Findlay.
    Question, why would someone…

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